Research beagles rescued, go outside for first time (Video)

Last week, I read an article on MSNBC (here) about 40 beagles that had been rescued from a research facility in Spain. From the day they were born, these beagles had lived in metal crates and never stepped paw outside. That is, until Beagle Freedom Project came in and helped rescue the beagles and bring them back to the U.S. for adoption. Here is the footage of their first steps outside.

To donate to Beagle Freedom Project, click here.

  • Bill Ivory

    First! (I know, I'm pathetic.)

    • Me.

      As long as you know..

    • Chi side

      Wow Bill, you shattered my perception that the only people pathetic enough to write first are 14 year old kids or 30 year old virgins living in their parents' basement. I'm more disappointed than anything else.

    • TrollFace

      Forever alone….

    • I Hate Bill Ivory

      Go kill yourself

      • WhyVess

        Seriously, why say that? Someone says First on the internet and you HATE them and tell them to kill themselves? You are rather pathetic. Seems like you take the internet just a little too seriously. At least he posts using his profile, instead of trolling from the shadows.

        • kidn

          HE takes the internet to seriously? calm the fuck down.

          • Boobmiester

            I love boobies oh so much.

        • I Hate Bill Ivory

          Don't you talk that way to me, chief. First of all, I don't give a fuck what you have to say . Second, it seems as if you take the internet too seriously considering how you reacted. Third, I will troll from wherever I god damn feel like.

          On another note…rah. Unless you're some paintballer queer, then you can go fuck yourself.

          Good day sir.

  • nickyb


    • caleb

      Adorable would be seeing the asshats that did this locked up in a cage, never to see the sun again.

  • DaveK

    Spain FTL!!!!
    Hooray for Beagles!

    • Machinist

      I dare you to name a single country where animal abuse doesn't take place.

      • Jake

        Great Bri…
        Not a country but Antartica?

        • KHfan4evr

          the weather abuses the animals.

  • Josh Gorter

    I'm not crying I just have something in my eye.

    • cheezebits

      God, the song alone was enough – then adding this video to it…it's like a dust storm in here.

    • Joe

      I know it's sad; however, a lot of the products we use are tested on animals. Really, a lot of them.
      And there is no way to get away from this. If companies stop testing products on animals, they just can't manufacture their products, and a lot of these products save ppl lives….

      I know it's sad, but when a superior animal encounters another animal, there is only 3 options for the inferior one. It becomes food (cows, chickens) , slave (dogs, horses), or a pest (mice, roach, etc..) ….

      • kidn

        my mr. kitty is neither food, a slave, or a pest.

        • Rainbow

          My five mice are none of those things, especially not a pest.

          I must admit that since the Internet it is much easier to find out about products and how they test their products, plus it is easy enough now to find what you want but a cruelty free version.

          • Ser

            Pets are slaves. You feed and house them, you control their behaviors, only allowing to do stuff like go outside under your supervision, you control what and when they eat.

            Doesn't mean they are not taken care of, but they are not free animals. Do you not have a cage for your mice?

            The fact you keep them as pets is proof they are your property.

        • Cat Stevens

          That's because Mr. Kitty is your superior

          Mr. Kitty > kidn

      • JayBird

        If you do your research, you'll find that animal tests are nearly ineffective (as we are not dogs, cats, rabbits, monkeys, etc), since our bodies are different from animal bodies. There are hundreds of other ways to test products without even NEARLY endangering a life. Computer sciences, as well as human testing at extremely low doses. Not only are these tests MORE effective (since animal testing isn't), they are more cost effective. Labs just don't want to change their ways. There are hundreds of products that are tested on animals and deemed poison, but are safe for humans.

        Furthermore, there isn't much NEW testing happening anyways, as most of the chemicals and ingredients that go into these "life saving products" are already approved. The problem is that needless testing occurs, like for scientific research that does nothing to further anything.

        You CAN get away from it. Don't buy products tested on animals. There are a million out there.

        • Seth

          You know, Just because you say it, doesn't make it any less of a bullshit lie.

          Grow up sometime kid, you might learn something.

  • James

    i flat out don't understand ppl that want to hurt / neglect animals. boggles my mind and these ppl need deleting from planet earth

    • Justin

      Its b/c people are heartless and dont give a fuck, unfortunately.

      • dOOb

        So very true! Too many people on this planet care more about material items (the latest Apple product, new 3D flat screen TV, BIGGEST truck that guzzles the most gas… BEST BLACK FRIDAY BARGAIN)…"cause that's the important shit in life".

        I hope I live long enough to see the day where humanity will treat every living creature with the respect and compassion they deserve. Seeing what these dogs endured is heartbreaking in itself. What's equally as sad (or sadder still) is humanity allows even worse atrocities to happen to other human beings.

