• GB2

    Who's the girl in the background??? Find her please.

    • GoBigGreen

      your an idiot!!!

      • MinneapolisJoe

        yes, he is stupid, but you'RE an idiot

    • GRA

      i dunno dude. any chick that can so completely ignore such mad skills is probably more trouble than she's worth. still…some photos wouldn't hurt.

  • JimmyJohn

    Find her? Shouldn't be hard to do with a forehead that big !

    • sheoncebelieved

      you mean the fivehead?

      • Mike Epps

        She doesn't have dreams, she has movies.

    • that dude

      who gives a sh*t bout the forehead…no one's fuck*n her forehead anyway

  • civilwarhistorian

    Wow. he plays like a young Eddie Van Halen.

    • blinkbiker87

      Your probs referring to the tapping…but this guy is on a totally different wavelength than EVH. Not better necessarily, but a totally different style. Eddie didnt really ever do any percussive stuff like that. I would say a blend of Andy McKee and Raul Midon.

    • nwolfson

      Correction. He plays like Justin King

      • Slauterhause

        The talent level there is off the charts. Insane skill.

  • MOAR

    She looks like Danica Patrick.

  • greenhousehemp.com

    must be the illegitimate son of Les Claypool.



    • AlwaysQuinning

      Primus sucks

      • Maynard B.

        suck ass sir.

    • TTT

      Was thinking the same thing.

  • hello please


    • Soft Taco Juice

      I don't know. Sounded good but honestly that is EXACTLY the way I play with it.

      And by "it" I of course mean my wiener.

      • dank jenkins

        ok i laughed at that

  • Sir Gregory Parker

    That was "off the hook"

  • Dinho

    Generic hilarious comment about the dude's fingering ability.

    • nothingtoseehere

      Hey… finger stamina is one of the side benefits of playing guitar… totally legit.

      • Joe


  • hollow

    everbody loves raymond

  • Bob Dole

    Hate to ruin it, here is the original composer/performer.

    • TheChiver

      hate to ruin it, but I don't care- that kid's 15…

    • 123

      I fail to see how this "ruins" it

    • cwmuse

      But the fact remains is that he can do it.
      I play, but not like that

    • Underbaker

      Where is the "ruin" part, the kid is awesome to play like that at 15, no one ever said he was the composer.

    • Dave

      anyway, he's 15!

    • TnT

      I agree Bob, here comes the ruining. Wanna play this song "justin king – phunkdefied Tutorial"

      I do not deny that the kid is a great guitarist, but the fact that he's titled a prodigy for playing a song which there is a tutorial for is bull. Can't wait to hear his emo songs! Wewt!

      • TheAutomaticMan

        I'm going to agree that he is no prodigy, but that doesnt mean he's emo either….. comments like that are no better than the title of the video. I'm a pretty talented guitar player, and i can confidently say that kid is very very talented, hell of a lot better than i am. He's on his way to potentially doing big things.

      • https://www.facebook.com/jeff.deboer Jeff DeBoer

        Just because there's a tutorial doesn't mean anybody can do it. You still have to have major talent to be able to pull that off.

      • Flow

        I can give you a tutorial on lots of stuff, but that doesn't mean that you can do any of it afterwards.

    • http://BeerAndStupidity.blogspot.com/ BeerAndStupidity

      Kid plays it better…

    • TTT

      That in no way ruins it, dum dum. The playing was amazing, not the song.

      • hdjasf

        If you think the tutorial makes it easy, then prove that you can do it as well. Let's see your video (and if your older than 15, you should play it with much more skill)



    • r00s7a

      Who the fuck calls it a LORRY? What are you, Jewish?

      • truth

        lol…jew fail.

      • CHIPBUTY


      • TheAutomaticMan

        um…. english?

    • Blueoceanboy

      More than likely gets laid more than you though

  • MylesofStyles

    Great video, but some dude playing a guitar kept getting in the way.

  • El chiver

    too bad he's got a justin beaver haircut…

  • Jason

    Amazing.. but he is just copying Michael Hedges and Preston Reed. Still pretty awesome though.

    • ruslruslrusl

      You are a tool. I love when hipster dbags post ignorant overgeneralizations like this in reference to talented musicians. Newsflash: neither Hedges nor Reed invented percussive/hammer/pluck/flamenco/etc. -style. It's a style that has long been in evolution and dozens have come before and after them. Ever heard of Leo Kottke? By your logic any musician can be called a poser of another that came before him. "Fuck Radiohead, Ray Charles was writing tortured love songs before Thom Yorke was even born." "[Insert blues guitarist] is just copying [insert blues guitarist]." See the parallel? Get over yourself hipster. Lots of other people know who Michael Hedges and Preston Reed are. We just don't go flaunting it in a feeble attempt to sound cool.

      • Bezaile

        Yea, what he said, hipster!!

      • Me.

        Wow. You are my hero.

      • myself

        Absolutely! Down with hipster bitches. I am shocked though that Jason didn't work in the word obscure in his post though.



    • LorryLover


  • raz gordan

    She looks like a chick from a porno milf hunter.

  • Michael

    So the kids name is Ben Lapps. You can find him out there on youtube playing some other stuff, too.

  • Le Moi

    Yep ! Looks like It !
    Justin King – Phunkdified
    The guy is a genius ! And the young dude is very good !
    Thanks for the info 😉

  • iBan

    Yes find her please!

  • Joeyk

    He plays like miyavi

    • Chippy

      If that's a man….then I have the weirdest boner right now.

      • Grifo

        Yeah, if that's a dude, I'm feeling very gay right now…

  • misschris

    Damn that kid can play! He musta been born w/ that guitar in hand 🙂

    • parkatola

      If so, I feel bad for his mom. Ouch!

  • A-nom

    Kid's almost as good as Andy Mckee

  • Todd

    Add one part DMB, one part EVH stir well, ???, Profit.

    • cjuncosa

      Yeah and 30 parts louis Johnson

  • ShizMoney69

    That is some next level ninja shit right there

  • uncle fisty

    His name is Ben Lapps.

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