Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

  • hockett

    Oh yeah!

    • Guthrie

      You had the chance to make Allison Brie #24 the first comment in the DAR, for shame.

      • hockett

        Shut up Guthrie, your parents should be slapped for making you.

        • Bill Murray

          agreed. fuck you, Guthrie.

  • etcrr

    #7 direct advertisement

    • Carlos

      Women should do this more often, but it should say "Yes I'm 18"

    • Tomas

      1 BEER = 1 BJ

      • JHL1

        I thought the going rate was 4 beers. Damn, I was ripped off.
        Oh well, I'd do it again.

    • somebloke

      Free drinks for being a single women = entry level prostitution.

    • DaddyD

      When she's advertising on her back
      I don't expect much of a rack.

      And a come-on below the neck
      Portends a face like a train wreck.

      But the ass and legs are fine.
      Guess she's worth a glass of wine.

      • Ha.Ha.

        she wants beer, dummy.

    • mike

      finally!! this would make it much simplier at last call!



    the monday dar 41 Daily Afternoon Randomness (49 Photos)

    • kickasssloth

      you really don't use that magic box very much huh????

  • etcrr

    #45 looks great to me Thank you for sharing

    • Jude

      Hey, Thunder Thighs please get some lifestyle/healthy eating tips from #49!

      • Fat Bitch Hater

        Fuck yea!!!! #45 has some huge mutha fuckin thighs…… GROSS!!

        • Michael~

          you're a pussy, she is sexy as fuck

          • HEY BBW


            • http://hermesdfo.blogspot.com hermesdfo

              doesn't matter, i'll take her 😀

              • Good For You

                You can have her, thank God people seem to like her, less competition for the real pretty girls.

            • Floris

              Uhm, have you seen the picture? Cause if you saw the same as me, you 'd see a perfectly normal and gorgeous woman. I don't know how many real life women you've seen, but the way she looks is the way women should look. That is healthy and normal and I would like te get to know her:)

            • HEY BBW

              I was into boys earlier so now i want my women to look just like a boy for me to get it up.

              • monoxxide

                then you want #26

          • realwomenhavecurves

            i think everyone can be rest assured those two idiots are not / will not be getting laid anytime soon….enjoy jerking it while the real men enjoy a beautiful woman.

            • webster

              Why do "real women" have to be fat. Women come in all shapes and sizes, if you like fat, you like fat. I happened to be a real skinny and fit woman who also enjoys other skinny and fit women.

              • Guest-ee-poo

                stfu loser

        • drbman

          I would so tap that right about now…

        • O.C.

          She does look like she could squat 400 lbs., but I would gladly let her crush my face to smithereens

        • Fat Bitch Hater

          I love skinny boys.

        • thigh man

          Must taste #45. mandatory FAP

          • oldboy

            Absolutely stunning. Any guy who thinks this girl is fat is either still in high school or legally blind, and either way, not fucking anybody! Insanely hot ass and back and legs and stomach and so on and so on…

            oh, btw MORE PLEASE

            • webster

              Because her BMI puts her in the overweight to obese range. Fact. But all power to you, fat women need love, too. I am not blind and well past high school, so I will stick to thin and fit women, thank you. You can keep the rest.

              • SMC

                arnold swarchenegger's BMI during his prime years bodybuilding puts him overweight to the "obese range". Your point is invalid. My guess is that youre a skinny little chicken fucker. Bakaaa!!!! This woman has a gorgeous body and I would appreciate it allllllll night long! MOAR!!!!!

                • nehman

                  "arnold swarchenegger's BMI during his prime years bodybuilding puts him overweight to the "obese range".

                  so? and he looked freakishly large. what's your point? that she's built like arnold swarchenegger?

                • pjsupremex

                  his BMI may very well have him described as obese. Rest assured his body fat percentage was well below any obese person. BMI is a joke of a measurement. there is considerable variation in body fat percentage at any constant BMI. BMI is just a generic measurement used to politley tell a fat person they are fat. Not one person who is fit ever uses that, its all about body fat percentage!

        • lex

          You must be new. She has a flat stomach, and an awesome butt and nice thighs. There is no fat. Just curves where a woman should have them, and none where they shouldn't ;]

        • Bob


        • Hooka

          You are fucking stupid!!! She is super fine. I'd let her crush my head with those magnificent thighs.

