Daily Afternoon Randomness (48 Photos)

  • YesFirst


    • Chris McRae

      Fuck Off

      • captain thunderbolt

        I love that response… cracked me up…

    • Sturve

      You seem like a genuine person.

  • paul

    #15, #17, #27, #43

    limit 4 photos….


    • bigcat72

      Allow me to Assist you good sir!
      #11 #48

      annnnnnnnd im spent

      • DoomsDayDub

        Yes, all are very nice, but the body on 48 is out of this world!

    • James

      17 made me throw up a bit in my mouth.

      • sum ting wong

        y u so gay?

      • DoomsDayDub

        Looks like a pretty sweet ass to me.

  • bumble

    HAHA…holy balls that is funny

    • Biggus Diccus

      Ahhh I'm sure I've said this while stoned a few times

    • Terry

      i couldn't stop laughing. Its almost like his face is really saying it

    • AssClown

      Dude…how high are you?


    • jared

      Got straight to my funny bone…taking over as my favorite meme!

    • HI-Larious

      I laughed so hard I thought I was the high one.

    • saucypants

      Seriously the most consistently hilarious meme. And this specific caption is one of the best I've seen. Oh high guy, never leave me.
      "Hey son, what did you do today?"

      • TimCoop

        "How high are you?"


    • Dakota

      i laughed for literally 5 minutes

    • greggsleggs

      clearly more chivers need to become redditors

  • HG Markus

    #45 greatest movie scene of 2011

    • http://thechive.com ontherun1989


      • HG Markus

        Thanks Daniel

    • bigcat72

      I laughed harder then I expected to watching this at work,

  • zgriffin22

    #33 Totally gonna retire in Ireland and
    #43 that is all.

    • truth

      Ireland is beautiful.

      • zgriffin22

        truthfact. galway and shannon are stunning

        • IrishYiddo

          Just make sure you're Catholic or they won't welcome you!

          • MasterBrightside

            well thats a load of Bollocks

          • IrishWolfhound

            I'm an irish atheist and not the only one, and even the irish catholics won't care what religion you are.

      • alan

        Thats probably during the summer thought. Probably as good as it gets.

        • Jester

          Summer? What is this strange word? We don't have that in Ireland.

          True story.

  • MrMe


    • MrMe

      Finally! I cant type, was too excited.

  • AssClown

    #4 Forever a stone.

  • Carlos

    your gay and like old ladies if you read this.

    • TheAutomaticMan

      isn't that kind of a contradiction?

    • jason

      and what would be wrong with that?

      • horsey horse

        you're, not your Carlos….how hard is this people?

    • un?

      wait, doesn't liking old ladies make me…umm.. un-gay?

    • dude


  • Jeffrey Lebowski

    #15 I'm telling you, it's jobs. We gotta get jobs. Then we get the khakis. Then we get the chicks.

    • Walter Sobchak

      The jobs are not the issue here!

    • dizNoodle

      haha baseketball

    • milly

      I heard she's going out with SQUEAK.

    • Coop

      No it's not like horse

      • River

        What, you're not big sports guys?

    • Jay

      Need a reverse angle of the white bikini shot. That ass has to be spectacular.

    • Bubba

      Sorry to tell you, but he's dead.

  • jasgat66

    #32 Please tell me this is a joke… Oh wait… Her name is LaToya… Never mind..

    • Biggus Diccus

      There is a person in the city I work in who's name is spelled "La-A" (LaDasha). Yep they've started using punctuation in thier names now.

      • ST33

        sadly, that is not the first time i've heard that

      • thedude325

        Its not long before they discover numbers….

      • Ri-Dic

        Is that in Moreno Valley, CA?? Cause a girl went to Valley View High School there that had her name spelled like that!!! Sooo ridiculous!

    • Tim

      Wonder what the Dad thinks of that?

      Oh, wait. Stupid question.

      • Sturve

        Stupid because he's in jail or because he probably condones it?

        • Joe

          Stupid because there is no way that bitch even know who the dad is.

    • dude

      i payed 10,000 in taxes last year it is good to see my money is being spent for education.

    • HUH?

      hey, thats RAYcist! that could just as easily have been a white girl. wait, snooki is white, right?

