• BMore

    Eat it u first posters!

    • Dakota

      i support your cause

  • Master_Rahl


  • thumbs down if nazi

    Eat it u second posters!

  • Fuzzy

    Very funny, this must have been a while ago. Since Jonah Hill still looks like a "mcjew".

    • captain obvious

      im guessing it was before the filming of 'super bad'…. :s

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy


  • J.D.

    I would do anything to be with Emma Stone. ANYTHING.

    • JOHN

      Start by acquiring some dignity

      • J.D.

        No. I think this strategy will work.

      • Steven B


    • Jordan

      She is sexy as fuck

    • derbymon

      Paint my house.

    • Dan

      Jim Carey I found you!

      • The thing

        would you suck my dick to be with her?

        • J D

          yes 😉

      • WSNS

        Dan, I see what you did there.. Silly you.

    • hereforthefood

      Alright, She wants you to chop your dick off.

    • seussalot

      Would you do it in a box? Would you do it with a fox?

    • yoselahonda

      Would you uhhh….kill a man…?

  • Ned Plimpton

    Watch the movie instead.

  • Good Stuff

    Reminds me I gotta watch that movie again… Hilarious!!!

    • Vinny

      That movie is all time classic. Gonna watch this weekend (my 20th time i guess)

  • Chris Rugby

    Chive Videos are the number 1 reason i bring headphones to work

  • JOHN

    I don't remember Paul Rudd being in that movie

    • Tony

      i was thinking the same fucking thing!

    • Dan

      That's because Paul Rudd is not in that movie or this clip for that matter

      • JOHN

        Look to the left of the girl next to emma stone. Her left, Your right

      • JOHN

        Also you're a fucking dumbass

  • Martin

    Helen or Ellen? Must be an early read if they changed the name for the movie.

  • Master_Rahl

    Glad they altered the script for the movie. Some of the lines that actually made it were funnier than what we just watched, that said, it was cool to see. Oh, and Emma Stone is hilarious hiding her face during the graphic details. She's so hot.

    • NofxFan7

      I'm going to give you the best BJ… with ma mouth.

  • mikecane

    That website at the end is great…

    • MattyB4x4


    • mikecame

      trolls gonna troll

  • http://theChive.com YEMX

    that was a great 6 mins. Thanks chive!

  • The J

    Just because the people in the group are laughing doesn't mean it is funny. Wow, no effort is the new funny?

    • Quello

      Yeah this isn't even remotely funny

  • LucretiusCaro

    Too bad Cera has only that one character he can play. Maybe one day he'll get some breadth.

    • thatguy

      Yeah because that strategy really didn't work out for al pacino, christopher walken, clint eastwood, denzel washington, jason statham, jim carrey, adam sandler… need i go on?

      • LucretiusCaro

        Dog Day Afternoon, The Deer Hunter, Play Misty for Me, The Bone Collector, The Truman Show, Punch Drunk Love.

        Got nothing for Statham. But at least the rest CAN play different characters. Can Cera?

        • Kurama

          You say that like he has been an actor for 50 years like the others…

          • LucretiusCaro

            Tell me which of the above came particularly late in the respective actor's career. Probably the only one which might qualify as "late" is Play Misty for Me, and that was from '71.

        • thatguy

          Sure there is an exception to every rule, but even in most of the ones you listed while the character may be slightly different, the way the actor played them was essentially the same they approach every character they play such as denzel playing a detective who is a smooth, in control, pseudo philosopher with impeccable ethics (only this time he is a quadriplegic).

          Thought of a few more: Matthew Mcconaughey, Keira Knightley, Colin Farrell, Liam Neeson, Owen Wilson, Ashton Kutcher, Tom Hanks, Cameron Diaz, Reese Witherspoon, Martin Lawrence, Jennifer Aniston. Sure at some point all or most of these have shown some real acting talent (some more than others, Neeson >> Aniston) but the point is they are generally just themselves in a different surrounding.

          • LucretiusCaro

            Your point is, of course, well taken. However, you still evade mine; CAN Cera play a different character? Even you yourself admit that those you list can, and have. Except maybe Statham and Kutcher.

            Owen Wilson was genius in Bottle Rocket and a much different character than, say, Hansel. Just wanted to give him a thumbs up on that one.

        • eBaggy7

          Statham was in SNATCH. Epic Gangster Comedy by Guy Ritchie.

          • TomTheCameraGuy

            Yeah, but he still plays a smart ass, and there's violence in the movie, so I'd count it as the same

  • London

    This makes me want to watch this movie again!

  • wut?

    How cute is Emma Stone

  • Quello

    F-in hilarious!? It's not even funny at all watching the table read.

  • Ray

    Ok, now that everyone in my office is staring at me like i'm a complete idiot….that was funny as hell.

  • Steven B

    loved this, hilarious!

  • Anonymous

    What’s a lemon party?

  • sam

    so cute when emma hides her face when the line, "i want you to finger fuck my pussy and eat me hard" comes up


    wow even less funny than the movie. and thats saying something.never rly found seth rogan jr to be funny.or seth rogan for that matter

  • http://togtfo.com Don

    To bad the movie was awful.

    • NofxFan7


  • Whoopi_G

    Funny stuff.

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