      • Jess

        Wow dude, are you going to fat-bash a perfectly healthy woman every time someone likes what they see? Grow up and learn to appreciate real women. That is what theChive is about.

        • Teh_Shard

          she… is not a "real woman". Sorry.

          I'm not calling her fat or bashing her or anything… but most women with thighs like that have a gut to match. She does not. Hence, she is not a "real woman". She is a genetic oddity, sure. She has an amazing ass, no doubt. But based on the pictures, "real"? Not quite.

          • dbone

            Judging by the pictures and the fact that she showed up in the mirror I'd venture out and say she was real.

      • myself

        You do realize that her legs are crossed making the thighs appear larger than they are, because they are pressing into each other. Try it with your forearms, even a scrawny person can look like Popeye.

        I've seen sheets of plywood that aren't as flat as her stomach.

        • pdiddily420

          In the words of Jed Bartlett… "He said it right!"
          If you look at the second pic, you can clearly see gappage that would not exist if the right thigh in the first pic was an accurate representation of size.

      • Fred Brocaa

        Strong thighs means she can bring me huge sandwiches from the kitchen!
        JUST KIDDING!!
        For real children, there's more to life than skinny little girls. Hate all you want now, but you'll learn to find something super-sexy about every woman that day you finally have sex for the first time.

      • Devin

        I used to like The Chive. Then I read the comment section.

        • voltron

          plus a million. Commenters ruin the chive.

          • Devastator

            Agreed. They make Youtube comments look like poetry.

      • christinenataliewhite

        What? I am shocked to hear people saying they think this woman is "fat." She looks so healthy and beautifully proportioned (wide hips, a tiny stomach). My genetics made me thin and I put work in at the gym four times a week so I can look like her. You're beautiful, doll! ❤

        And since I've had this "fat is beautiful, no skinny is beautiful" conversation for the third time this week and I'm fucking sick of it: http://christinenataliewhite.wordpress.com/2012/0

    • crazy hotttttt

      You 2 are insane, this girl has a flat stomach and a PERFECT ass, not everyone likes having sex with a skeleton

      • Kevin J


      • marco

        these dudes have been hanging outside of their local middle school a bit too much. #45 is fucking ridiculously insane. i want more of her, NOW!!!

    • rush.pike


      • OpMongoose

        And to add Chun-lei is hot and always will be. She's smoking you haters

    • Albert

      After looking at her back and stomach, I declare this chick FIT AS FUCK

    • Jer

      amen bro, nothin like some healthy meat ona womans bones, now if I could get some of her meat on my bone

    • Dabbadabba

      Absolutely gorgeous front and back. Scha-wing!

    • McLovin

      Love the rain boots, and the nice ass. The legs are all in the perception, just like Myself said. Would love to see the second pic from the front, id even accept a small black bar saying "HR made me do it".Keep it up Chicky, you've got it going on. Send in some more pics and show those nay sayers what you're made of.
      PS, from my GF, who is also a Chivette, she thinks your hot.

    • Denny

      She has a tremendous body, the rear shot itself shows a woman that appears to me to have worked hard to have that physique. She might not be everyones cup of tea, but, I'll bet that you better be ready for quite a ride if you saddle up.

    • 45 is my ex?

      Pretty sure this is my ex… Vikki?

      • Haha

        You fucked a fatty.

    • phydor

      Hot toned animal! Damn! Best in a very long while

    • etcfu

      it's not even close to being the same chick. 2nd pic is conveniently cropped to not show the legs. The hip to back lines are not at all similar. The 2nd chick's pic actually has some definition throughout her physique. The 1st has as much definition as a bean-bag chair.

  • http://redbeardbrewer.blogspot.com reality

    #1 no way… just no way.

    • Jordan

      I met this girl in Key West a few years ago. That is what she looks like…

      • reality

        shut up. you are a liar. moron.

    • Butters

      Calgary Stampede for the win!

    • Eric

      Her name: Chelsea Charms

      • 2pumpdump

        No it's not. Chelsea is a worn out hooker in Surrey. She had to change her name cus word got out. at the local poon site that she is a shill.

    • Heidi

      Made my back hurt just looking at it.

    • Heres_Johnny30

      You know how I can tell those guys are real cowboys…..Looks like They're wrangling up the cattle.

    • Frank M

      I like big boobs like the next guy but that is just friggin' ridiculous! Just wait till the flesh between those monsters snap from the weight. She will be walking around with a 50 pound nut sack.

