• phydor

    *$#(@! I can't even keep my bike from going into those trenches people dig to keep their grass off the sidewalk

  • myself

    Can;t decide if death wish or balls of titanium.

  • Blurry00

    i'd probably have a hard time walking that path, let alone ride a dirt bike

  • Bramtinmokum

    Epic adobe after effects. If not, i have a new god!

  • tayax

    0:45 seems like something censored at the bottom on the screen

    • katie


  • Irish777

    :25 "O GOD!"
    :40 "ssssHIT"
    :44 to :56 "whoawhoawhaoCRAPaaahhhahSHITuuuuhhuaaahaahha"
    1:06 "Ow ow ow ow"
    1:22"……….you have got to be kidding me"

    ^ is what I would be saying

  • Irish777

    Trials new game for the 360…level of difficulty…insane

  • etcrr

    It seems to me he has ridden this trail many times as he seems practiced, (not complaining) He is a good driver

  • Anonymous

    eyes closed would be reAl badass

  • Tuck Tuck

    I wish the camera was on the front..would have been insane!!

  • DC22

    practiced or not, anything can go wrong. that was fucking awesome….i honestly don't know how that bike could carry his 2 ton titanium balls!

    • qwert

      titanium's pretty lightweight… steel balls on the other hand would probably tip him over

      • qwerty

        2 tons is 2 tons, doesn't matter what it's made of……

    • idiotdetecter

      he got lucky. ask how many times hes wrecked before he made himself a path__

  • sham!

    i cant even do that if was a video game. 🙂 . that shit cray,!

  • Confused

    How does he keep his head so still?


    • tdr

      The camera is on his helmet, so the camera's view of the helmet never changes.

      • Johnc

        hahhaahahaha people these days

  • Andy Valentine

    The term "out-of-his-mind batshit crazy" springs to mind

  • Da Sandman

    funny how people say that doing stuff like this is awesome when the guy succeeds, but when he fails, they all say that it's his own fault and that it was a stupid thing to do.. cuz that's what this is.. this is extremely stupid… this is just playing with your life. sooner or later this guy will end up dead

    • cider drinker

      sooner or later we all end up dead DA Sandman old buddy!
      It's just how you choose to go surely …. in a blaze of awesomeness or not!

    • BFM

      yeah youre right! everyone ends up dead! he wants to live like a boss, who are you to judge?

    • Jigger

      More people would watch if he failed.

    • Mr. Dufresne

      Get busy living, or get busy dying.

  • Tom

    that must have been one of the greatest adrenaline rushes, ever.

  • Nodootabootit

    That is soooo fake. His head never bobbles once and the tires never leave a mark nor does an snow dust up!!

    • Nodootabootit

      "any" not "an"

    • shaunvw

      how do you know the tires dont leave a mark or throw any dust if you cant even see behind the front tire? Also…..head never "bobbles" because the camera its attached to his helmet. Therefore the camera moves exactly where his head moves.

    • StaticFX

      i wondered that as well..

      but, the camera is attached to his helmet.. so his head would not move that way..the whole image bobbles instead.

      and how would we see that snow was kicked up and tire tracks are there?? it never looks back.


      Totally agree. His head NEVER moves until the end. There is pixelated errors on the bottom of the screen throughout. Cool…but totally fake.

      • Talari201

        I know a couple people with cameras like this, and have watched videos they've taken while skiing or snowmobiling, and its amazing at how still their head stays. And his head does bob a little on the bigger bumps.

      • Johnc

        holy shit how stupid are all these people "his head never moved its a conspiracy!!" fuck me America is getting dumber and dumber

    • bob

      These are GoPro cameras. I use them all the time snowboarding, they are well known for how well they can stabilize the image. The video is real.

      • Kyle

        Ones cranium is a major component in being able to control a bike. keeping the head steady and straight plays a big role in holding tight lines when traversing rough terrain… the first thing they teach you in motrocycle school is to steer with your head. knowing that the bike tends to follow your head, does it make sense to bobble and look all around on such a technical course? probably not!

  • matador

    my palms were sweating

  • Bastard

    Douchebags like this wake up in hospitals paralyzed, dependant on parents for the rest of his life, shitting in a bag.

    Humpty Dumpty was a metaphor for these fuckfaces, they just didnt get it.

  • ride

    Where is this at?

    • ride

      kinda looks like northern Midwest, SD or ND maybe?

  • kevin


  • rsi

    i think he head looked like it was not moving becuase the camera was stuck to his head…….

  • Lokobo

    I googled "Bat-shit crazy". One result was for "women" The other was this video.

  • eggnog

    Excuse me while I ride my motorcycle across the narrow peaks of these mountains

  • Will J

    Nucking Futs

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