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    Just a note to all of the non parents trying to act as if they know what they are talking about. Although some of these parents are idiots for grabbing the camera instead of grabbing their kids, sometimes you have to take a sh*t and in the time that that takes they could do almost anyone of these things. Oh yes there is also nap times and when the kid wakes up before you, and it is also so worth it.

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    #5 Iggy Pop, the early years.

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    […] I didnt touch it mummy I love looking at the daily funny photos on this site, normaly they arnt about kids but this lot made me laugh. Im waiting for hurrican Brian to try some of this, hes come close but iv managed to prevent any accidents so far Have a look at what the little monsters get up to when your not looking http://thechive.com/2011/11/11/kids-…sly-30-photos/ […]

  • David

    What it do? and he said Where my bitches at? . The day that I was late for movie day and I was sad! The day that Max was paoinrad in the field!DON’T YOU REMEMBER ANY OF THE GOOD TIMES?????!!!!!@$JU(*&^Y*&$^%@*)(~~~~~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!! THAT WAS A GOOD DAY YOU CRAZY BOY! ALSO WE HAD THE CLOWN MASK! THERE MUST BE A BLOG ABOUT IT SOMEWHERE!!!

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