Thatched roofs in the UK look like a little slice of Heaven (35 Photos)

  • YUP

    A whole post about roofs? Lol

    • TracerBullet_PI

      Sometimes The Chive puts up a post I have zero interest in. I still open it, I scroll through it very quickly (hey maybe they snuck a hot chick in there), but it doesn't bother me that they did it; because I'm sure someone appreciated it, and it added a little bit of flavor to my day that I wouldn't have otherwise had.

      If it was going to waste time I didn't have, I wouldn't have opened it, if you opened it, you're clearly looking to waste time, so no harm done. Just keep calm, and chive on to the next thread.

      • Charlie

        Very well said.

      • Katie

        I like your style

      • YUP

        Damn haha I wasn't sincerely bitching about it. I LOVE wasting time on TheChive. KCCO Brotha


      I don't care for the roofs or this post.

    • jack

      Yet every single week we get posts about boobs only. Not to mention mind the gaps. Or random chicks in random places. And half of the DAR posts are about chicks wearing little if any clothing. Lol at that.

    • Jess


  • Forever Alone


    • DeDav

      No Bob here, sorry. You can go and stay forever alone in the other corner.

  • nemesis

    To hell with the naysayers. I miss England. Good post.

    • mediceman

      To hell with you, I DONT!!!!!

    • AnyoneForCoffee

      After ten years abroad, I've finally made it back to London.

      So goooooood to be back!

    • Meeeee

      Agreed. All my family live there and this makes me want to go home!!

    • Underbaker

      We are the knights who say Nay, why would you want us to go to hell? Also did you know that Nay is Yes in Korean?

  • 0_0

    I want to touch it!

  • Don't Be a Douche


    • TracerBullet_PI

      Name fail.

      • trolln

        ur the one with the name fail, tracerbullet_3.14 with a name like that i would have expected u to have “shotdown” any comments but instead u choose to be passive aggressive. now stfu and chive ur own ass to the next thread.

  • New England sucks

    Were they done by Margret Thatcher.

    • TheySeeMeChivin

      Bahahahahahaha! Bad puns are the best

    • thatguy

      I don't think you guys know what a pun is.


    A slice of heaven until the bill arrives every 12 years for getting it re-done.

    • Pete

      Yeah – they're not cheap. And they burn real easy.

      But they do look cool… and sadly enough some of those houses I recognise. #3 is just down the road from me (New Forest if you're interested)!

  • whyme1973

    Those roofs do look pretty cool. I like it.

  • nemesis

    These houses typically go for somewhere in the region of half a million pounds. I suspect the owners don't care too much.

    • TheySeeMeChivin

      I doubt those houses weigh 250 tons

  • Purple

    Ooooh to be back in England…

  • M.O.T.

    Welcome to Buckinghamshire.

  • Dicki Roberts

    Slow day at thechive? Wait until one person flicks a cigarette butt in the roof

  • misschris

    #16 What a charming little place! One day I will have a "summer cottage" ๐Ÿ™‚

  • spicticus

    I thought I saw Bilbo Baggins and Frodo running around.

  • lol


  • Adam

    There very pretty, but the only thing is it would be easy to catch fire

    • Alpha0010


    • SpellB


    • Munokhoi

      Actually, no they are not a fire hazard. Google for more info, but their fire properties have more in common with a stack of newspaper. A single sheet of paper burns readily, a dense stack will smolder, as oxygen is only available at the edge of the burning material. Regardless, modern roofs are treated with a retardant, or barriers(aluminum sheeting) are placed between the roof structure and the thatching. The principle negative to this style of roof is cost, as mentioned by others above.

  • K

    Hmmm…., it’s already a tin roof….. What does the dry vegetation accomplish.

    • welshist

      Excellent insulation, naturally waterproof, more windproof than traditional slates/tiles, sustainable product, adds character to a home, shall I go on?

    • little D

      I would use Flex Seal instead

      • Brutal Deluxe

        I would use regular seals, they're kind of neat.

        • Casper

          I'd use Navy Seals.

    • BezzATX

      #34 Doesn't look tin to me.

  • Jump this

    Hey have you guys heard of this 21 Jump Street movie… I think the chive should do some advertising for it to get the word out

    • nemesis

      I hear it will be a movie.

  • William

    Burninating all the people IN THE THE THATCHED ROOF COTTAGES!

    • nemesis

      Ah this takes me back.

      • Johnny Two Toes

        To a time before the internet became clogged with memes.

    • Karen

      Almost forgot….Ahhh I love it. Made me lol. Thanks. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Alpha0010

        Exact first thing I thought of.

  • Pedant

    More like "Thatched roofs in ENGLAND look like a little slice of heaven" – The United Kingdom of Great Britain [the U.K.], Great Britain and England are different things and the bulk, if not all of these, look English rather than Scottish, Welsh or Northern Irish.

    • nemesis

      Suitable name.

    • Dirty Dingus

      Cool story bra

    • dcolbert

      All lovely and quaint little islands, in any case.

  • Landlubber77

    Lights cigarette; becomes homeless.

    • Brutal Deluxe

      That's why I always cut out the middleman and just set homeless people on fire

      • Dorkfish

        Not sure why, but that made me laugh

  • Jared

    I can only assume that this the post before The Chive makes up for a missed Mind the Gap Monday?

    • TheySeeMeChivin

      Double hump day?

  • gunnersaurus

    this is what my dad did as a career!

    • Dorkfish

      Do you "Joust"?

      • I.C. Spots

        Surely you joust…

    • MikeT

      This is what I do for a career now! Big up the Dodson Brothers Thatchers

      • Scrowe Tumb

        Scoll the Chive for a career? Where do I apply?

  • Katie

    #28 The designs are really neat

    • MikeT

      I saw that and I kept thinking 'that looks familiar' so I looked through my company's portfolio, and sure enough, we were the ones who did it ๐Ÿ™‚ always nice to see your work getting recognition ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Stella

    #33 Looks like a face! A big nose, two eyes and white teeth! ๐Ÿ˜€

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