Mugshots have come a long way (29 HQ photos)

  • shames

    Really like the post more please

  • Meeg

    #9 is indecent!

  • Mark

    not one smile!

  • b money

    When men were men.

  • constabledubs

    Figures that they're from Australia, just throw all the criminals into one landmass.

  • Marius

    What's kinda ironic is that in a SEVERAL of them, it ALMOST looks like the cops were trying in 1 shot or the other to almost do "Hollywood Actor" glamor shots of these men! haha

  • spartus

    #19 stoned

  • force king

    #14 I knew Mr Miyagi had been touching the karate kid

  • Rega

    Hell of a lot of Irish there.

  • Mandy Brown

    funny how the fact that they were skinny was brought up. they all look like sociopaths, but hey as long as your healthy right? assholes

  • fashionable fiend

    #3 #18 #21

    "Hype me on Lookbook?"

  • kokko

    awesome guy

  • http://N/a Nick

    #19 “refused to open his eyes”

    The first man to give zero fucks caught on film

  • piaras

    #15 Gowan de Irish!!!!

  • Kyle

    #14 Don't worry Mr. Shintaro, your 3 ninja grandsons will save you from prison!!!

  • Cerise

    Quite the dapper scoundrels.

  • hatterstyle

    Is it just me or does it seem that men used to be quite a bit more imposing? even degraded and imprisoned these guys look respectable.

  • ozz

    Pretty sure these are from Australian Archives, that would explain the lack of African Americans, a couple of clues, the dates are not in USA format, 12.2.21 rather than 2.21.21, letters nsw on a photo, stands for New South Wales, a State in Oz, also Central is listed on one of the photos which could well be a listing for Central Police Station, in Sydney

  • Todd S..

    I would think the reason for all of them being Skinny,Is due to the fact it was the 20s.Times were tough back then.Not much money.Today the LowerClass people have Welfare.Back then they didnt have Welfare.So you dont work you dont eat, in the City anyways.

  • Dickle

    Fucking with all my Irish! Not only are the men skinny but they are ALL short as shit.

  • Dickle

    Also, #24 is the Boss!

  • Griffer

    There aren't from America. They're Australian. First McD was there in there 70's.

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