Stray bullet causes one Hell of a scare (11 Photos)

This happened in Kansas…


  • Sluttypanda

    well, damn

    • Dirty Dingus

      This happened in the USA? You don't say…

      • mick0311

        Yep, same place you can go and defend yourself in your own home. Pretty neat.

        • Sticky Wickets

          well said

  • echogeo

    Lucky is an understatement.

    • noob

      Assassin in training omg ?

    • JHL1

      Wouldn't "Lucky" be NOT having a bullet shot through your house?
      As in…
      "I feel pretty lucky that I didn't have a bullet shot through my house last night."

  • Tim

    Crazy…glad no one was hurt!

  • jasgat66

    Ummmmmm… Ok? Come to Southern California… Happens all the time


      This ain't a challenge!!!!

    • YUP

      Well fuck SC then

    • GernBlansten

      And you stay there because….?

    • Tim

      Happens in most big cities "all the time" socal is no exception. consider moving from the hood, problem solved.

      • Krauter

        Sorry Tim, this kind of shit mostly happens in American cities and not generally in big cities!!

    • Randyflagg

      I call bullshit. There are some shit hole neighborhoods in and around LA where there is a fair amount of gun violence, but it's significantly down from where it was in the 90s. And if you're talking about Orange County or San Diego you can just piss off.

    • Lisa

      You're so hardcore

    • Canuck Soldier

      And your proud of that why??? So glad I dont live in gun toting merica

      • dedubs

        We are glad you don't live here either

  • Machine_head

    Time to move and change your names

  • Randy

    It's like a Korn video…

    • nuccabay

      feelin like a freak on a leash

    • MacNCheesePro


    • reebus

      i just fell off my chair at work reading that comment!! epic haha well said good sir

      • justin

        thinkin the same thing as i was scrolling

  • theAdventuresOfJim

    what is your house made of, styrofoam?

    • girl.from.kansas

      It IS Kansas….

    • bananah

      the replies to this comment – 1/3 of all the man essence. Just add 1/3 of boobs and 1/3 of cars.

      • dedubs

        and another third booze

        • Groov

          and another third math

          • dedubs

            plus a sprinkle of getting a joke

    • jimmy meltrigger
      • MylesofStyles

        The photos are dated 2006. Your article is dated 2012. Just saying.

    • Frank M

      It was probably your mortal enemy using a Barret 50 Cal. Sniper Rifle.

    • amplidudes

      That's why a Tornado does not give any shit …

  • 6_Crack_rocks

    #1 at my old job i came in one day with two bullet holes in my office window. we moved out of that area a month later.

    • dedubs

      crack dealers have offices with windows?

    • MarcoChan

      Cool story Bro

  • bonkers

    You need to clean your freezer…

  • Sturve

    Bel-air aint what it used to be

  • TheBAMFinater


  • bonkers

    Or just toss the dirty shot up one and get one with an ice maker. Its 2012 for christ sake

    • hmm

      or with the timestamp of 2006

  • Jeremy

    Who shot it?

  • Tar Tarlton

    #3 Dear God! What caliber of bullet could do that to a person's face?!

    • the dude

      no its a load of jizz

    • Putty

      Um, make a hole? At least on entry. Then scramble everything on the way out….

    • dominantone

      damn! you beat me to it. i was thinking the same thing. well played tar well played.

      • Bwmyers18

        I just snarfed. Good one.

    • @MRKCCO

      If thats where she was standing when the bullet hit.. someone must really hate her… and missed.

    • asdad

      Ugly bullet is that strong.

    • Dorkfish

      find her

  • Brother Maynard

    That's a pretty high power round.

    • Randyflagg

      No; that's normal. Probably just a handgun round (9mm, .40 S&W).

  • whyme1973

    Ummm…Holy Shit!!!!

  • Ramathorn

    This little guy? I wouldn’t worry about this little guy.

  • tmach81

    #7 ok who is the D-bag that ate all the DAMN hot dogs and put the wrapper back in the fridge?

  • anonymous
  • Hazzaa

    perfect reason to KCCO

  • Ricky


  • banana flapjacks

    #3 Did this take place in the same house as the Ring by any chance??

  • Kanye East

    #3 shes cute…

    • eh?

      Agreed. Find Her!!

    • GernBlansten

      What you are on….I want some.

    • jaydub

      looks like oral is def not on the menu….

  • intesns

    Guns Rule. Gotta wonder why someone would be after them. Clearly this wasn't accidental.

    • TitoRigatoni

      According to the original reddit post it was: "The round was from a semi-auto AK-47. It came from about a quarter mile away. Some drunk rednecks "didn't know" there were houses behind the tree line they were shooting into."

      • dedubs

        dumbasses. you're responsible for every piece of lead you put downrange kids.

      • Raliegh

        so, only 1 bullet of of many hit that house from a AK-47… doubt it.. that was a high powered rifle that did that..

    • Joe

      I agree. Looks like a bad shot more than a accident.

    • JAFitC

      Note to self: Further evidence to continue distrusting anyone who says something is "clearly" the case.

  • Graphix

    Oh thank God, from the intro photo I thought it went through a flat screen TV

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