• Yo Yo Ma

    I was half-expecting to see them start shitting on each other at any minute.

    • ???

      Nah that's the German …

    • Ghostface

      I'm Latino, but I consider myself an Asian supremacist. Basically, anything anyone can do, Asians will eventually do better. I'm going to start an Asian supremacist group called the Wu Tang Klan if anyone is interested.

      • DrROBOTO

        I was too…much disappointment 😦

      • ORA

        Except have big dicks

        • Kelly

          nope.(i can say from personal experience) they're dicks are no smaller than white guy's(or black guy's for that matter). white guys seem to be the most insecure about their penis size though….

    • HydrogenBond

      You're an asshole.

    • muthafucka jones

      wheres the kitchen?

  • T-Ruckus

    I rove cheerreaders!

    • Bobthebuilder

      ^^^ Winning!

    • Asian Guy

      naw man. you got it all wrong. asians mix up their Rs and Ls.
      it'd be "I rove cheelreaders!"

    • vvv

      The joke that never gets old…. actually yes it did very quickly, ages ago. Not funny

  • Da Lollipop Prince

    wow awesome…

    • TJ Lojik

      Wasn't fair though… They're all ninja assassins in training…

  • sam


  • Anom


  • TheMan

    who else went to the pole dancing video?

    • Gerulo

      I declare myself guilty

    • ...

      well I did now when you pointed it out. Thank you sir!

      • gassman12001


      • TheMan

        You are welcome!

    • 2pumpdump

      Hell's yeah that makes me wana fap fap fap

      • Vincent

        Everything about that pole video is perfect but 00:24 – 00:31 is fap gold.

    • garo

      haha…just did that! and… 0o

    • Deaner

      Best dancer i've seen…. and a great song too

    • Chiving Virgin


    • blackman

      not you because you're still here

    • Max

      just did 3rd time before seeing the cheerleader one. still cant get the pole dance out of my mind

  • Anon

    I know Japan is performing, but I'm pretty sure Hong Kong is in China.

    • Dorkfish

      Made me raugh out roud…..sank you

    • Lisa

      well technically it's still referring to the cheerleading team from Japan…hence saying the sport of cheerleading in Japan is taken very seriously

    • BigRick69

      So you're telling us that you rationalized the title of the video, but then tried to correct the poster anyway? That shows you are a moron.

  • sarah

    that was pretty normal cheerleading until the double stacks happened

    • dominantone

      o ya the double stacks. of coarse.

  • Wet_tosti


  • Autch

    i like the just in case anything goes wrong guys are allowed to be there even at the competition 🙂

  • sionjy

    So what do they cheer at? Math tests?

    • blackman

      pearl harbor

      • vvv


      • vvv


  • TTT

    i've been saying it ,ive been saying they learn to build young then next thing u got robots flying around, manless hoovers, hotels that u cant stand up in your room,no drifting expertness, flashy lights crowded cities, moon face's, expertisism at folding paper, mr yakayomoto, write so frikkin weird makes ya feel normal, write so weird makes ya feel dumb, have mobile phones that can watch telly, eat anything even crickets/flys,have there own dolphin law's, man who stands in-front of tank who's not even scared even tho they eat crickets and flies.yakatomi building,a mountain that looks like crazy shit,probly will take over the world through multiplication issues.

    • Casey

      Gah couldn't read it all. =____=

    • https://www.facebook.com/jpstrauss Juann Strauss

      The dude in front of the tank wasn't japanese.

    • vvv

      Japan != China

  • andfukyamoms

    Anything less than a shattering victory over the rest of the world warrants public execution of the participants and their entire families.

    • Dumbass troll

      they glow in the dark as they were training at the Fulijima Nuclear powerplant

    • Lisa

      No no that's the North Korean team

    • vvv

      Pretty sure Japan has never been like that…

  • fore skin

    want one

    • TTT

      listen some peeps where born with a personality not a forskin

  • Geoff

    the entire time i was just waiting for them to transform into some sort of mech

  • AGM

    Whatever, we all know they cheated by spying on the Filipino cheerleading team and stealing their moves.

    • Paul

      Really? You cannot criticize the winner who has real talent and is able to demonstrate a superior skill.

  • faptastic

    sadly the whole team was eaten by Godzilla five minutes after performing their routine.

  • JT123

    that was fucking awesome

  • Randa

    I am fairly certain they those "girls" were robots.

  • chris

    Ultra Man saved them From Godzilla

    • Ultraman

      weirdest SNES game ever

  • some dude

    I raffed

  • Pat

    I bet when they fuck up at practice,they lock them up in a dungeon and feed them scraps.

    • http://www.goodadvice.co.za CalculatedRisk

      Uh, I think you meant to say they feed them each other…

  • Lord Humungus

    Yeah…but what sport do they have to cheer for?

    • Rahm Emanuel

      Women's Soccer…which technically is a sport I guess…

    • James

      Soccer, baseball, tennis, and basketball are pretty big in Japan.

      • Squooshy


  • Bezaile

    3rd row, 4th from the left – find her.

    • Upside Down


  • astro_ng

    When was Hong Kong in Japan?

    • Matt

      It’s not, but that’s the Japanese team. I’m assuming they held the championships in Hong Kong.

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