        As a collective society, we have it all wrong…

        • Meat

          You don't benefit from the use of computers, screens or cars?
          I wonder what your life would be like without them.

          I think you should open your eyes, and stop talking like you only know the world through children's stories. Complete disconnect from reality.

          I wonder what you have ever done to better society? Or if you have ever made something that makes life better for other people? Naw, you Just bitch about stuff that gets your emotions going….

        • Tim

          I think you should grow up a bit, and stop being so disgustingly egotistical, and don't believe everything you hear. Especially those things designed to tug at your heartstrings to push an agenda. It's dangerous. Use your own mind.

          • dOOb

            yep… humanity is going down the right path for sure! I'll just put my blinders on, forget about thinking outside the box, and follow the heard…

            Now, excuse me while I tune into Fox news… I know they spin the truth, and won't force an agenda down my throat…

            • Tim

              Since you are on a social website from your computer in your city dwelling…. yep it's not like you to follow the herd, alright.

              Nice lip service though.

              • dOOb

                I never said to throw out your computers or stop driving cars… it's all about BALANCE… something people as a whole have a tough time grasping.

                You know nothing about me, who I am or how I live my life, so are not really in a position to claim "lip service". I am AWARE that we as a global society are on the wrong path. As a great human being once said "Be the change you want to see in the world"… I will live my life in a way I can do exactly that.

                If you educate yourself on our global society, and you're TRULY happy with it, then stay the course. I'll pray that my 3 kids, and maybe my grand kids one day will have a livable planet to enjoy.

                • BigRick69

                  I don't think praying will do much good. Perhaps you are part of a *herd* as well. No one is free from society.

                • Stoner

                  It's wrong for me to speak for a person I don't know, but it's a different story when you are speaking for an entire species. Got it.

      • Justin the emo

        Everyone else, but not you right?

        • dOOb

          guess you missed the "collective society" part…

          fucking emo

          • doob the noob

            Guess you missed that I was making fun of a different poster.

            Wow for a guy who thinks he knows so much, you are mighty unobservant.

            "Uhhhhh… like, society is bad guys…."

          • Dirty stoner doob

            And what is collective society?

            You guys in the states have incredibly different views points from one person to the other, let alone the differences that appear between countries.

            I love that you think you are in a position to judge collective society. Holy Ego.

            Quick! Say something bad about Fox news! It's trendy to bash them, and allows me to post without making a real argument!

            • Tim

              Society has it "all wrong" trying to pursue medical advances?

              • Mutt

                Bad news Tim, the medical advances obtained through animal research are not as accurate as the Corporations would like you to believe. That is why there are so many drug recalls, they test a drug for one species on another.

                Think about this, and I am asking for some leeway here, grapes can kill dogs, but not humans. So if the roles are reversed, a dog scientist, determines that grapes are a poison, not food.

                • Timmy

                  Right. There are no medical advances. It's just a lie from the "corporations".

                  Human drugs, cannot go to production without first being tested and proven on humans. You also ignore drugs created for animals themselves.

                  Yup, animals testing is all about how much fun it is to hurt animals. Move along now.

                • Frank

                  Well son, that's one dumb dog scientist.

                  See, human scientists are smart enough to have figured out that while grapes are poisonous to dogs, they are not to people.

                  Tell that dog scientist to back to dog med school or leave it to the humans, who know more about science than "my ass smells tasty".

    • Murr

      Did you mean it *beagles your mind? Hmm? Sorry its early

    • BigRick69

      I flat out don't understand why people fully invest in their anciently driven emotions and refuse to acknowledge the global scientific and healthcare advancements made because of the research done on these animals. It boggles my mind and I think these people need to be deleted from planet earth.

      • Frank

        Hey man. Obviously testing is done just so some scientist can hurt animals for fun. I mean, can you honestly say that medical advancement has helped anyone?

    • JayBird

      Animals will never be free until we stop buying products that are tested on animals, and until we stop eating animals. Makeup, cleaning supplies, razors, chemicals, food, etc. Do some research and you'll find a wealth of items that aren't tested on animals. That's the only way to end this for good. It's fine and dandy to feel good for these 8 pups that got rescued, but what about the other millions of animals that are kept in facilities and factory farms? You have to do your part to end the suffering. Unfortunately, most of you will go home and sit down to eat an animal that suffered just as much (or more) than these cute pups did, and not think twice about it. THAT'S the sad part.

      • Peter

        Yup. The only way for animals to be free, is to try and remove yourself from the very nature that populates the planet.