    • yty

      She looks irresistably cuddly.

  • dazisafag

    So you shouldn't get drunk(New Chive post)

    • jibsnow420

      she shouldnt be allowed to wear that

    • The Dude

      tappable…and almost in position…

  • Whosthatguy

    It's my bday! Chive on!

    • jibsnow420

      Happy birthday big stuff ;);)

    • Average John

      Happy bday! Chive on!

    • AmyK

      Happy b'day sweetie!

    • ya`llshould

      Get a life.

    • Albert

      Happy birthday! Now go get fuggin wasted!

    • Bill Murray

      Fuck you!

    • joanna

      mine too! 🙂 happy bday!

      • IICoLt45II

        happy bday too both of you, chive on!

    • Dakota

      cool story bro….. just kidding happy birthday

  • jibsnow420

    #17 i hope he at least bought him dinner

    • Matt

      The express times news paper finally signs of local Chivers in northeast Pa

      • Agnes

        I was surprised to see the newspaper.
        Finally local Chivers!

  • 6 crack rock minimum

    #3 valid question

    • isntitobvious

      Typical chive whore.

      • Bill Murray


        • freshfraser

          There is no way Bill Fuckin Murray would 2nd that nonsense

    • OpMongoose

      Yes but maybe this year, it's still young my friend. At least they have burn your bra, right?

      • andy

        they need "burn your shirt." starting with her.

      • isntitobvious

        just stfu already bro, nobody wanted to see your useless shit

    • J_Dub

      they do have white shirts… I bought one of the white chivette tank tops for my girl and she can be seen on last weeks SC # 69 wearing it on miami beach.

      • You Poor Bastard

        I just checked…she's ugly dude.

        • J_Dub

          well that's a little cold but my comment was stating the fact that there are white chivette shirts…

          btw where's the picture of the hot ass chick you're dating?? dick

          • dub

            who cares if he's dating a hot chick? that doesn't make her not ugly.

            • J_Dub

              damn dude, she's more than hot enough for me, and on top that an amazing person, fantastic mother and loyal chivette.
              If you ever make it out into the real world I hope for your sake you can manage to find someone half as good.
              I really wanted to be an ass hole right back but instead I'll just say good luck, you're gunna need it.

        • 6 crack rock minimum

          you poor bastard,

          you are an idiot, that girl is probably 20 times hotter then any girl you have ever been with. And no, the guy you had sex with a few weeks back behind that bar does not count, as its a guy…and he was fat.

          • 45634

            stick your lance up your ass, you white-knighting douche.

      • Dastrdly

        Dude, I'd do her, she looks hot!

  • Anonymous

    Whoever says first is gay!

  • etcrr

    #26 now a sexy tomboy

    • Der_Joe

      Who Dat?

    • techno_viking

      Not sure if hot, or used to be a boy…

      • ThatGuy

        Either way she is hot, faggot.

      • thatTXguy

        Not sure if hot, or still is a boy…

    • bob

      I used to be ugly….still am

      • triplecap

        but I used to too… -Mitch

        • Guy

          Nice one

    • etcrr

      I thought she was a boy? I was totally getting the shemale vibe! UBER YUM!

      • etcrr

        you are not me you don't have the rank behind your name wash your face you have Bullshit all over it

        • ThatGuy

          Your rank is worthless and stupid.

        • ki9

          Your comebacks are so damn lame…….

          • etcrr

            it dosnt matter what you think i dont care you bullshit face

    • Dr. Acula

      Wanna know a secret about her?

      I'd Do Her….

    • JimmyS

      It's a TRAP!

    • heyy gurl

      very sexy

    • MonkeyMadness

      Cute tomboys rock.. she is drop dead gorgeous!

  • Alvin


    Everything is bigger in Texas but c'mon.

    • Mr Mane

      Chelsea Charms…

    • OpMongoose

      Future total back problems… Not that attractive.

      • http://www.frombearcreek.com/wordpress Animal

        Not that attractive? Try grotesque.

      • IICoLt45II

        not future, current!

    • Alvin


      • Derp

        Sorry man, not shopped

  • Dreday


  • SolidusSnake420

    #49 goodgoddamn

    • chivefoundit

      Name is Casey Durkin…and she is using the twitter machine correctly… http://twitter.com/#!/caseydurkin1

      • wantomas

        Wow, much older than anticipated. Still hot tho.

