2012 Season NFL logos remastered with a little tongue in cheek (8 photos)

69 377

These logos are the brainchild from the folks over at thesefriesaregood.com. Click HERE to see the rest of the shopped NFL team logos.

69 377
  • chivesucksdick

    like all of you.

  • Matt Danchak


  • http://Twitter.com/ravenracing17 RavenRacing

    Pittsburgh Slammers? (Jail)

  • Tony

    Feel like the Patriots redesign should read Black Sox instead…

  • Anonymous

    RavenRacing….no it should be the Cincinatti Slammers. There the ones that want to become the new age Scarface!

  • John

    The Chicago drug dealers

  • Big Mike

    I don't get the Colts Logo ?? Dog Shit ??? What does that even mean ? How about … Not the Mann ! or … The Manning, keeping us down.

  • http://twitter.com/beverly_fields @beverly_fields

    Well I don't know what all of the hoopla is about!!!

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