• EasternCanuck

    Couln't make it to the end…. not even close.

    • uhhh

      hes about as bad as the Giants!!

      GO PATS!!!

    • SpacemanSpiff

      I made it, but there is no winner

    • Ferzen

      yep me neither

    • Wet_tosti

      I tought his head would do a 360 degree spin! Someone calls a exorcist!

    • The_Dood

      I get a gold star, and that was hilarious. If I had been in that church I would've been rotflmao in between the pews by the end.

    • fibonacci5150

      Virgins for Jesus!

    • Fat Bastard

      I made it all the way but ripped my ears off at the end

    • Occam

      My dog now wants to destroy my laptop…

    • SeVeRheaD

      this is like the movie vruce almighty and jim carrey…ie…God… making a fool of you.

    • Bryan

      I watched it all….i wanna cry

  • Ferngully

    I do NOT get a gold star.

    • mhuard5

      neither do I, but I made it relatively far imagining that it was an episode of South Park. Sounds like something Trey Parker and Matt Stone would come up with

  • mutant26

    I bet if you put this on speakers and blared it across the neighborhood, you would get every cat at your door in about 2 minutes.

    • ChairmanMeowz

      no, I rather listen to the vacuum.

  • 2pumpdump

    He should go on Idol

  • dorkfish

    Made to about 1:15

    • oliverklosov

      I beat you 1:51 for me.

    • babyface

      This is really annoying and of course its from North Carolina. Damnit


    I couldn’t do it….

  • kirsten browne

    i won a gold star but i lost my will to live.

    • Jay

      My wife yelled and told me to stop playing it. I told her it was for to see if you can make it to the end and said to put her down as someone who couldn't make it.

    • Sticky Wickets

      you made the dar

  • Whoopi_G

    I think we have different definitions of the word "Famous"

    • MonkeyMadness

      I think he meant INFAMOUS!

  • mike

    yes, first gold star 😎

    • Codey

      Gold star here too, i am going to listen to friday because that is a better song than this

  • PhilipMac

    Jesus wept.

    • @perryinjax

      LOL!!! haha hehe haha hehe

    • Pyris

      I had a gold star, til I read this comment.

  • joshua

    I just threw up in my mouth a lot….

  • Cornholeian

    how can he think he is good? is he deaf?

    • John

      My guess is the piano player didn't like his comment about being so good. He started in too high a key and kept moving up. You have to give the guy credit for Staying Calm and Chiving On. I would have told the pianist to start over personally.

      • michael1922100

        wtf are you talking about? Do you think they didn't practice before he "performed". "Too high a key and kept moving up", dont be ridiculous, they guy is terrible and it has nothing to do with the pianist

    • @theterryburke

      i can see why it made him famous…

    • Ratfink73

      WHAT !??

  • dkptig

    earned my gold star, but it caused coworkers to come to my office and see what the fuck was going on.

  • brent

    I watched maybe a total of 20 seconds. That was bru-hu-tal.

    • chris

      "This is the song the made me pretty famous" … lol. What a tool.

  • Rob

    I gave up at 2:04 .. btw can I have those two minutes of my life back please!

  • Adam K

    EPIC FAIL! Jesus is laughing at you.

  • Whoopi_G

    The water was great.

    • Munokhoi

      Yeah, I had to turn it off after the drink break. Given that people clapped before he sang, I can only assume he had someone strapped to a large pile of dynamite in the front pew…

  • Elliott

    2:05 of my life I will never get back… "C'mmooooooooooooooon Holy Spirit!!!!!!"

  • BeatItRaw

    Jesus Wept….

  • Johnny Two Toes


  • Jewels

    Good grief. My dog woke up, gave me a dirty look and left the room within 30 seconds.

    • iChive

      Legit lol.

    • Cameron

      In all seriousness, my dog is sitting on the floor looking up at me with that 'WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT?' look on her face, I just looked down and said I don't really know.

      • Jewels

        I knew it was going to be bad. I fully anticipated awfullness. However, I really hadn't taken into account the truly epic horror that it was. I think the dog may still be miffed.

        • Cameron

          I hate when you realize how horrible it's going to be and it's even worse, it just stings. I felt like telling my dog, earmuffs.

    • tiggerrr

      I can fully understand the dogs response, this is why organized religion is in decline!!!!

    • Comical Canine

      Same thing here. I couldn't get to my camera fast enough to catch the expression, but I have never seen him make that face before. Perfect mix of confusion, anger, and whimsy. As if to say where is the cat, why can't I see him, and what are they doing to it?

  • OpMongoose

    TONE DEF , got to 2:00 which is still a lot!

  • Anonymous

    I made it to the end. But then again my dad beat me a lot as a kid.

  • The Truth

    I wanted to crush his larynx with my boot

  • Dabbadabba

    You were a little pitchy, dawg.

    • Chris McRae

      Best comment! Happy FRIDAY!

    • Black6dog

      Give that man an autotuner, he'll be famous after that

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