      • Ricco

        Actually..no. She's adopted and was born in Chile.

    • dbong

      so where is that person that says the chive doesn't post black chicks??

    • OJisInnosent

      i dont see the problem, they arent humans , they are animals!

  • https://www.facebook.com/csmith0203 Clint Smith

    #15 – Simply put…wow.

  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #48 TL;DR

    – the one you love to hate

    • Whoopi_G

      Show us your tits and ass, and shut the fuck up already.

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        http://bit.ly/fTtVEr , sorry about the position of the lamp.

        – the one you love to hate

        • Ben

          I attempted to view this but my virus protection says "Tasteless" – sorry

  • derp

    #31 I'd rail the poof off of that head

    • derp

      By the time we were finished she'd have a pony tail.

      • Biggus Diccus

        She's gonna be bald because the friction I create will catch her hair on fire!

        • eman

          i lol'd at how stupid your comment is ^^^

    • rikooprate

      bump its??

    • Just Sayin'

      better than railing the head off a poof i suppose…

    • 6 crack rock minimum

      I would rail her so har…never mind, done already…

    • jjj

      needs more hair spray

      • zgl

        needs more cow bell.

    • shitfaced

      I would get a good solid two pumps in then pull out and cum in my hand.

    • pew pte

      she donna poop the sintk out of herr butts whole

  • dazisafag

    #11 plz find..

    • Dick Folgers

      plz find out if chick first! Seen too much crazy shit up in here lately…

      • IICoLt45II

        i was thinking the same thing with yesterdays post and all!

    • asdfg

      it's probably a trap…

      • Willie

        My thoughts too, but with those hips and that toe…it might be safe…

      • General Akbar

        It's a trap!

    • Rob

      Her name is Risa Yoshiki.

      • Smitty

        Sure it's not Lisa?

    • eman


      • shereallyis

        She's HAWT!

    • Davy

      I Agree!!!

  • confused

    DAR y u not on the front page

  • player in training

    How does #42 get girls to do #43 and #49?

    • Carlos

      Post that bitch on the internet, bitches love being posted on the internet.

    • umwut

      because him>joo

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989

    #31 Her hair is full of secrets! But, I still would.

    • coinbank

      how gay are you….it took 16 comments about her hair to even realize she had some…i kept going back to look at the pic and got lost in that ass…..is is possible to motorboat an ass????

      I think i would attempt and hope for an engine siezure

  • MgoBlue!

    #1 – really.

    • qwert

      do you know an easier way to pick up your cocaine from the floor?

  • paulson


    Scrolling the Chive has not become a hazard to others

    • ucool?

      that's probably #13 going to get his pizzas… after ordering them online

  • Vice

    #12 Looks like two men are on this photo

    • todd

      beat me to it lol

    • Danny

      Doesn't matter, had sex.

    • HG Markus

      what has been seen, cannot be unseen

    • YoMomma

      4 dudes!

    • Dom

      nice duckface on the right lol

  • Dick Folgers

    #17 I'd say she's a keeper.

    #43 No, Thank you!

    • Unfkngblvbl

      I'd say, if you do keep her and marry her, you will never see this again. At least you have these photos though.

      • Keepinitreal

        Well said sir. Also, thanks to whomever bought those for Alicia. Money well-spent! I hope the posts help kick start your "modeling" career.

  • mtella88

    #15 Awesome!

  • Mike

    #15 Damn girl you look like you should be married to one of the San Diego Padres

    • Attention


  • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

    #16 ow gawd, you asshats WANT that 'racist' debate in the comments, don't ya?…

    – the one you love to hate

    • carl

      abba ree i can dutch da sky…

      • http://thechive.com/ Paula_

        Yeah we got that the first time asshat!
        Get an Intensedebate account so you can kill your twin comments.

        – the one you love to hate

        • pauls a cunt

          fuck off, attention whore

          • Paul

            No, no I'm not a cunt.

  • derp

    #8 looks like your legs have boobs

    • TheAutomaticMan

      Ad glorious boobs they are.

      • Bill Murray

        Suck my sack.

        • TheAutomaticMan

          Bill Murray would be disappointed in you sir…..

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