Finnish stove is all the rage in…well, Finland (12 Photos)

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  • todrunk2

    That is bad ass

    • Get Real

      "What rolls down stairs alone or in pairs
      Rolls over your neighbor's dog?
      What's great for a snack and fits on your back?
      It's Log, Log, Log!

      It's Log, Log, it's big, it's heavy, it's wood.
      It's Log, Log, it's better than bad, it's good!
      Everyone wants a log! You're gonna love it, Log!
      Come on and get your log! Everyone needs a Log!"

      • DrROBOTO

        By Blammo!

  • Csquaredapparel

    that is an awesome idea!

    • Bill Turdsly


      • nitroxer

        Stop trapping foxes underground?

        • Jimbo

          Still Tingling From Unprotectedbuttsex

          • sadman

            Sometimes They Fully Understand

  • MigraineBoy

    This will go in my "Big book of knowledge to annoyingly recite at parties".

    • Jak

      Don't you mean the "Big Book of Who Gives a Fuck"?

      • nitroxer

        Well according to your mother, everybody does.

        • Chogme6

          hey now! i don't see how his mom could give out fu……..ah wait, i see what u did there

  • CP7


  • aaron

    nice – taking it back; reminds me of when you go to certain countries and they cook the food in the floor because it's so hot…

    • true

      ah yes we can all relate to that

  • Diggler

    Pointless.. buy a grill for $10.

    • Smitty

      Your $10 grill won't be "bad ass"!

      • jaynecobb2

        good stove to go camping

  • Charlie

    No fucking way I'm doing this. Why am I so fucking excited?

    • Billy


  • cormacmc


    Love that they use the modern technology of a chainsaw to makean old school stove.

    second option: pile logs on top of one another- set on fire- place pan above it.

    • Sue Acide

      Agreed. If you have a chainsaw, u probably have a stove. Useless in 2012.

    • Craigery

      "second option: pile logs on top of one another- set on fire- place pan above it. " Yeah, and what do you place the pan on, smart guy?

    • qwerty

      i want to thumb you up. but i'll leave it at 69.

  • Dave

    That cool. Ill be doing this real soon.

  • bull1123

    Must try!

  • Hand of Fail 122p

    #1 My mom`s dildo.

    • Anonymous

      You’re all the dildo she needs.

    • YourMom

      no its not

    • nitroxer

      Ah so that's why your a wooden puppet.

      • ThatGuy

        Dude, what?

      • The_Dood

        If you're/your can be replaced by "you are" it's you're. This is really not that difficult of a concept to grasp.

    • amplidudes

      I'm sure if she read this, she'll hit you hard in your face!

  • PKP

    That´s called "Jätkänkynttilä" in Finnish–>"Lumberjack´s candle"

    • fuuuu

      In Germany it´s called "Schwedenfeuer" —> "Sweden Fire"

      • thedude

        hes not lying..

  • oliverklosov

    I don't get #12?

    • DrROBOTO

      a big pot to put on top to uh put the fire out….

      • Ben

        uh no? its just warming up milk or something. Why would put a pot on a fire to put it out?

        • Yes

          It's called smoking pot, get it?

    • steeb2er

      I thought it was to show the strength of the wood, even after some burning … that you don't have to worry about the wood caving in and spilling your hot food everywhere.

    • Smitty

      Hot water pot for DISHES

    • Jeff

      Heating up water for coffee or warm milk.

    • Mark Almighty

      The point is that at this stage the top of the stump has been burned past being able to put something the size and shape of the frying pan safely on top. However, the large can has both a larger diameter and concave bottom that allows it to sit on top so the user continues getting value out of the fire instead of the heat just escaping into the atmosphere.

  • Randazzle

    Those hating on this are the people who can barely strike a match let alone make a fire, in between skyrim sessions of course

    • nitroxer

      Just because they took an arrow to the knee

  • Garvey

    If you dont have a chainsaw you can split it all the way down with an axe and then you put small stones in between each piece at the bottom to make the gap. Then you put large stones around the outside of the base to hold it all together.

    • nitroxer

      The manlier way and longer way

    • Saftyjoe

      Have you ever put stones in a fire? They blow up chode

      • amiright

        We have a winner!!! Oh wait, I read the card wrong.

        Rocks don't blow up when you put them in the fire… They crack and/or split when you take them out of it and the outside of the rock cools faster than the inside. The expanded inside of the rock becomes too big for the now cooling and shrinking outer shell of the rock and the pressure created by result cracks the cool outer shell. That's why with a stone lined fire pit it's a bad idea to use cold water to put out a fire.

  • guru

    We use this for outdoor parties in winter: not to cook something, but as some sort of torches, only warmer. Hot wine + lumberjack's candles = epic awesomeness

    • The_Dood

      Hot wine?! That actually sounds pretty good…

    • Hugh

      Sounds like a plot from a Finnish porn movie……Hot wine and Lumberjack's candle.

      • Mojo


  • Oddie Monsta

    Whats the recipe?

  • Jason

    check out the "Stump Stove" from Canada. way better "stove" less smoke and great to take ice fishing

    • sadman

      Hilarious video on Youtube from the makers of it (as in a product that is sold):

  • Larence

    Dutch oven anyone?!?!

  • Will

    Weak ass chain saw – should be a stihl

  • PapaB

    no one said you can't use modern technology to aid in your search for a heat source. Why would you want to saw manually FOR HOURS when you could just as easily take the necessary tools with you before you head out to the wilderness WHERE THERE IS NO STOVE and where the conditions don't allow for a grill. . . this is just proving a point to those of you who may be dumb enough to venture out to areas no man has set up a town or village. There's a reason for that, it's because it sucks ass to live where ever it is you're at. You need to eat and you need to stay warm. This provides both, kind of a Finnish Bear Grylles type deal.

    -end story for those of you who want to hate-

    • HatBomb

      Or prep up four or five of these bad boys and throw them in the back of the truck when you head out to do a little camping. Not to mention, if you start it up when it still light and get dinner going, when you are done cooking, you knock it over and boom, campfire is ready for s'mores!

      • PapaB

        I'm gonna get that b*tch some s'mores. . . b*tches love s'mores

    • Andrew

      So conditions don't allow for a grill but they do for a chainsaw?

      • PapaB

        chainsaws for the most part don't care what the temp is out side, baring that the area you're in isn't the arctic I'm sure it'll work just fine

        grills require you to assemble and disassemble, this is just burn and go, set it and forget it Ronco style

  • pud

    I was gonna do it but then I took an arrow to knee

    • Alp

      you build fires with your knees?

  • chicago

    I'd rather sit on the log [un-lit or split] and drink it up next to my Weber.

    • Dalton

      Weber ftw

  • LOL

    PATHETIC, STAN. This is just pathetic. PapaB?

    • PapaB

      yeah, it's called doing it for shits and giggles. That was the point of my original reply and post for that matter.

      "haters STILL gonna hate"

      • Hilarious

        that was weak. you usually deny deny deny, isn't that your style? is this really all you have? i guess i should've figured, though. disappointed, i am.

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