2012 Season NFL logos remastered with a little tongue in cheek (8 photos)

These logos are the brainchild from the folks over at thesefriesaregood.com. Click HERE to see the rest of the shopped NFL team logos.

  • Sancho

    Hmmmm interesting. I like the blackouts.

    • SophieWilliamz

    • SophieWilliamz

      my blog pics

      • SophieWilliamz

        me again 🙂

        • Roberto

          I don't think anyone, part of this blog or otherwise, cares

        • driz

          also, you are UGLY

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  • tom


    • bob lee swagger


      • roberto

        yeah I think he means gayest

    • Shanks

      ur second…. gg

  • G_man7887

    Sucks to be a Charger fan right now 😦

    • sdago25


    • http://www.myspace.com/theamericanmaniacs BentWrenches

      Yes it does.But have faith.Next year will be better!

    • WSU

      My favorite player is Phils… remember that time he dropped the snap in KC on Monday night? I do…I do

  • mateo

    No one cares, Tom.

    • Guy

      No one cares that you don't care asshole

      • A BiPolar Guy

        On 3. 1, 2, 3 – recurse!

  • Jakester

    All True.

  • Jakester

    I’m a Dallas Choker fan

  • KeepCalm

    #1 why?

    • Sluttypanda
    • greenbayrocks

      Seriously, you ask why? How about the half million dollar fine Belichick received from the NFL for cheating? That would be my first guess at why.

    • Ethan Shuster

      As an NE native, I never knew what it was like to be a Yankees fan until the Patriots recent history. Now I know what its like to be a fan of a very succesful team who everyone else hates.

      • YankeesSuckAlso

        It's not so much the team per se that we all hate, as the arrogant, misanthropic head coach and arrogant, elitist quarterback. Also get tired of the relentless focus on the Patriots all through the season by ESPN, NFL network, et al. Tom Brady sneezes and we get 45 minutes of in-depth analysis.

        • passwordistaco

          you spelled "Tebow" wrong

          • hey

            shhh god might here you

            • NICE

              wow if he did he might have to correct your grammar skills whent typing "here"

              • hey

                ok maybe "whent" he gives a shit

      • Petey

        i would've thought you would've realized what it was like when the Red Sox started winning (circa 2004). Red Sox = Yankees

      • New England sucks

        because they cheat.

        • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

          get over it. they all do. the pats got caught…

    • Dan

      Belicheck fired a player yesterday, since the starter is healthy enough to play. He refused to let the guy stay on the team for the Super Bowl. Why not let him be on the sidelines, at least? Hoodie is a soulless scumbag.

      • Barstool

        They needed an extra defensive lineman. Even Underwood himself wasn't mad. "Why not let him be on the sidelines?" Haha, this isn't little league! It's the super bowl! Also, it's called "releasing" not "firing".

      • Brett

        I didn't realize letting a player go makes you a soulless scumbag. Underwood didn't even give a shit anyway

        • jimbojones

          He didn't care? You'd have to be incredibly thick headed to believe that. Winning the Super Bowl is the life long dream of every player. To be cut the day before playing in it would be soul crushing. Of course he took the high road in his tweet – he wants to play again. Burning bridges would just be counter-productive.

    • passwordistaco

      Evil? Only because they got caught doing what every team does, and the only reason they got caught was because of an ex-coach who knew the location and camera man. Several officials and coaches stated it was a common practice in the NFL. The fact that the Patriots went on to shatter offensive records that season after that first game proves it didn't matter anyway. Not even a Patriots fan but you whining bitches disgust me. I welcome your thumbs ^ ha ha.

    • Will

      Because they win. Below we have several really pathetic explanations:

      – Panda: "because they cheat!". Every team does it. Patriots just got caught. Boo hoo

      – YankeesSuckAlso says, "Because the coach and the quarterback are arrogant!" – Do you even watch football? We're talking about the same sport that invented dancing when you score a touchdown; the same sport TO plays, etc.. These two guys, as far as NFL celebs go, are about as humble as players can get. Arrogant. HAHAHA. Wow.

      – Dan says "Belichick fired a player yesterday!". How dare the head of a football team release a player! Next thing you know he'll be telling the players what to do on each play! What a scumbag!

      I can't wait to /facepalm my way through the next dozen explanations for why the patriots are evil from a bunch of jealous bedwetters. Go!

      • meme

        Doesn't matter Pats are gonna lose today

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      Nobody cared in the 90s when the Pats were as bad as the Buccaneers are today (or yesterday, or the day before that, etc.)

  • wisemx

    I was the training partner of Dallas Cowboys Aaron Kyle, Superbowl win. 😉
    (OK, when Spring shows it's face again I'll post some pics for the Ladies)

  • Maytrix

    #1 More accurately – pure genious

    • mittens


      • jjjmc


      • Maytrix

        Didn't notice after I posted, thanks for pointing it out. Unfortunately you can't edit posts.

