Man with crutches doesn’t let them hinder his dancing (Video)

Dergin Tokmak was born December 26, 1973 in Augsburg, Germany. He contracted polio when he was 1 year old. Poliomyelitis is a virus that attacks the nerves that control your muscles. In Dergin’s case, he lost the control of his left leg and some of the control of his right. However, undeterred, Dergin has made it his life’s work to perfect his own dancing style that utilizes his crutches — Amazing….

2012 Dergin Tokmak”Dancing on Crutches”STIX Tanzen auf Kruecken



  • slany

    And he still dances better than 99% of people with full use of their legs.

    • Zinger

      That he does. Just don't stand too close to him on the dance floor!

    • theeemightybuck

      think he gives lessons?

    • David

      and i fall into that 99%

    • my_leg_is_slinky

      It still won't get his gimp ass laid.

      • KroD

        Agreed, dancing doesn't pull much statistically. But… I would lay a couple hundred down on a bet that this man gets more ass in a week than you do in a 2 to 4 year time period. Sleep well Shleppy!

      • Emzilla

        I'd hit that.

    • Laura

      Totally agree I got goose bumps just watching how amazing he is. Makes me look like shit on the dance floor and my legs are just fine. lol

  • John87


  • Eric


  • YEMX


  • tehhiv

    unreal.. good for you!

  • Bob

    Dances better than I do…

    • birdman6969


  • demma


  • Deville

    Wow, I bet he could kick some serious ass with those things to. Anyone who tried to bully him thinking he's a cripple would be in for a surprise.

  • BostonChiver

    This guy straight kills it…shows a lot of heart that he didn't just accept the fact that he's lost a chance at what some call "normal life"…but is rocking the shit out of life on the daily. Big ups!

  • colin

    Gives the term "Give this man some room people" a whole new meaning! Now thats skill!

  • NEchivette

    LOVE IT!

  • screamingdeal

    It's Jimmy……. very much

    • Still_MisGuided

      holy shit i just burst out laughing after reading this, i was all stoked for the guy too… so funny

  • Solatso

    Fuckin-A right dude! Don't let anything stop ya from doing what ya love.

  • rcr0daddy

    Better than me, and I don’t even have crutches..just debilitating whiteness.

  • Cherm2222

    You all who like this should check out the bboy Junior. He also has polio but still rocks out the floor with his power moves.

    • Stickee Ickee

      From Wanted posse? I had no idea. I had that "I Know You Have Soul" memorized, and never picked up on it. That is until I just watched it again.

  • um_yeah

    Thought I might see some troll comments here…. But I don't know what they could possibly say. Daaaam!

  • Raliegh

    americas most talented.. he should be on there

    • RobBroad4th

      Except he's German.

    • therealsnowman

      Why the hell would he let him self drop to that low a level?
      No "talent show" is worthy of his appearance.

  • amandajean

    Keep Calm and Dance On!!!! ❤

  • Hunter_BZ

    Shit! Polio for errrbody! I kid. I kid. You sir are Awesome!

  • DeDav

    He is one of the world's few definitions of AWESOME.

  • rob

    haahha, im showing this video to the kids… there should be no more "but i cant" after seeing this

  • Michael

    if you like Dergin look up crutch master ( Bill Shannon ).

    • Michael

      Bill is quite amazing bboy and lectures / performs all over challenging the idea of what is and isn't possible for someone with physical challenges.




    • dude


    • McD : {D

      Horrible, yet hilarious.

  • K9

    About as much fun as watching wheelchair basketball….. Not hating on the guy, good for him and over coming his disability. But amazing? Not really…..

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