        • suck my glock

          do some work perv

          • wantomas

            Haha, hey dick. Oh the life of a stay at home dad……how I envy you

        • homey the clown

          she's fugly as all get out

          • marco

            i concur, #45 is way hotter.

            • polo

              She's a fat fuck

      • Bubba

        Thank you kindly, dear sir!

      • NcouthYouth

        Thank you sir! I was going to say Anya Benton (also extremely hot), but you win my friend.

      • PWing

        yes she is!

    • Wolfpack Steve

      Yes please!

    • Carlier

      As soon as my mom finishes cleaning my room there is gonna be a fapathon

      • iambigd42

        LOL.. Very funny

        • Carlier

          Its not funny ..I am 49

          • JHL1

            Can your mom come clean my room? I'm only 42.

    • OpenUpPlease


    • Pats All day

      Mad funny shes from my home town MA baby. Go pats

    • Яго


  • Dreday

    #49 doubt this bitch is cold

  • Der_Joe

    #7 classy

    • Dan

      Prove to me you're single, then we'll talk

  • akbrown006

    #2 I love Monday… now. fapfappfapppp

  • semour butts

    horse legs #45

    • Kyle429

      No, those are called a real woman's legs. Even so, I didn't even notice the legs once I saw dat ass.

      • Big Thighs R Gross

        If all women had legs like that, none of them would ever get married.

        • http://hermesdfo.blogspot.com hermesdfo

          not with you

        • fuzzybeard2016

          If all women had thighs like that, it would be considered normal; therefore, no one would notice.

          Your Logic-fu is weak, Grasshopper.

    • Mr.wiseass

      Sexiest horse legs I've ever seen

    • Jude

      horse legs? more like tree trunks!

      • andy

        funny, cuz i get wood looking at 'em.

        • Dinno

          i see what you did there

    • Albert

      Fuck it, I'd still hit it

    • Greg

      alright, just because she isn't starving herself to 75 pounds does NOT mean fat. fat is you, and you fucking know it. fat is 165, MAYBE. so shut the fuck up and stop judging people, I'm getting really fucking sick of it. just insult the girl like that. she's gorgeous and you would be lucky to be anywhere near that.

      • Jude

        duly noted, she is not "FAT". She is "THICK". Accept my condolences.

    • Eric

      I think the legs are great, in addition to the rest of her being perfect

    • Albert

      I actually know a girl that is built like her. She isn't fat at all, she just has naturally large thighs and ass, and she also has a damn six pack too. Large thighs and ass+six pack=proof that God loves us

    • Gag

      Semour your mother is calling, she wants you to get your ass out of her basement and take the garbage out, and oh, you left your Love-Ewe in the bathroom again, you single judgmental fuck.

    • Barry McKokkinner

      but she shared! she's muscular and toned – I like it.

      • Brother Bilo

        " if possible she must have plow experience " – Borat

        • Devin

          Well played sir.

    • Silver

      She does have larger thighs, but damn that second pic is fine as hell

      • Bob


    • Aznsupastar

      Most likely a dancer or gymnast. Now, are you gonna pass up a girl who can dance for you or one as flexible as a gymnast? 🙂

    • Simon

      I'd still do her black and blue.

    • hurricane_harri

      Skater. With legs like that and no back fat, in fact you can see her back muscles, so she has to be a skater. Likely spped skater.

    • MonkeyMadness

      They look damn sexy to me!

    • jAc09

      Shit if all women had legs like that and the ass to back it up viagra would disappear

    • OBV


  • All methed up

    #31- looks like she’s in the process of giving you a little brother

    • Deezy

      gross but definitely funny

    • HotashNerd

      I was thinking the same thing…

  • acoustrix

    #5 Jealousy is fat and angry!
    #7 might work on me actually…
    #24 keeper!!!!!
    #33 baaahahahahahah
    #45 LOVE your legs WOW (and the rest of course, I mean c'mon)

    • chivefoundit

      #24 is Alison Brie

      • chivefoundit

        She is so hott i'd let her shit on my face with pleasure! Chive on!

      • sam

        Personally i think this is one of her best pics.

  • Perry Noid

    May I please barrow your scarf and mittens?

  • jon

    #49 would like to fuck you please

    • j22

      a good mannered gentleman you are.

    • j22

      a good mannered gentleman you are.

