Hot Right Now: Chivette Lyyric is a fiery redhead (27 Photos)

Celebrities love affair with photoshop (15 photos)

  • Edaea_Sinid

    #6 Men know how to age properly. We are like wine, gets better with age. No need for stupid photoshop here. The wrinkles do him justice and are a sign of his culture.

    • louis cattanaccio

      actually, the removal of the wrinkles are a sign of his culture

    • db3300

      Even though I'm not a huge fan of Clooney, I have to agree. If men aged differently, we might have gotten laid more in high school.

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  • Dee

    Do celebrities ask to be photoshopped??

    • jjb

      I think it's in their contract.

  • JoLo

    I'm confused, are these photoshops the Chive has found or has the Chive itself taken pictures and photoshopped them?

  • Vincent Hughes

    How many of these are photoshopped the other way? proving that celebrities are ugly is a national past time

  • marionpowder

    Aaaaand that is why Chivettes are hot.

  • brainly

    Why did they only shrink one of Clooney’s ears?

  • Wendy

    #6 and #7
    I'd still fuck 'em :[

    • Wendy

      dam I ment #15 not 7

  • Kyle

    #12 With or without it, Kim Kardashian is still a gold-digging whore. Can't photoshop that out, sorry Kim

  • thrust parker

    Lol @ Kyle

  • Jet

    #6 George Clooney already looks good in the first one 😛

  • VJ_1

    #15 Don't care, still would.

  • Marcis

    #12 Disgusting B!t$h

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  • LeeLee Diane

    it seems to me that some of these are photoshopped to make them look terrible, purposely.

  • charlotte

    I think she looks pretty either way

  • Jawbone

    #8 #9 "Celebrities"?

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