House made entirely of shipping containers (18 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Interesting, is it insulated? looks pretty cool and the house is Zombie proof too

    • myself

      Yup, insulated and all the stuff a "normal" house has with the advantage of being bug proof and the main structure being fireproof.

    • p dangerously

      so zombies can't break windows??

      • Paula_

        Zombies use Apple. You KNOW I'm right.

        – Fan testimonial: "I bet Paula is smokin hot!! Long live Paula"

    • Giz

      Probably gets horrible cell reception inside.

  • Scott Holman

    This is a wonderful way to build a house, recycle materials, and reduce energy and resource consumption. Now, it it was buried a couple of meters underground, it would be almost free to cool and heat!

    • trollerface.jpg


  • Rod

    I bet it's freezing in the winter.

    • eclipze

      it's gonna be like an oven with all the metal surrounding in the summer.

  • myself

    It's a great way to build now. It can be done for less than a "normal" house and far quicker. There are time lapse vids of a 2K+ sq. ft. house being placed on the foundation and affixed in a day. Sure a hell can't build the shell of a house that size in a day. Some companies even send out the interiors complete and all that happens is plumbing and electrical gets hooked up when each module is attached.

    Plan on doing a container home when I finish school and get to where I will be for a long time.

  • tom

    that, my friends is a cool looking house. Chive On.

  • bobbonginheimer

    You need to find the one from Doomsday Preppers – Crazy people but that was just wow

    • dedubs

      seen it… this one looks like something you might actually want to live in though. I do wonder about heating and cooling

    • Mrs_Conejo

      that couple was amazing. crazily dedicated, but prepared.

  • Tom L

    Or, you could give that money to the church and help people who truly need it! God bless those who actually use their time to benefit other

    • dedubs


      • Dick Salad

        I think he doesn't want us to buy homes. Instead we donate all that money to the church and become homeless ourselves. Then we can go back to the church and essentially ask for some of the money back to get something to eat? Fuck I'm so lost by his message…

    • ThornyDevil

      Or, you could just give the money straight to the people who need it rather than using a middle man worshipping the false invisible sky wizard!

      • JOHN

        Christian Churches are some of the largest and most effective charitable organizations in the world…. and yes I am an athiest. This guy is reaching but let him believe what he wants.

        • JOHN

          Giving me Thumbs down. How open minded and "progressive" of you.

          • Brutal Deluxe

            Behold the censorship of public opinion! Also, suck it.

      • Dukeofohio

        ah the sky wizard defense, tenth grade atheism at its best.

        • ThornyDevil

          There are grades in Atheism now? 'False invisible sky wizard' is just 1 of many names I have for any so called God.

          • Dukeofohio

            let me rephrase that. ah the sky wizard defense, a teenage attempt to appear witty when the subject of theology comes up

            • ThornyDevil

              Teenage? See, this is what people of faith do when someone challenges them, belittle the non-believer. How about coming up with an argument against Atheism yourself?

              • Dukeofohio

                let me get this straight, I made a smartass remark to your smartass remark and you got offended?

      • KaptainKha0s

        Though I am on the edge ( Im Agnostic ) and believe that yes Churches do help those that follow their faith – I would never give money to a church to have this kind of thing done – that is part of the biggest problem in our country today is that there is NO seperation of church and politics no matter how you try to say there is.

    • Jake too


    • Dukeofohio

      still where the fuck did this come from. a Troll attempting a thread jack would be my guess

    • Doc Arkham

      Sez the guy spending his time on theCHIVE…

    • ComeAtMeBro

      God doesn't exist and religion and church is pure bullshit, plain and simple!

      • Poor Soul

        Says the lost and wayward soul

        • Greg

          Wrong. Says the person using his brain instead of believing in talking snakes and a jewish zombie, who comes back to life after being dead 3 days. Use your brain dummy.

      • Al Gore

        i'll cum on you bro. nice creamy facial here for you. LOL

  • @peteulatan

    Great concept. How much and how can we look into this?

    • Fresh

      It's usually about $2500 per shipping container. They're all the rage with the apocalypse preppers

  • Blunt

    That is pretty nice but it's not exactly a novel idea , they have what look to be entire apartment buildings made of out of them

    Here one from 07 that isn't anywhere as nice but just shows they have been around for a good bit.

  • Pudge

    I look at #15 and can only imagine smashing my shin bones on that bed footing 😛

  • JGC

    Whom may I contact to have one like that built? I love the industrial look on the inside…

    • fignewton

      In the time it took you to construct that comment a simple google search would yield such an answer.

    • Alan

      He made his own and is in the business and can assist you.

  • Andy Valentine


    I guess if your neighbours are dicks, all you need to move house is a crane and a convoy for a day.

  • MaverickAg

    There is a non-profit charity in Fort Worth that converts IDC containers into simple, sustainable housing for the homeless. The organization is called A Place To Sleep ( and is a fantastic idea for the use of these converted homes. Here is a video of local news coverage (CBS-TV 11; KTVT) of the start of the organization and their mission.

  • shoe

    a hammock installed in the living room? heck yeah!

  • gab

    what about rust?

    • fignewton

      what about crust?

    • Pete_Mitchell


  • dirtysteve99

    So can you still lock in the metal doors?
    I know they normally lock from the outside, but maybe you could modify it, or just use it as extra security when you're away.

  • JamesMFP

    Add some solar panels and a well and we are talking self contained container house… and it looks really good. I would think the roof helps with cooling and is unique….im sure its easily well insulated. They make really good insulation these days that are around a quarter of an inch thick.

  • Dan

    perfect for the zombie attack

  • Dont1panic

    Cool idea. Interesting on the inside. Too bad it may be the ugliest building in the history of architecture.

    • Greg

      Agreed. I have seen much better looking container homes. This is one of the ugliest on the outside. Inside is pretty cool.

  • BadaBoom

    They were trying to do this in AZ when I lived there… no way in hell it would be efficient enough to handle a summer.

    • Mokuseitora

      Put it underground… and it would work perfectly

  • Joslin

    I bet it is CRAZY loud inside when it rains.

    • Dan

      I was wondering about that. Those things echo every little tap from the outside.

    • Lisa

      That would be a big "AWESOME" in my book. The sound of rain on a tin roof when I was a kid was the BEST thing. 🙂 😉 If it got too loud, ear plugs!!

  • jack


  • sgt ross 1each

    Oh yeah zombie proof for sure

  • Min

    What happens in a lightning storm..?

    • Tom

      I'm sure it's grounded…

  • TXchiver

    I sell these containers in Houston. The containers being used here are "one way containers" and run about $4500 per container. Insulation is not a problem if you paint the exterior with a ceramic paint designed for insulation.

    • CincinnatiOhio

      I am looking to build a house on our 35 acre ranch and this would be perfect. What would $80,000 get me as far as size and interior?

      • math wiz

        it would get you 17.77777777777777777777777777777777777777 containers

      • txchiver

        $20,000 could get you a 3,200 sqft interior shell before plumbing and electrical or anything else

    • The_Stif

      You have a website or anything?

    • Anon

      Don't beleave the sales man

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