Hot Right Now: Jinkies! We should Find Her (40 Photos)

Rappers doing normal sh!t (30 Photos)

More rappers doing normal shit here.

  • christoph

    #15 Who is the girl on the right? Find hurrrr!!!!!!

  • RJ Pennyweather

    Lil B is not a fucking rapper, he's a travesty.

  • http://Reddit Dennis

    #23. The red headed girl in the picture is that same girl in the reddit post where she is in a lot of personal pictures with celebrities. She is the new Waldo!!!!

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  • Eric

    this idea was originally and still is a tumblr account @

    Your shit is weak. This is unoriginal and lazy. I try to like the chive, but then you do stuff like this.

    • Alex

      Your goof ass

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  • Da Dream

    Im'ma gonna buy dem Niggas chicken. Niggas luv Chicken

  • Joe Mama

    Who gives a fuck about rappers. Kill 'em all.

  • gerry

    wtf this is bullshit!

  • Anonymous

    #4 you know that nigga can’t swim

  • Tom

    Cam'ron look fucking thrilllled to have that baby.

  • joe blow

    well I've heard of Ice Cube…Never heard of the other cats, I'm an old white guy who listens to Zep

  • man0eo

    a lot of these guys have the munchies in these pics

  • BoCfus

    #12…Exquisite indeed.

  • 919bigt

    #29 did no one else see that the reflection is staring at you?

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