        Animals eat animals, and nature is vicious and scary. I'm sorry that this scares you
        here is no way to exist on this earth without affecting other living things. Stop pretending that you and nature are not one and the same.

  • DanielB

    Im just glad the doggys where ok.

  • Anonymous

    I’m really conflicted about how to feel about this video. Neither the video nor the article really elaborate on what kind of research facility these dogs were rescued from. Testing cosmetics and the like on animals is one thing, but people have to realise that animal trials are an important and vital part of medical research. It’s a little uncomfortable to think about maybe, but the sacrifices of these animals may save the life of someone you love. However, with all that being said… when they opened those cage doors, and the dogs looked so overwhelmed and scared I just about melted.

  • Kindness is Cyclical

    Even though there are people out there who show such cruelty to animals, I still have faith in humanity due to people like those of the Beagle Freedom Project who do all that they can in order to give these animals the lives they deserve.

    • Tim

      But the guys doing the testing, that are very possibly saving lives and making breakthrough advances in medical science make you lose your faith in humanity?

    • Randi

      I agree. people just need to realize that even if they are "just animals" they have skin, nerves, feelings, etc. They get cold, hungry, sad, and scared just like people do and how would they like to be disregarded simply because it's not convenient or THEY'RE problem. Life's problems belong to us all and I would feel like a crappy person if I knew of something suffering and pushed it to the back of my mind with lame excuses. Can anyone willing to do so really say they will never want for anything. Never be cold, or injured or hungry? Would they consider themselves a nuissance, or a rodent, or unworthy? Do away with the double standards that humans allow themselves and were all "just animals" right?

      • Dee

        Right, we are just animals. Animals have to survive somehow, and usually the way that is done is not always pretty, it's nature. And nature can be very ugly.

        I think you have to look at wild animals, and see that they too get cold, scared, hungry and more often than not die a grizzly, agonizing death.

  • Daniel Childs

    Oh sweet Jesus, I need ALL THE BEAGLES

  • asas

    I hope you realise they are TORTURED FOR OUR SAKE AND IN OUR INTEREST!

    how do you think products are tested before they go to sale? its not onlay spain, if some of you ignorant guys think its related to spain only. this happens all around the world in "developed" countries, like the US, GB , France, Germany, Japan etc.

    Just for our hair products. gather information before you insult somebody and CHECK THE LABEL BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING !

    • Daniel Childs


      • Daniel Childs

        Actually I don't think that was really a hippy comment but… but you…uh, you missed a couple apostrophes

    • Anon

      I don't think most people believed it was just Spain., Either way it is sad.

    • Matt

      Maybe you don't know that all the medicines, medical care ecc. are always tested on humans too, because the genetic differences are determinants. In other words, the tests on the animals, are just something too. I know that because i know a man that works in that ambient.

      • DrROBOTO

        i love dogs but I call fake on this.If theyd never left their cage before theyd lack muscle formation to the point of not even being able to walk. They appear to be in much better shape then the conditions they were supposedly living in. Still hope they get adopted tho!

        • The_Stif

          I think they were probably allowed to leave their cages, just never go outside. Watch a few of them leave their cages. They are 2 years old but walk like 12 year labs with hip displatia. I don't think its fake at all, but probably exaggerated.

        • Chantal

          False. Puppy mill dogs are kept in cages their whole lives, often crammed in with 10 other dogs, and once released they can walk fine.

          Plus, the video only says they were never released outside, that doesn't mean they weren't ever released from their cages indoors.

          • @latxxtal

            Agreed. I have a puppy mill rescue (chihuahua) and he walks fine, albeit he has a screwed up patella. His worst issues are his teeth.

            • G.S

              So clean your dogs teeth. Don't neglect!

              • Free

                Thumb it down all you want, if your dogs teeth have problems, that's your responsibility. And if you do noting its neglect.

                Clean your dogs teeth and stop being cheap at the expense of your pet.

    • Mike

      I think the name should be spelled "ASS" not asas. CHIVE ON!

    • lala

      I wonder how many of the people on here are saying this while sucking down on a piece of bacon…….."be nice to only the cute little puppies!"

  • @jaczor

    what is this salty discharge? is this crying?? damn you chive!

    • Machinist

      Any other salty discharge would be highly inappropriate!

      • aaaaa

        Yeah, I tried to masturbate to this but couldn't. I think that means my morals are too high or something.

        • Sig

          I came as soon as my eyes registered "testing facility".

  • acash

    take all my money

  • Allie Howard

    Super Win, Chive! I'm a huge fan of most of your stuff but this is just epic. I wish I could adopt them all! They all looked so scared to even walk-I started crying when the first one finally came out of his cage. They look so sweet!

