Things would be much different if Mark Wahlberg was there (24 Photos)

Check out more disasters that could have been thwarted by Mark Wahlberg at

  • uhhh

    Hes a tool

    GO PATS!!!

    • JiMMY B

      Nobody likes you

    • stun

      jealousy is an ugly thing dude

      • uhhh

        i agree, everybody needs to stop being jealous of the Pats

        • yarp

          Here's a hint…outside of that tiny incest ridden area of the country known as New England…nobody cares about you or your opinions as much as you think we all do. Your collective use to the nation has been downhill ever since that whole tea incident.

          • Deezy

            you're a real piece of shit. you're insulting an entire area of our country that you've probably never even been to. fuck off douchebag take your trolling to youtube.

          • Deezy

            and he's just supporting his hometown sports team. take a break from being such a smug asshole, it must be exhausting.

    • Gahhh

      Who the fuck is this pats?

  • Seldi84

    #8 Everything would be shit!

    • Blind Sided

      So the Chive loves Mark Wahlberg and shits all over 911, why?

      • OhSomeEvil

        ur missing the point, they are posting these pictures because he is the new biggest douche of the universe.

      • mihaisuzuki

        What does 911 have anything to do with that crappy guy?

  • rikooprate

    #23 How I wish that were true. I heard there's a movie in the works though. That'll do, Mark. That'll do…

    • Seldi84

      If Marky Mark went anywhere near it, it would have gotten cancelled after 1 season not 3.

      • @McBeastie666

        Just like Boardwalk Empire and Entourage? oh wait.

        • Seldi84

          Producer in name only. He had nothing to do with Boardwalk. Entourage i'll give you but it was Jermey Piven that made that show not Marky Mark.

          • rikooprate

            Piven or his hair piece?

          • @McBeastie666

            executive producers have a bit to do with the show they produce. I think he has some sway over Boardwalk.

      • rikooprate

        Ever heard of a little show called "Entourage"? Guess who was the Executive Producer for that show that happened to run 8 (yes eight) seasons? Marky Mark Wahlberg. *drops micrphone*

    • KyleGamgee

      Hell Yeah!

    • bernhern

      there's a movie AND a final season. The fourth season will say what all the characters have been up to since it's been off the air with each character basically getting an episode or something like that and then the movie will wrap up the series… REJOICE!

    • JOHN

      overrated show

    • James

      Didn't this show just get brought back from the dead??

    • GeorgeBailey

      They are making a new season. It will be on Netflix.

  • MikeBedlam

    #3 Hahaha!!!

    This post was great. Thanks for the laugh, Chive.

    • Jim

      That was the best one!

    • Whoopi_G

      She's got 99 problems, but a kid ain't one.

      • Verbal_Kint

        oh shit…. i probably laughed to hard at that one…

  • Stephen

    Hahahh brilliant

  • bill


  • James

    HAHAHAHAH, one of the best chive galleries in a while

    • zunebeatsipod


  • Tyler

    lol #24

  • Dave init

    Funny shit

  • Zedhere

    Sherdog dot net did this thread on Friday. They have some other great Hilarious ones over there

    • mark

      except this has 10 new photos

      • Zedhere

        I like the one where he is stopping the dinosaurs from being destroyed and the Rodney King one over at shedog

        • HEAT

          perhaps you should return to shedog then. Viva la CHIVE!

          • Zedhere

            Im not from sherdog, just telling you guys where more of the same kinda of chops originated from and where you could find them. Its like saying CHIVE is the ONLY place for funny online… but do you see all those links they dump every day? I frequent all those sites as well. You should try it sometimes. Use your freedom of net exploration.

    • FACT

      not sure if you know what loyalty is but…. it is definitely something we chivers have

      • Zedhere

        Loyalty? I know exactly what loyalty is. Perhaps you have heard of this vast thing called an INTERNET. I was just saying that is where this originated from and it came from SherDog and now has CHIVE stuff plastered on it, I could give a rats ass.. I was just saying there is another site that has more of these funny Mark Walberg chops. Sheesh, get a life and be loyal to it.

      • James

        it seems even the chive likes to check sherdog and probably other pages too…does this make you jealous?

        • Jason Leslie

          fak me, at least other sites will credit the originals on this…. What Would Tyler Durden Do linked sherdog and gave the props it deserved, where as chive and the interns ripped it off


  • Jack_LeMac

    haha #4 was great

    • James

      Your avatar is great as well, friend.

    • Zero00430

      I thought so as well.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Yeah, now we're talking!

    Good job, boys and girls!

  • milpool



  • jmartintx

    So the wanna-be hero thinks he could have done a better job than the real hero's on that flight? Fuck that guy. Funny post though, Chive. But again, fuck that guy.

    • guestguestguest

      real heroes? for what? getting slaughtered like lambs? fuck em. they're dead

      • Guesty

        Yeah pretty sure everyone did rise up but considering the pilots door would have been locked the terrorists prob thought fuck this they will get in lets crash them into the ground. 😦 They are Heros they didn't sit back and wait to die

    • davo

      yeah I agree, I reckon no one else anywhere ever has said it would go down differently if they were on the plane

    • joe pancake

      Flight 93 was shot down.
      Do you think after the 3 other planes hit, and they saw a fourth out of communication and coming towards DC that they would just sit and wait?

  • Mr. E

    So wait… the Titanic didn’t sink? Now I’m so lost. Then what was the movie about?

  • Unfkngblvbl

    For the record, Chive, he did apologize for the 911 statement…..just sayin.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      funny-ass post though.

    • Dr. Balls

      That is true, but he never apologized the the Vietnamese man he assault in a racially charged attack, and beat him so severely he left him blind in one eye. Mark Wahlberg is a douche, and deserves to be ridiculed by the internet.

      • Geoff

        Yeah that's bad, almost as bad as what most Rap "artists" get applauded for.

        Go Marky Mark!

  • rphilman1

    #2 Haha @ Marky Mark

  • Pat

    Epic thread. #4 is the best.

  • ProbationOfficer

    Stuf says: why no pichares of Marky Mark with the black ladies? Why MarkyMark not a black lady? Why aren't the black ladies more blacker? FU FU your rascist FU FU (more all caps crap to follow…)

    • Sarcasm guy

      More funny than the original post

      • ProbationOfficer

        Someone actually got that this was a joke. Thank you. I swear, some people are absolute maroons.

        (Maroons a joke, too, but someone's going to miss it).

        • rcjaos

          what until Stuf see's the Robert Downey Jr pic this morning……

    • zachary


      Gah that chive is racist guy annoys the hell out of me
      Glad we can make light of it….or is that racist too…

  • jake

    where's chuck norris when you need him

    • USMC0331

      getting his ass kicked by liam,

  • adventxero


  • CzarCzarBinks


    • zunebeatsipod

      So was I.

  • tflo

    #23 please mark, hear our cries.

  • jasgat66

    #12 Help me here… Is he gunning for both of them or just Yoko… Or is Mark David Chapman hidden somewhere??

    • TitoRigatoni

      He's gunning for Chapman, who is out of frame.

      • Geoff

        Too bad. Yoko deserves it more for killing his soul.

  • Yuweezy

    I got pwn3d on my tax returns this year…if only Marky Mark was there!!!!

    • Yeah I Said It

      That sucks. I'm getting $9000 back.

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