Kids are like an F1 tornado on the damage scale. Seriously. (30 Photos)


  • TAMZ


    • Meh

      Caps lock: UNLEASH THE FURY!

      Actually, if you would punch one of your five kids in the throat, perhaps you need to contain the fury and attend anger management meetings.

      • Nate Woodard

        It's probably cause you talk to your kids like you type. Loud and partially retarded.

    • Simon

      You'd hit them in the throat? So you're a bad parent with 5 kids?

      • Josh

        No, he just hit one, and the other 4 will see and never get in trouble, try it, works like a charm

        • alex

          Nah, they all deserve the experience. Any parent that thinks hitting their kids is wrong when they act bad is raising dirty stinky hipsters.

    • JDB

      Don't know about hitting in the throat, but every one of those kids needs one of those "Not In Public" ass whippin's.

      • Joel

        They're freaking kids. Shit happens. They get curious. And there are a million better ways to punish a kid than fucking violence. People who punish kids with hitting are part of what's wrong with the world.

        • bowlofjoel

          You are whats wrong with the world!

        • ladyfriend

          I totally agree with you, people that gave you a thumbs down either don't have kids ( and obviously should keep it that way )or have children and should not….

          • truthvirus

            uhhh, my mom physically reprimanded me, and i'm just fine thank you. but on the other hand, all the obnoxious douche-bags with severe self-entitlement issues i know also had parents who claimed "not to condone violence". so……that worked out well.

            • marco

              lol so fucking true and i feel sorry for all my teacher friends that have to put up with all douches people like 'ladyfriend' are rearing.

              • 0_poo

                When I was young, I was acting a fool in public. Dad told me, " keep it up and you'll get the belt". I didn't believe him until he beat my ass in front of god and everyone. Let's just say after that day, all I needed was a warning. #ParentingLikeABoss .

    • Dalton

      stop reproducing you stupid bitch

    • roclawzi

      It's probably a good thing that you prefer to hit them in the throat. Because if you preferred hitting them with your belt, you're exactly the sort of person who would think "Well, I'm halfway to taking my pants off anyway, and I'd hate to let this rage induced erection go to waste" and then the trouble really starts. I think the majority of kids would much prefer to get punched in the throat than be the target of your demonstration of your perceived mental and physical dominance over them.

      • truthvirus

        you need therapy.

    • Chris

      Why does this get over 40 thumbs up, yet when I said that putting toddlers in harnesses (so that they can't wonder off or run into the road), you all went nuts.

      Damn… You all need to sort your priorities out.

      • t g0st

        Wish I would have seen those comments. I have a 2 yr old who uses a stuffed backpack "harness" at the airport, mall etc. Obviously the people who bitched never experienced their child running off when they glanced away for a sec. The "harness" keeps them close to you but allows their independence at the same time. I surely would rather deal with the ridicule then my child being swept away by a child predator. I also spank my child, put him in time out and verbally communicate with him when he acts up…and guess what? My child is well mannered already…and he still loves me more than anything 🙂 Children need to be corrected and led in the right direction…not this "learn on their own" shit…that is exactly why most teenagers are disrespectful little pricks these days.

  • 80's Baby

    #9… Looks llike somethin my girl would do…

    • hobo with a shotgun

      Someones daughter is going to be a stripper. lol.

    • ughyuk

      You must be very proud

  • Sue Acide

    This is why kids turn into useless, lazy, entitled, do-nothing, brainless shitheads. No parenting.

  • Matt

    i've been debating getting a vasectomy.. decision made.

    • Mark

      Came here to say the same thing… And that someone should offer a sort of children damage insurance policy. Cuz that's some fucked up shit.

      • aaaa

        Just take them to Penn State or the catholic church and they'll behave. Oh yes, they'll behave.

        • sdfasdfwaef

          that's low. hahahah

    • DeRaNgEd

      You make it out like you were a little angel when you were a toddler….
      Maybe you actually did worst when you were a toddler and scared that it will come back and haunt you when you do have kids…

  • jean the machine

    #23 looks like my TV

    • Trent


    • Darkora

      you people need to learn how to hit your kids

  • 80's Baby

    #18.. If he finished them, I dont see the problem

    • The_Dood

      The big ass orange spot on the couch would piss me off…

    • Specks13

      Just trying to watch the game and have a snack.

    • Whiskyb

      Healthy choice for children, give him some soda to wash it down as well

    • Riggs

      I still do that.

