• Brian

    What a little pimp dancing with that fine ass

  • king_Leonidas26

    She had nothing on him…. Total bitch didn’t like not being the center of attention that’s why she stopped dancing with him. Typical woman.

  • steve

    I'm sorry, but I was looking at the girl in the red dress. FIND HER!

    • knotmee

      dude if your thing is fat russian chicks dressed up like whores, come over to Hollywood, its full of them.

      • marius

        i would like to come in america to see this whores 😀

    • http://twitter.com/iAmJakePowell @iAmJakePowell

      i'm with you steve… moar!

      • Tod from Myspace

        i'm pretty sure she was on a mail order brides post.

  • Ben


  • Andrew

    That dude's banging chicks while I sit here watching this video… damn you Chive for what you have done to me.

  • James Blunt

    Can I please see the lady in red's face, who gives a shit about the twirling clapping little fruitcake…tits, ass, and DS lips…that' what we're here for.

  • Camkos

    Yup North American kids could learn a thing or two from this

    • Diamond

      I don't see any Russian strip clubs. American kids with their booty shakin' … "Show me the f**kin' money!"

  • Shelby

    Dat ass

  • Adam

    find the chick in red!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • tim

    Seriously guys. The same ad on every video. Come on, you guys are better than this. Either get some new ads or at least spare us with every other video. Trust me, We are all watching every video. By the third time I see this shit I don't even want to watch the damn video.

    • tim

      I did not realize how much I used the word video. shame.

  • Doda

    The dance is Caucasian, most likely Georgian. That kid is just as Russian as Mounties are American and apple pie is Mexican

  • oh uea

    Red dress is crazy…FIND

  • Shak

    That's a gipsy dance, most probably a happening at a gipsy wedding… Probably Romanian.

    Trust me, you don't want to see how Romanian gipsy women's faces look like. Not to mention the fact that they always look (and smell) like they shower once a month…

    • Dina

      Not gipsy. It's caucasian. Probably chechenian or georgian.

  • etcrr

    the kid is quite the showman

  • Primetime

    Video captioned: "he's totally hittin' that." I have to wonder how this caption would have been received if it was a young girl dancing with an older man (i.e., she's totally having sex with that older man).

  • Dickle

    He is totally hitting that or he is totally gay

  • tardu

    It's caucasian. Probably chechenian.

    Russians are sworn enemies of chechenian people since Russians invaded chechenia and genocided them. Killed kids and innocent people.

    Search internet for Russian invasion. And believe me you can only once mistreat caucasian or chechenian lady, y



  • R.Marie

    Hes a peacock…you gotta let him fly!

  • Яго

    лезгинка, посоны

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