    • duuuhhhh

      Yeah `MOAR` or `i would hit that` is what classy chivers say. Dont you dare insult the sluts on this website ,the white knights will get you.

      • its_forge

        Don't you ever get tired of flapping in the breeze like a scrotum that has been relieved of its testicles?

        • Sarcynic

          Look who's talking; I haven't been on this site for months, and you're STILL white-knighting the comment section….

          • its_forge

            And yet, here you are too. Why again do you give a shit what some other random person on some internet site does with his free time? What the fuck's it to you? Why are you worried about it? Is your life really that fucking sad?

            • b-ry

              calm down, Francis.

            • Alicia

              then how about you follow your own advice and stop being a snarky little bitch to people that don't think every chick posted here is god's gift to man. kthnxbye.

              • its_forge

                1) I don't even come close to doing any such thing. If I responded to every little cocksucker that fervently waits for every single post to appear on TheCHIVE so that he can have the honor and privilege of calling each and every young lady in the photos a slut or a whore I wouldn't have time to live my life. And yes, I do have a life.

                2) You don't wanna see the genie, don't rub the fucking lamp, hon. The pictures posted here are available to us because some number of young women decided they were cute or sexy enough that their pictures would receive approval if they appeared on the world wide web. Yes that does in fact give someone every right to disapprove of them. And that in turn gives me the right to tell the people disapproving that they're pathetic worthless jagoffs who will never know the touch of a truly good woman because they wouldn't know how to treat a woman if their lives depended on it.

                I haven't ever said "every chick posted here is God's gift to man," that's stupid. But calling some random woman a whore just because she posted a picture of herself in her underpants, for the approval of random people on the Internet? That's fucking nasty and I have every goddamn right in the world to call people out for it.

                • Johnny

                  If you think about it really hard (which I try not to) it's a bit nasty that girls will post nearly naked pictures of themselves in order to get approval from random people on the Internet

    • ThatGuy

      I like your style, bro.

    • jon

      consider yourselves trolled.

  • crazydog

    #38 This guy is a genius

    • http://twitter.com/obrien05 @obrien05

      Apparently hes never been lucky enough to find out

      • Becky

        Truer words were never spoken @obrien05!!!

    • JLC

      Typical Badger douche. Go Hawks!

    • cabseven

      his shirt, i know for a fact, is most outrageously wrong. Lady Hawkeyes are freaks in the sack.

    • passwordistaco

      Making a Florida version tomorrow, brilliant

    • Kim

      That is just not true at all. Iowa ladies know how to love. Go Hawks!

    • Mee

      Genius because girls will try to prove him wrong.. I mean hell.. If i saw someone with that shirt and it said where I'm from (and i was drunk) i would considder it!!

      • You dirty hooker

        You're a whore.

      • dbar

        Is where you're from whore island?

      • Hawkette

        That's where you're wrong because no true Hawkeye fan would fuck a Badger fan…ever

    • andy

      they can, however, make sweet, sweet love.

      • Albert

        Read that in Chef's voice

    • Becky

      See, proof that Nebraskans have no f'n clue…

      • Becky

        OOOPS…the red shirt threw me…Wisconsin/Nebraska, they're all wishing they had some hot Iowa ass.

        • Graham

          chicks from the #4 party school in the nation cant fuck??? hahaha. go lose another rose bowl.. GO HAWKS!

          • Silver

            #4 party school cause there's nothing else anywhere remotely close, all Iowa has is Hawkeye football, however, thats all im willing to comment on since i havent experience campus life on Iowa

            • Brewcrew

              Thats funny you brag about that considering Madison is the number 1 party school…

          • Bucky

            lemme know when Iowa makes a bowl of significance.

            • Herky

              The Hawks won the last BCS bowl they went to (2010 Orange Bowl), which is more than Bucky can say.

          • Mr. Magoo

            make it close to the Rose Bowl.

        • boooooob

          no Wisconsin chicks are much hotter

          • andy

            i think you meant to say hypertension.

    • Jeff Bainbridge

      Oh I beg to differ. CCCO very happy with Iowa performance

    • eclipze

      Looking at his face, I feel like he's screaming for captions. LOL.

  • PdxChiver

    #34 Do not want.

  • that_dude_b

    #49 fuck you scarf

    • passwordistaco

      Why'd you let the mitten off so easy?

    • Average Chiver


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