Finally, a car for little people (8 Photos)

  • Dan

    I heard it's great for traveling short distances

    • Eric

      The sound system is great for listening to a little music.

    • big man

      Its got a sport transmission, great for short shifting

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      The other car certainly dwarfs it.

      • Benali

        Ohoh, is funny 'cause it's a small car!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • AllanA

      "it also uses very little gas" lol

    • windowlicker

      My ride sucks compared to the Mini-Gol. I'm a wee bit jealous of it.

    • Jester

      These comments are a "little" juvenile…

    • Stephen

      It looks like its a little short on power.

    • Chicken

      I heard that when VW designed this car, they had stunting in mind.

    • Found it

      the car is small

      • womp


  • Hoobs

    not first

    • I Love Midgets

      He's going to take her for a spin.

      • diligaf


    • Johnc

      It says its designed or people under 5 ft… the man in the picture is surely between 2-3 feet, I doubt someone 4'10'' could use this

      • carl

        who cares

  • etcrr

    Easier to get run over by a truck with, I would put flashing lights all over it, but a cute car none the less.

    I would rather see them in a regular car and have the equipment modified for them, just because it would be safer in the long run

    • Kiro

      Do you drive an SUV by any chance?

      • etcrr

        no I don't, I use to drive Semi's

        • Katie

          Maybe a semi could just drive over it as long at the tires don't hit it 🙂

          • etcrr

            they would be safer in go-karts as the are faster and handle better

            • j22

              interesting point

    • Chazz_B

      Exactly what i thought. There can be situations where the visibility of this vehicle is reduced and that can be dangerous on the road

      • windowlicker

        At 17 mph, there's no way this thing should be allowed on the road.

      • linecook

        I would venture a guess that this is strictly a European model. I'm sure the narrower streets of most European cities would increase the visibility issue of the car. Not hard to spot this thing when most of the traffic is made up of scooters and fiats.

        But 17mph come on. It looks like it has enough room for at least a 1000cc motorcycle engine.

      • Dirty Dingus

        They could just put one of those tall orange flags on it.

        • Conchy Joe


    • Stoops


  • Unfkngblvbl

    #7 Shit, I could fit that thing in the bed of my truck…good for them!

    • mihaisuzuki

      So…are you trying to compensate over something with that BIG truck of yours?

  • The Dude

    17 MPH?? GTFO the Road!

    • katie

      Yeah that's a big downfall, when would you ever be able to drive it?

    • windowlicker

      Agreed! It sounds like a moving obstacle/road hazard more than anything. What a dumb idea.

    • Johnc

      Apparently little people aren't allowed to drive the speed limit? this car solves no problems

      • Jak

        "this car solves no problems"

        Well put!

    • Underbaker

      They make go karts that go a +100 MPH, some as high as 160 MPH, so WTF with only 17 MPH?

    • Jester

      That's not even a little fast

      • Blumpkin

        Thats not even a LITTLE slow. There are grown men that can run that fast. Get a bike for fuck sakes.

    • anon

      Scale speed

  • larry


  • JoeyWJ

    Its called a gokart…

    A 15 thousand dollar gokart. Awesome.

    • Tony

      No, go karts go faster than 17 mph.

    • Conchy Joe

      It's a two door rascal scooter….

  • Wolfpack Steve

    What in the fucking fuck????

  • Wile_E

    I bet it does use very little gas….

    • SpacemanSpiff

      where does one buy "little gas"

      • Wile_E

        I think there's a little station around there somewhere

  • Dan

    It looks like they're priced around $15,000 which is a small price to pay.

  • mammalsauce

    "it is powered by a 5.5 horsepower engine that tops out at 17 mph"

  • Darrell

    Oh boy go cart racing!!!!!

    • for real

      you spelled idiot wrong

  • dbolusaf

    17mph? its a 15,000 golf cart. they r fucking the little people now?

  • bigdaddyrodeo

    perfect size for burial.

  • Don

    Do I dare print this out and post on my Plant Managers door? He is a short little suckar. Where we make transmissions.

  • clemgrad03

    Finally? They've had go carts for years…

    • etcrr

      go karts don't cost 15 grand either

  • bless1


  • Anonymous

    Isn’t it just a go kart?

  • DrBoogie_R32

    I want to R/C one of these!

    • grgggggg

      A r/c little person?

      • DrBoogie_R32

        I would call him Awesom-o and we would rule the earth…but I think an R/C minigol would be more fun.

  • Kyle429

    And it would actually go the speed limit. Who is Volkswagen trying to kid with 17mph? I mean really…

  • etcrr

    I could ride a bicycle faster than 17 miles per hour. ssshhh give'em a break

  • Anonymous

    I think the speed comes up a little short.

  • Anonymous

    Finally me and my cock can have matching cars!

  • Shucks

    i would love to t-bone one of those

    • Ramrod

      Dude. She's not even hot for a midget.

  • DoctorMauer

    Running out of things to post about Chive?

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