• g3nXsLack3r

    So the question is, how long was that going on before they even started recording?

    • MariJane03

      Goddamn, this gives women such a bad name… still fuckin' hilarious

      • mihaisuzuki

        Apart from the bad name that they had before? I mean for driving and parking..Well that makes 2

  • sshuggi

    You could go in at any angle and still not stick out in the road. How can they find it that hard?

    • That guy...

      seriously, she could have parked perpendicular to the curb and not have stuck out..

      • trustnoone

        It's true. I've seen them parked perpendicular in parallel spots in Europe lots of times.

  • Pete_Rock

    This is hard to look at.

  • maboze1x

    Video not available?!

    • kman

      i found Chive's vids don't load in Firefox, just IE (maybe others, too).

  • Smh..

    Holy hell.. pick the damn thing up and put it in the spot!

  • Ander

    The guy recording is hard to listen to. He almost ruins a hilarious video. Calm down, bro.

    • thechevron

      thats because he's american

      • Art

        yes, because that's a viable response.

      • JDB

        Ah, don't be jealous that you're not.

    • Ron

      I watched without the audio. Lucky me I guess.

      • RedGuy

        Me too

    • Blake

      I just skipped to the end and tried to see if she was hot…making it acceptable that she's that bad at driving (?)

    • Rampale

      Yeah, what an idiot.

  • elbruces

    I wasn't able to tell from the video that it was a woman.

    • flonky

      I bet the person who filmed it was able to tell.

      • foamy

        Since he says "this is a dude, too" at 1:27 I'm beginning to doubt the headline…

        • Bob

          later on around 2 20 they say it is a chick

          • Iceman2509

            What? Are you kidding me? Lets look at all the factors. 1) It's a smart car, more than likely it will be driven by a woman. 2) They can't park worth a shit, more than likely driven by a woman. 3) If a man wasn't able to pull that off, they would have driven away to save themselves the embarrassment.
            Definitely a woman driver.

    • robbie

      its common sense

  • embry_joe

    Yup, I've been that high before.

  • ethannv

    women and driving.. smh

  • oridotan

    forget park, I doubt she can drive.

    • RedGuy

      She appears to have absolutel no concept of how the steering works

  • Devlin745

    Now that the whole internet has seen how well you can park your car, do you feel like taking that bad boy onto a race track?

  • Mad Hittman

    You know I think it's mean that the entire time no one was nice enough just to push the car in the parking spot…

  • jdrr

    this video is so frustratingggg, why is it so hard !!??

  • Daniel

    This is the No.1 Reason why insurance costs so bloody much!!!!

    • Chuck

      Ya costs too much for MEN….. We're getting screwed!

  • ashton

    thats why women belong naked in the kitchen.

    • Shogun

      Not all can cook though.

  • Moo

    Could watch that all day with those guys in the background hah!

  • Y U NO?


    • zowie


  • Pitty

    And not one single "gentleman" to the rescue.. Shame on you american duchebags laughing and filming…

    • andfukyamoms

      Oh yea I forgot, there are not any douchbags anywhere else in the world.

    • j22

      I admit. I have never seen someone walk up to a parking car, knock on the window, and ask if they need help parking their own car…

      • Alex

        Well I was in that situation once I asked a random guy to park it for me.
        I can't parallel parking to saved my life ..True to be told

        • mike

          you cant speak English very well either, I read that like the 2 foreign guys on family guy

      • SFD

        when teaching my buddy to drive stick on a hill, a girl knocked on the window and asked if we needed any help… he ended up dating her for a bit.

    • Chan

      I would never let anyone "help" me park my car. I'm actually a great parallel parker but I wouldn't accept help because it's like asking someone to use your camera to take a picture of you. They could just drive off with it. I've heard more men than woman say how much they hate parallel parking.

    • JMJ

      She should learn to park her own car. Why is it anybody else's responsibility or "duty" to make sure she gets her car parked? She obviously shouldn't even have her license. – Apparently a Canadian Douchbag.

    • os310

      I agree someone should have helped, but it has nothing to do with being american faggot

  • Meeg

    she gives women a bad name! i park my massive statesman like a pro!

    … lucky she drives a smart car, i guess.

    • andfukyamoms

      Kind of ironic car choice right?

  • Huddo

    I have been known to annoy my girlfriend when she drives us back from the pub. I can hardly walk sometimes, but I do stagger round the other side of the car and park the car on our street in considerably less time than it takes her.

  • heywoodjablowme

    I wonder how long it will take her to get out of that parking spot when she tries to leave?

  • Seriously


  • Brian

    Actually aggravating to watch this.

  • Dcolbert

    I'm glad a couple other people noted these things:

    A room full of people laughing and filming but not one decides to walk out and help out…

    The only thing worse than someone who can't parallel park their smart car is someone who films video in PORTRAIT instead of landscape.

    It sounded like at one point someone goes, "That is a MAN driving".

    • omg women!

      if some one is that incapable of driving that little dildo of a car there is no help for them but to recommend public transportation

    • thansen

      yeah the guy filming said it was a man but they said later on in the video that it was actually a woman if u listen to what there saying

  • joe

    Dammit, I wish they would have recorded long enough to see the person get out. I'm betting on a female chinese midget.

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