• First

    That's the way it is.

    • Pfffft

      OK Walter Cronkite.

    • JerkFace

      His name is Rupert…AAAAhahahahhaa

    • .OG.


    • First

      Fuck you all using my first to get on the front page. Bunch of wannabes.

  • MrRushing

    So much work, for so much fun! I want a flying lawnmower.

    • Black6dog

      Now to include the mower engine and get to trimming tree branches.

  • Doug

    I wish I had extra free time to do shit like this.

    • Doug sucks

      Quit fucking around on a blog and go to it.

    • Dug

      Why don't you?

      Can't you explain it?


  • StaticFX

    ummm.. ok.

  • yup

    Wonder how much money was spent on parts, especially how many times they must have destroyed them.

  • Mike

    This guy should fly a woman to his house. I think he needs it.

    • Blake Finnacom Guyther

      Fly a woman to a house…women love houses

    • the_mike

      Wait, they leave the kitchen?

      • Bitch, please.

        Women fly themselves to this dudes house. He can make a fucking washing machine look majestic.

        • the_mike

          Women fly themselves? How would they make the sandwich fly?

  • Tri140point6

    i love that he has a lobster as a hood ornament on his lawn mower….thats BA

  • rick ross

    watchin that lawnmower fly didn't even look real, i wouldn't have believed it if i wouldn't have seen the whole process of how they do it.

    • Sweets

      I was thinking the same exact thing as I watched it….amazing

    • Stoppin

      That washing machine looked even less real.

  • TreeHugR

    Like something one would see on old Dr. Who, but not suspended on wires.

  • Boobies make me :)

    I wonder how FAA regulations apply to a BBQ grill…

  • Almost Got It

    No pigs?

    • JHL1

      Pink Floyd already did that

  • CalAb13

    LOL rather odd hobby but hey if it keeps him off the crack….

  • Bob

    This is the video that makes people fall asleep.

    • Nameless

      Just because he didnt get a spinning jump sniper shot in call of duty does mean it wasnt really cool.

      • great diggler

        it's called a 360-no scope, you stupid noob.

        • Nameless

          What if i only turned 210 degrees…you stupid highschool dropout.

  • EFP

    the obvious miss would be the flying remote.. for whenever you've left it in the kitchen to get a beer.

    • Nameless

      The trick would be snatching it from the air without loosing a finger

  • Zedhere

    I'm glad cows don't fly, yet…

  • Steve

    It's amazing that ol' Rupert did this seeing as he is dumb enough to use machinery and not safety gear. Grinding without safety glasses – gonna be blind as a bat VERY soon!

    • Man

      Safety gear is for pussies.

      • Pussy

        Apparently, so are eyes

        • Nameless

          Apparently so are you

          • Chris Scharff

            Troller win.

  • CJ Garcia

    Damn…. just… damn… (in an amazed way)

  • Erick

    Thats awesome.

  • beat rice

    Think of the damage one could cause!
    "What happened to the 4th story window?"
    "Fucking lawnmower"

  • LesPaultard

    That's just awesome.

  • beat rice

    Laughed sooo hard. This is ridiculous (in the best way)

    • beat rice

      Leave it to the brits to make something so unnecessarily hilarious

  • Black6dog

    All of these things would be unbelievably creeper to see from a distance.

  • Vinny07

    I thought he was going to make the cow at the start fly…..

  • petey

    Like a BOSS!

  • Dude

    The real deal would be to fly a car.

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