These photos are paintings. No really (25 Photos)

The paintings you see here belong to a type of art called photorealism where the painter takes a scene or photo and recreates it on canvas.


  • http://thechive Rob

    Third o yeah…. I guess

  • b money


  • TY13R

    I’m gonna take a real picture of something. Sign my name on it and tell people I painted it. Sounds alot cheaper then 20,000 to me Boom! Done

  • Toby


  • bodeman1329

    actually amazing paintings considering the detail involved and the shine on all the glass.

  • Tom


  • fed

    you should see my stick figures then… 😛

  • Charlotte

    Erich here can paint a better picture then most people can take with a camera. Unbelievable talent!

  • Cal1

    Why paint wine corks all the things in the world and he uses this amazing skill to paint wine corks

  • hMMMM

    would've saved countless hours with one snap of the camera…photo/painting would probably come out exactly the same

  • jb

    I like to take photos of paintings.

  • DB3

    they might as well be photos. what a waste of time. so dull. not impressed.

    • Marko

      Actually such pictures are usually made from photos…

  • Scott


    Suck it Andy Warhol.

  • @NoisyHerald

    a painting within a painting #10

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #21 That's some crazy shit

  • Mikerhinos

    Sick !

  • CalAb13

    Paint a finger covering one corner and THEN theyll seem like pics to me

  • Robert


  • Kunal

    puts my paint pictures on the pc to shame

  • chicago

    #20 and #21 cleaver way out of doing dishes. I can just hear the argument: Sorry honey, I can't clean or put away the dishes I'm still painting them… maybe next week.

  • DrChimRichalds

    No, these are photos. Photos of paintings. Paintings of photos. Photos of the objects.

  • curious

    #3 the glasses with the wine in them dont have shadows

    • admiralperry

      theres your proof its a painting then

  • boredface

    boring photos make boring paintings.

    • fgg

      if photo-realism is what they're looking for, why not take pictures.

  • Jack Roberts

    Ultra realism is a useless movement. Maybe pre-19th century, when there were no cameras. All they are useful for now is a show of skill. Useless skill.

  • joel

    photo paint scanners, people. they are really expensive and hard to find.

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