Animals being rescued. Faith in humanity restored (27 Photos)

Via buzzfeed

  • _nando_

    y u no hate menz

  • blub_glub

    ughh .. my heart!! MELTING!!!!!

    • McG

      It's a post like this that shows you that there is actually still good in this world 🙂

      • Tom Wilhelm

        Sad we have to be reminded that there indeed, still is. 😦

    • BleedC&B

      I want to go save animals now

  • Rocco


  • Katie

    The guy on the left in #4 already looks like he could be hot… the fact that he is saving that dog makes him even hotter.

    • Art

      Who gave a thumbs down to this post? What a dick.

    • ChaseTheWalker

      So a hot guy doing his job makes him hotter? Let's theoretically say I'm hot and I work at a burger joint. Does flipping a burger make me hotter?

      • @PrttyDdlyRvws

        Maybe it's that he's doing a job that actually makes a difference, and takes selflessness.

        • Katie


          • Guz

            Hi Katie!

            I moved a snail off the pavement last night. Can I see your tits?

            • Balls of T


              • Frédéric Purenne

                FYI it's GTFO…

          • SoMoS

            You look hot too, even if you don't have a job 😉

        • ChaseTheWalker

          So then why do people hate cops? It's the same thing! Why is a firefighter so glorious? Lets face it, had the picture been of a plumber Katie would have never said anything.

          • annoyed

            i know you are trying hard to be witty/ironic/what-have-you, but just give it up, bro. it's not the same, dude flipping burgers? dude writing tickets? or dude saving a cute animal's life? how are these things the same? dipshit…

            • ChaseTheWalker

              The irony here is that you're too ignorant to even understand what I'm saying. If it was a picture of a cop saving a cute little puppy no one would care. If it was a picture of a plumber saving a cute little puppy no one would look twice. Yea I get it, save the animals. It's cute, let's all drop our panties! Wooo! The fact of the matter is these people are doing their jobs. All this life saving goes on way more than anyone even realizes. Trust me… I'm in the field. It annoys me that a few pictures of "heroes" saving animals gets all this attention. What about all the lives of humans that are saved and the fact that WE put our lives on the line everyday for stuff way more serious then pulling Lassie out of a hole. Yea you heard it right. I'm talking crap about my own kind. Oh no, the world my self destruct now.

              • SanDiego

                u mad, bro?

                • ChaseTheWalker

                  Nah just trying to educate people oblivious to the world around them.

                  • Shredder


                    Or, in other words:

                    Shut the fuck up already.

          • Katie

            You're right. Unclogging a drain is just not as hot as saving a dog. Sorry…

            • brandon

              what is hot is you being a fucking stuck up bitch

    • Jesse

      Wish we could say the same for you Katie

      • Bro

        Pretty sure the obnoxious dudes on this thread were made insecure when Katie pointed out one of the guy's as hot. Just because you men are ugly and will never find happiness doesn't mean you can be bitter when a woman finds another dude (not you) attractive.

        u mad?

  • mau

    i gotta hug my dog:)

  • Jim

    Animals are people too

  • Art

    Man, this gallery really got to me. I'm cool, I'm cool. LOL

  • ontherun1989

    Don't cry. Don't cry. Don't cry. Gah! So amazing! Bless this post.

  • James

    #3 the koala story literally made me cry. just amazing. google it if you dont know it 🙂

    • Johnnybravo60025

      That picture is just amazing. I love that they're holding hands too. It really makes it work that much better

    • SimonPhoenix

      TOTALLY fucking thought it was Vodka at first … IT'S TOO DAMN EARLY IN THE MORNING!

      • annoyed

        cool story, bro

    • Machinist
    • JAMES


    • Adrian

      Yeah it's lovely, gotta love a koala!

  • Mouchette

    Morning made-Great post Chive!

  • Iam_Dave

    Always nice to see us caring for something other than ourselves in times when we shouldn't. #25
    Awesome post.

    • ROK247

      dear diary: killed 18 japs today. saved a kitten!

      • Country Boy

        Nah, the killing Japs part would get left out. Saving the kitten definitly takes precedence.

      • Silentstatic

        yeah definitely went down like…
        Q: What did you accomplish today?

        A: I saved a kitten today. oh and also knocked out 3 tiger tanks, took a bunker, and killed an entire enemy regiment with only my .45 sidearm. But isn't this little guy adorable.

        That's what the transcript would say.

      • OhSomeEvil

        hahahahaha cheers.

  • Bill

    Great stuff, cos it's real easy to get discouraged about people these days.

  • Jay

    #18 and #19 are my bets. Dog CPR is brave.

  • kikimiyuki

    #7 awwh so sweet..!!

    • UrbanNinja

      There is a really good story about this picture.

    • Franklin1138

      There's a great story behind this. That fireman had saved the doberman's new litter of puppies from a house fire. He came out with the pups in a box. The mother went and made sure her pups were okay, and then went over to the guy and started licking his face. She knew exactly who had saved her babies.

  • august west

    I'm all for squirrels, squirrels are cool. I avoid squirrels on the road as much as possible, my grandfather tamed a squirrel in his back yard (though he shot any that got on the bird feeder…) but come on, seriously #9? They don't need saving that much. Not sure where that was, but where I grew up they were pretty well populated.

    • somebloke

      Its still a living creature. His life is as important to him as yours is to you.

    • Laurie

      Humans are pretty well populated too, but we still save them. It's not whether there are a lot of a species, it's the elimination of pain and fear to restore them to a good life after a tragic event.

  • sshuggi

    I just wanna go on record: The men and women of rescue/response are fucking awesome.

    • The General

      I'm filling out the paperwork to requisition oral for all of them.

  • Crushum


    • cotopaxi

      Fuck Yeah!

    • echogeo

      I'm pretty sure Koalas are indigenous to Australia. But, I know what you mean.

  • Anonymous

    No she thinks he’s hot simply cuz he’s.a firefighter duh

  • Anonymous

    Wtf, I’m a cop and I’ve rescued plenty of animals… Too many hose dragger pics

  • chuck

    "can you do me a solid? can you light the bong for me man?"

  • SweetBabyJesus

    Damn! Now I feel like donating to my local Fire Department

    • Firefighter23

      As a volunteer firefighter I hope you will donate to your local FD, anything from money to cookie will be welcome. Times are tough for the fire service and we thank everyone for helping us help you.

  • Le Roi

    This was just an awsome album!! Great work to all those who was involved with these rescues!

  • ShaHiROHara

    This loyal Chivette finds kindness to all animals very sexy. Like I needed another reason to love my Chive!

  • F#cker

    I think I'm gonna cry

  • eatit

    Guys rescuing animals… I think I finally have a type

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