Why do cats refuse to let us get any work done? (25 Photos)

  • eric johnson

    cats do not like anything that draws attention away from them…so they lay on it

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      Don't talk about getting laid… I haven't had some for quite a while meow…
      <img src="http://vinteeage.com/product-images/me-so-horny-t-shirt-vintage-t-shirt-review-rad-rowdies-rad-rowdies-1.jpg"/&gt;
      – the one you love to hate

      • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000212541689 Matt Nowak

        Sucks 2BU…

    • hMMMM

      and then when you want to give them attention and pet them, they either run away or start clawing. Cats are pieces of shit and we should ship them all off to China so they can eat them into extinction. imho.

    • BigD

      Sort of like Lindsay Lohan?

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter

    Because cats are jerks.

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    BECAUSE CATS ARE ASSHATS! Every single one of them!

    The only good cat is a cat that says: "WOOFFF!".
    (you know, with the gasoline and all…)

    – the one you love to hate

    • dorkfish

      Now THAT is fuckin funny

    • Pookie

      I am giving you a mental bitch slap right now…oh and my cat said you can stick it where the sun dont shine

      • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

        And my dog said your stupid

        • Ha.Ha.

          does your dog have better grammar than you?

          • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

            Not really with the lack of thumbs and all, but who really needs a period anyway, well other then girls.

            • Coldzilla


              • Wow...


                • Coldzilla

                  He missed the point completely and apparently so did you 😉

                  • Wow...

                    And apparently so did you.

                    • Coldzilla

                      Nope not at all but thanks for playin!


            • http://www.analdestruction.com GrAmMaR_Nazi

              Speaking of asshats … (that's you) we are (we're NOT were) referring to your (NOT YOU'RE) (incorrect) use of the word "YOUR" ..

              As in .. "and my dog said YOU'RE (NOT YOUR, the possession is NOT on stupid .. it's an apostrophe 're … you're … SHORT FOR … YOU ARE STUPID)

              • http://www.thechive.com GreyGhost9

                that is where you are wrong Nazi, my dog was referring to his stupid.

              • Old Man


              • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

                Trying to educate Chivers is like giving bicycles to fish…

                – the one you love to hate

      • G-Unit

        Beg to differ… cats are needy self-centered bastards

    • womp

      hahah i gave you a thumbs up but when your already -46 its hard to recover

    • SERG


  • Still_Counts

    #19 is soo purr-retty.

  • Smoores

    I had a cat that always slept on top of my monitor. Got a flat screen, and her reaction was priceless when she realized that there was nothing to land on.

  • http://gravatar.com/shadowwight shadowwight

    Why? Because they can. 😉

  • Dan

    #5 He knows that is the only way he'll get any attention. Too many people addicted to the internet.

  • ZAM ZUE!

    least favorite chive gallery without a doubt….. girls sports funny sexy….cats? wtf

    • ???

      if you don't like cats then why did you view this gallery then.

      • laugher

        He probably thought it was really about pussy.. o.0

  • Victor

    You know the old saying: "If it wasn't made for sleeping, why is it made of warm?"

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1064188593 Josh Gorter
    • whosmike

      At least he is eating his own kind. Siamese….

    • SpacemanSpiff_

      thank you!

    • SpacemanSpiff_

      I meant thank you for eating that cat…they are asshats!

    • Reality

      Probably closest he will ever get to eating pussy. Just like the rest of you asshats.

  • xXbeermonkeyXx

    #4 is that good old IRC on the computer screen?

    • NebraskaGuy

      IRC Chat??

      I didn't think anyone use that anymore.

      • TheRealSnowman

        Wrong. I still do. 😉
        And yes, beermonkey, that IS mIRC showing.

      • B45op

        Irc is still alive and kicking I still frequent a few channels.

  • Warlax

    Soft kitty, warm kitty, liitle ball of fur. Happy kitty, sweety kitty pur pur pur.

    • Catherine

  • sshuggi

    #4 The apathy is contagious, not sure I'll get much done today.

  • Anonymous

    I think they must be after the mouse…

  • Mr. Dog

    Cats are dumb

  • https://www.facebook.com/patboyslim Patrick Clement

    Cats always lay on laptops simply because they are warm …

    • Dingo8MyBaby

      Thanks for clarifying!

    • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

      No it's because they're cruel bloody evil creatures. They KNOW you need the keyboard, so they block it for you. But they're evil; they don't just lie down on them, they be acting all "oohhh look at me lying here soooo cute, gotta love me" so that you don't want to push them aside like you should. EVIL!!1!

      Face it; you've been KEYBLOCKED!

      – the one you love to hate

  • Charlie

    mmm…i think is because of the mouse…

  • Anonymous

    I hate cats…

  • Stan_Dalone

    cause the owners don't move them? like they are some sacred object? not good You can still love an animal and yet move them so you can stop procrastinating

    • Lot Lizzard

      High Stan…remember me?

    • FuckoffStan

      Wow was that supposed to be "funny"?

  • Stan_Dalone

    ok it's getting worse it was only on Saturdays now Thursdays too?

    • Jen

      SHUT…….UP…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please. Not ONE person appreciates your comments. I know you don't feel good about being hated…nobody likes that shit.

      So delete your account, come back under a different name, and change your goddam personality while you're at it.

      • KYLExGOOD

        Soooo……you like cats I take it?

      • Sleep_Salone

        He already tried that. He was listed as "Roady" with a picture of a Mustang…he deleted that account after he was called out. For some reason he also posts as "nate".

        • Stan_Dalone

          I have never posted as nate and it was a corvette

          • FuckoffStan

            Yeah like your fucking fat ass could fit into either a 'Stang or a 'Vette

      • Stan_Dalone

        Jen change fom your ass to your mouth when you talk next time

        • FuckoffStan

          Oh so you know alot about ass to mouth do you?

  • Anonymous

    My butthole itches

  • Idiot cat owners

    Move their dumb ass off the keyboard and get to work

  • DC_GTI

    Why? Because fuck you that’s why!

  • NebraskaGuy

    #13 #14 So much "Awww" in this post! 😉

    • Wow...

      You really are a fag, aren't you?

  • JshWGrdn

    #20 Attack Cat punishes you for your insolence. How do you type on your keyboard when he needs fed.

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