    • Don't Lick da Cheese

      At least he's wearing pants.

    • ImpressMe

      Little dude just wanted a snack….. hes not bothering anybody…

  • Slappy McGee

    Not a chance.

  • Sue Acide

    This is why kids turn into useless, lazy, entitled, do-nothing, brainless liberal
    shitheads. No parenting.

  • truckasaurus

    You realize F1 tornadoes are the weakest right?

    • Chavo

      Id say its a pretty fair description. Its not quite destroy everything in fucking sight. Mostly just a large inconvenience.

    • Logan O

      i think that's the point, not to be hyperbole, but to instead make a realistic comparison

    • Joe

      Wrong, F0 tornadoes are the weakest. Also, it has been upgraded to the EF scale, so clearly this is pre 2007.

      • This guy doesn't

        OMG, who cares….

        • ThatGuy

          I care

  • Anonymous


  • Charlie

    I love my kids. Tornado and all..

    • The Pope

      I love your kids too, Charlie.

      • Penn State

        Me too.

        • Pedo Bear

          Don't forget me. Your kids never will.

  • GernBlansten

    Bad parenting in every single one……

    • maddjoker

      Bad parenting??? dude if you have kids then you know they just do shit like this, its not bad parenting…. its called funny memories.

      • GernBlansten

        I have 3, and they have never, not even once, done anything even remotely like any of these.

        Throw your hands in the air all you like proclaiming it's just "kids being kids". I assure you, this kind of yard-ape behavior didn't happen in ANY of the families I grew up around.

        Bad parenting.

        • Frédéric Purenne

          Thank god someone with some brains around here!

          • beegirl

            How about Supervising your kids? Looks like some of these kids were left alone for a WHILE.

        • leyo

          haha my parents would whoop us lol.

        • Heather DuBon

          Agreed. Bad Parenting. When I was little I did something like this with crayons but on a much smaller scale. Mom caught me right away and scared me so bad that I never, ever thought of doing something like that again. Its called supervising your kids and disciplining when necessary.

        • etcrr

          GB is right, kids gotta have boundries and it is the parents that set up the boundries

          • Sleep_Salone


        • DeRaNgEd

          My kids have each drawn on the walls once and once only, they learnt their lesson first time that its naughty.
          Does this mean I'm a bad parent for giving the kids a little bit of freedom in the house rather than treating it as a Jail cell where they are being watch all the time.

    • menace

      Maybe if they whipped their kids instead of grabbing a camera some of this shit wouldn't have happened

  • Hunter X

    #8 If it ain't Playboy…it belongs IN the shitter, not at the shitter.

    • Yak Surfer

      Doing it right. Sounds like accurate commentary on the state of journalism today.

    • chicago

      " Shitters full "

  • Ken

    #18… throw an xbox controller in his hand and he's good to go!

  • arTee

    #3 Sheen, the early years.

    • CuriousGeorge



    • luvTATW

      but where are the passed out hookers?!

      • Logan O

        they took the picture

        • Dustin

          Passed out hookers can't take pictures. I see this guy has never had to "disappear" a hooker.

  • Derek

    #16 heyyy thats not my slinky

  • bless1

    #18- like a boss.

    • MEH

      LOL! Thats what I was going to say!!

  • guest

    easy on the caps bro

  • thepoopsmith

    #18 is how i eat chips now

  • Ken

    #30 adds a little character to the bathroom! Love it!

    • Dustin

      Looks like the kid drew a cock on the double door there.

      • 905

        really? you saw a dick in there? fag.

  • VedHead77

    #29 – Have you ever been so hungry…

    • Lisa

      you know that cat is thinking "JACKPOT!"

      • etcrr

        like that squirrel yesterday with the truck of nuts flipping over.

    • DutchChiveFan

      My daughter did the same. She ate the catfood also. One happy family:D

  • chrisdg74

    #18 As long as he doesn't wipe his fingers on the couch, you're good.

    • TheBigboppper

      or fart on his Doritos

      • Joel

        He's already wiped his chips on the couch…

  • Tommy

    What was the vasectomy hotline again…

  • TWON925

    change out the kids with 22 year olds and it becomes " So You Got Wasted"

    • AAJ

      rofl . .. very true!

    • leyo

      hahahaha so true

    • basic


    • Sean

      As true as that statement is, I clean up after myself at 22…Kind of.

  • 03_SE_XTERRA

    going to get the vasectomy today after seeing this shit

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