  • Eugene Edward Mathena III

    I Hope The Method In Rescuing The Beagles Were Very " Persuasive " To Say The Least.

  • ballsdeep_ass_2_mouf

    I personally am thankful for these animals existing so that we may live healthier happier lives. I am EVEN MORE thankful these animals survived and made it through and were able to be adopted.

    Believe me .. if we could test dangerous vacines, viruses, products and other stuff on ass hole child molesters … the world would be a better place. Unfortunately .. until those days come to pass .. animals are the next best thing.

    Thanks Again little fellas .. enjoy your new lives.

    P.S. These dogs don't have to "learn to be real dogs" ( stupid part in the video … they pick up real quick!)

    • Daniel Childs

      So YOU'RE the one that stole my screen name!

    • Chan

      I don't think we should be testing dangerous viruses on any person or animal…sounds like a bad idea. OH WAIT…they do test them on people AND animals. The vaccines too, they totally test those out on people.

      • Jakeman

        After they go through extensive animal testing. Most compounds don't make it past the animal stage.

    • Sam

      The majority of medical testing is not carried out on dogs. In the US, there are strict guidelines as to how much exercise and "play" that dogs, cats and primates must receive each day. Their physiology is so different from humans that there is minimal evidence to support testing on these types of animals anymore. Even Darwin discussed how he watched a surgeon perform surgical procedures on a live dog and that after seeing the dog lick the surgeon's hand, even while suffering extraordinary pain, Darwin stated that he hoped the moment haunted the surgeon until his death.

      Regardless of the inaccuracies involved in testing medical procedures and medications on animals who are so clearly different from us, the majority of animal testing is done for cosmetic purposes. Makeup, hair products, lotions, soaps and other nonsense are not providing us with healthier and happier lives. These companies have a large variety of safe chemicals that are available for their use and the beauty "advancements" aren't worth the torture of any species. Except child molesters. Fuck them.

    • killerclown

      they were having beauty products tested on them not something to help us. That's fucked up

  • Distracted

    D'agh! Too much cuteness. I think if I was in a room full of women right now, I'd be the one to set off everyone's cycle.

  • bananastand

    (Girls voice in the video) Yayyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  • RobTalk


    • Bob

      Totally agree.

    • Cold_Heartless_Truth

      I agree. Hypocrites want to ban animal testing…right after they go to the mall to buy make-up and skin lotions. It sucks that mankind felt animals were the only way they could test their products, but it sure beats using orphans and homeless people.

  • Devil'sAdv

    I don't understand- how are they going to continue doing tests on them if they're running around in the wild. Can you low jack Beagles?

    • RockyBalboa

      You literally just made my day with that comment. haha

  • Snow Asap

    I have the biggest smile on my face right now. Thanks Chive!

  • Aghiles Bacha

    I love you chive, this was beautiful :')

  • Broviet

    Finally actually registered to comment because of this video.

    I love that there are people out there doing their best to rescue these animals. It was absolutely heartbreaking to see that these little guys didn't even know what it was like to stretch their legs and walk around. Medical advancement is great and all, but seeing how these animals were treated is awful. Research at the expense of animals like this is simply not worth it. And even if researchers insist on using animals for research, is it really too much to ask that they're treated humanely while in captivity? Scared to death, muscles atrophied to hell….simply abhorrent.

    • ThatGuy

      Registered? Were you too good to post without an intense debate account?

    • Tim

      Here is a question. Do you actually know how these animals were treated before they were given to the adoption agency by the testers? Or are you hearing one side of the story?

      Medical advancement is far beyond "good and all". For many, many, many people, it's the reason they are alive.

      • Tim

        Unless of course you were born without the aid of medical science and have never been to the doctor….

      • Camarodude

        yes I do know how they were treated I am friends with the adopter on facebook she runs a not for profit called pet pardons. These animals were never taken outside or held or petted. When they first opened the cages the first beagle lifted up his left paw and turned his head. That's because the only time these dogs had human interactions was when they were receiving injections.

    • G.S

      When i go to the site. I see a blog that is pretty much a chick bragging about how she saved a dog to anyone who will listen.

      A dog that lived in hell she said. Right after she said she didn't know anything about what happened to the dog before she got it.

  • etcrr

    the woman who adopted clover @ 5:24 is gorgeous

  • etcrr

    I truly wish I could adopt one, where I live won't allow pets

    • Brotein Shake

      Where do you live, Hell?

    • Sleep_Salone

      With the price of peanutbutter skyrocketing, you'd be broke in no time Stan.

  • pants magee

    manly tears were shed

    • flyfisher76054

      Glad I wasn't the only one… 😉

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