        • ralph malph

          But there is an icon on the top right hand corner of the comments box that says check spelling… You can use this before you click submit comment…And then you wont get grief

  • YoMomma

    You forgot the Dolphins, all field goals!

    • mtpuckhead

      Danny Carpenter!!!

  • bears fan

    daaaaaaaaa bears!!!!!!

  • Sluttypanda

    I am pleasantly surprised by the Bears logo; since I know a lot of Wisconsinians, it's usually a lot nastier. #8

    • drndwny

      its Wisconsinites for your information

    • Squirrel

      The RE in kick returns should be a stylized 23

      • Woody

        i like Hester

    • Mr.Wiseass

      I'm just glad there wasn't a Detroit Stompers logo.

    • amags

      Most packers fans are more concerned with the vikings rivalry than the bears. The rivalry is pretty one sided

      • Baboocole

        You have no idea what you're talking about. I've lived in WI my whole life and don't really know a single Packers fan who considers the Vikings/Packers rivalry to be more important than the Bears/Packers rivalry. Maybe once you get into the boondocks of the northwoods or something…

  • KCJake



  • Fuckchive


    • Dan

      Fuck off, jackass!

    • SnakEyes

      If you bought theChive app then YOU'RE the one that got scam. Their app is free. Always and forever free.

    • Nope

      no, fuck you!

    • dochandy


      • !!!!!!!!!!


        • dochandy


    • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan

      You PAID for the app? LOL……fail.

  • ClutchThese


  • *dash*

    true story with #4 and #7

  • GoCrackers!

    I was waiting for a Green Bay Crackers logo, since their population is 99% white.

    • stevenfbrackett

      You've obviously never been to Green Bay or Wisconsin. Mostly white, yes, but we're not Utah.

    • Kodos

      you wanna go that route… as soon as we get the Atlanta Fal-COONS logo.

      so there.

  • LukasP15

    #1 any reason?

    also where is the pittsburgh under-age girl steelers? (at least roethlisberger…)

    • Blake

      Okay! NO! Just NO! Back off & leave the Steelers alone!!

  • mit romney

    Don’t beat around the bush bro. What are you trying to tell us? Timmy’s trapped in a well? Suzy is in a runaway wagon? Just spit it out.
    On a side note, and from a Dallas Choker fan, the new Chive app kicks ass!!!!

  • anthony J

    #6 should be the Denver Tebows…..

    • mtpuckhead

      Same thing really.

  • http://twitter.com/Matt_Sutton @Matt_Sutton

    I'm sure i would have found this funny if i knew anything about the NFL 🙂

    • passwordistaco

      Actually no, you wouldn't have.

    • crash0520

      you spelled "being straight" wrong

  • Tom

    Fuck everyone defending chive, these fucks post pics that other people have taken and make a shit load of money off of t-shirts, app purchases and third party advertisers. THEY DO NOT CREATE THE CONTENT ASSHOLES. Even if the app is only 99 cents that doesn't mean that can just say fuck it were only going to update the website today. The other guy is really annoying but he is right I bought the app and have since stopped even trying to use it because it's horribly put together

    • Chad

      Whats the matter? Didn’t get your picture posted? No shit it’s picture that other people took… Are you a fucking moron or what!?

    • Kwilliams5000

      Perhaps you don't understand the way that aggregate sites work. There are millions of content producers out there each distributing their product to various sites. Sites like the chive (and reddit, and 4chan, and 9gag, and a thousand others) find this content and put it together in a nice little package so that we all don't have to go out and find it. They've created a pretty cool community and actually do some charitable work with their earnings. If you expect perfection out of a 99 cent app, I think you're setting yourself up to disappointment. The app will get fixed so in the meantime, KCCO.

      • Maytrix

        Perhaps you don't know how copyrights work. Probably half of the pictures here are posted without copyright permission and is thus technically copyright infringement. The exception are the pictures that chivers take and submit themselves. All the ones taken from other sites, are likely copyright infringement.

        I guess as long as the owners don't complain though, its all ok, right?

        • truth

          Did you realize your argument is not original? In fact, I would dare say it is just a complete rip-off from someone else's rant on another website. I think you should withhold your comment until you search the web for the original post, and get written permission to reuse it here on Chive. That is, unless you think the person that originally said it won't complain, then it is all ok…right?


    • Tom's a Douche

      why are you on this site then?

    • asdf

      Can we get some Darwinism on Tom please? before he spawns an idiot like himself?

    • http://www.thechive.com SmokeyMorgan


  • KittenKicker

    If your app doesn’t work then it is the end of the world as you know it so just kill yourself and save us the trouble.

  • joe blo

    what about the Falcons?

    • http://twitter.com/McBeastie666 @McBeastie666

      What about 'em?

    • Burt Reynolds

      Something about showing potential during the regular season and getting dominated in the playoffs? They already have the Dallas Chokers…

  • G

    @Tom- if you dont wanna keep calm and chive on, go get laid.

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