• bub

    He should be wearing safety glasses while machining metal.

    • rectal glaucoma

      If you want to talk safety and protection maybe your dad should have worn a condom.
      Quit being a geek!

  • colm

    I suspect this is Banksy. It looks like him and sounds like him. Plus this is an advert and not actually real.

    • Gman


    • Big_E

      You’re insane if you think this is Banksy. Get back on your rocker.

  • Jordan

    When this video started I was really hoping he'd make one of the cows fly.

  • BabyMistakes

    Dude's just attaching R.C. helicopters to different things. Cool… I guess. I worked through the same concept when I was in the cub scouts. I attached wheels to a block of wood and entered it into a race. I guess I was an innovator.

    • spears

      really!? you are comparing those? Is it possible you are really that simple?

    • Gman

      Pretty spot on comparison. Nothing new or innovative is being done here. If anyone is impressed by making something random get 4 feet off the groud with a common gyroscopic wing they are a very simple person. AKA American.

      • Nameless

        Did you not see the washing machine hundreds of feet in the air spinning? Go play with your wooden block and figure out of to make an innovative dildo

    • Frank'n Furter

      So how come that's not you on the vid?

  • TitoRigatoni

    The lawnmower would be awesome if he could put the main rotor underneath in place of the actual mower blade…

  • The Doctor

    Hey, the washing machine in flight looks a lot like my ride.

  • Gman

    None of it really flew, pretty poor engineering.

    • Nameless

      Could you have done any better? Go play with legos or something so u can feel like your a genius inventor. Dont forget to follow the intructions

      • Vicky

        It did actually fly as I was actually there to see it!!!

  • etcrr

    well there are worse hobbies than this

    • Nameless

      Yeah, like Assterbating

  • Chris

    I don't know if I'm just mean or not but isn't this kind of dumb? You can pretty much turn anything into a helicopter…it's not a miracle. Not like he is walking on water, he's attaching things that make things fly to things…hazaa!

    • Nameless

      He never claimed to be jesus. Its a hobby, not a miracle. Its supossed to be cool and different not the second coming

  • 1ch3nt31

    Which tricks?¿ 😐

  • kenDOLL94


  • Tim

    Worst Ad ever at the bottom of the screen. Really? You need to pop up for about 15 seconds before I can delete you?

  • 2857

    uhhh? cant you make anything "fly" if you attach it to a big enough helicopter?

  • DWSmith

    What he is, is a good old fashioned British eccentric. He’s no innovator and he’s not claiming to be. It’s his hobby that just happened to be interesting enough for someone to make a video out of. Good for him. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t get a rush out of making a washing machine fly with your buddies rather than sitting on your sofa playing COD in your underwear!

    • little2say

      Inovation is as simple as spinning a copper wire coil through a magnetic field . Bahahaha who would ever use that idea ! Go turn on the light switch dumb-ass. Maybe he’ll your ignorance next

  • Perry Mason

    For those hard to reach lawns…

  • bse35

    inventive, though if he is that capable, you would think he would put that talent to a more productive use

  • tom

    I was expecting that cow to fly away

  • Justin Hamby

    This…^ Probably one of the coolest vids I've seen. I'm a huge fan of RC helicopters, and to see a GRILL and a LAWN MOWER?!?! flying RC style… Your sir, are an RC hero.

  • Chappell Anderson

    What the fuck is this shit?

  • shaneyboy

    i will give you a thousand dollars to cut my lawn.

  • things that fly

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  • Norm

    please please please Paint That Washing Machine blue with a Whit Police Call Box Sign on it!

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