Hot Right Now: It’s the end of the week, time to Look Back At It (44 photos)

Massive Movie Poster Clichés (10 HQ Photos)

Thanks to the highly observant Christophe Courtois. His blog right here.

  • theloudestchisel

    And that's how I know to avoid Christian movies.

    • dwwwwwwwwwwwww

      You have it wrong. Christian Movies avoid you, son.

  • ChiveApprentice

    #1 definitely doesn't work. i have not and will not see any of those movies.

  • Tom

    What? No Orange/Blue combos?

  • the chird

    Yo Fuck #9. I saw one eye on there and got creeped out. Fucking Grudge kid. Thx chive

  • marcussam

    Forever Alone level 98..

  • Katie

    #10 and Red dress for the win

  • @_staceywithane_

    what a trip 0_o

  • rcjaos

    #8 Liam Neeson in Taken is not running for his life…..he is going to find you, and he is going to kill you.

  • Gaby

    #10 She's actually wearing a pink dress, not red… I'm gonna go jump off a building now.

    • Gaby

      Miss Congeniality that is…

  • etcrr

    it is all marketing, what attracts the eye, is what sells

  • Chris Thomas

    Lots of overlap with #7 and #8. Guess that means they're…running from the blues. Eh? EH?!

  • GamerGirl84

    #5 Why don't they just call all romantic comedies "Tryin' to Fuck" …Jennifer Aniston and this guy are tryin to fuck…

    will they?

    Probably….herrr derp

  • AdRock

    How about this: Steven Segall wearing a leather trenchcoat and holding a gun while something blows up in the background.

  • etcrr

    The more things change the more they remain the same

  • Busternut

    They missed out "blue and orange contrast" posters


    lol all the losers will be saving the between the legs one SMH

  • Poster Printing

    Ha! This is hilarious. I love the way you categorize the posters. Cool.

  • slobonmyknobb

    STOLEN STRAIGHT FROM REDDIT!!! lame chive, real lame

  • Pictures
  • Anonymous


    Doesn’t matter, says Hump Day

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