12 Historic photographs that were actually doctored (14 HQ Photos)

With the advent of powerful desktop publishing software like Adobe Photoshop, digital image manipulation has become mainstream. However, even before the invention of such software, doctored and tampered photos were used to alter perception and shape history.

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  • Raymundo

    FYI — in photo #9, the Canadian PM's name is Wlliam Lyon Mackenzie King, usually simply referred to as "Mackenzie King". Not to be confused with a pre-Confederation Ontario politician named William Lyon Mackenzie.

    • Hypno

      Ummm, and how about the fact that that is NOT the queen. That is King George's wife. The KING was the KING. The lady in the photo is the mother of the current queen. I call BS on this one. Why would Mackenzie King have the ACTUAL King removed from the photo so that he could stand there with the King's wife?
      To be more clear, the two people on the right of this photo are the two people from the movie "The King's Speech".

      • Hypno

        Sorry, let me be even more clear. This lady, while she was called "Queen Elizabeth", was actually Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, and she became the "Queen" by marriage. She is NOT the queen we know today, who is, in fact, the head of the royal family. The man in the photo WAS the head of the royal family at the time. He was the most powerful man in the British empire. Therefore, it makes NO sense to get rid of him from a photo. Mackenzie King would have paid dearly for this if he had actually done it.

  • itstanrum

    Whoa, wait a minute. You're telling me the government(s) was lying to the people before Nixon and Kennedy came along?!

  • payson1

    if that was true then they added to0 the table and a table leg that is blocked from view in photo #5, by the "sink" to photo # 4. So if it was a cut out that is not possible. This means the Camera was repositioned between the 2 pictures being taken. The level of continuity can be achieved very easily, it is done in movie making every day, going from one shot to the next.

  • nssCanuck

    #9 history lesson FAIL – Canadian Prime Minister's name was William Lyon McKenzie King … named after William Lyon McKenzie a political figure from Canadian 19th century …

  • The J

    Mussolini had a "hose handler"? Lucky Bastard

  • J02

    #2 General Grant looks alot like Jason Statham

  • CelticHoney

    Anybody notice in pic 3 that the horse behind him supposedly tied to the post has no head

  • afsafsa

    #2 looks so fake, what were they thinking xD

  • Anonymous

    Did they remove the UFO in 10 too?

  • Cecil

    Judging from the look on her face, that guy either had a life insurance policy with someone else as the beni, or he 'owed' her a free meal. The mere death of a male classmate wouldn't have provoked such a reaction from her.

    • this guy

      Ahh Haha that’s Fucked up.

  • VleNik

    Very interesting post Chive!

  • Aus

    Must…… fight……… urge to be anal about…. historical details. Argh.. cannot resist.
    #9 is a photo of King George VI and his wife the Duchess of York (ugh… fighting urges) Queen Elizabeth was their daughter and from would have been about 5 when that photo was taken…….. ( so ashamed)

  • Mr Clay

    and photoghraphed in Banff Alberta, judging by the angle and the stone wall behind them, I would probably say the Banff Springs Hotel

  • YellowMan

    its sad how some of these are actually better than a lot of current photoshopped work…

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