Virginity is a hell of a drug…

    • Dick Salad

      So is this like pogs or something? Did he lose his pikachu card?

    • Magnus

      Yes… The virginity is strong in this one.

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      I'd hate to see what he does if someone said "Han didn't shoot first"

    • Ralph

      I used to play Magic back in the day and I've seen this behaviour many times. People have also gotten hurt. Thats not why i don't play anymore, I began chasing pussy.

      Thanks Chive for a smoother t-shirt transaction. And maybe autofill as well.

      • blaaaaackaak


    • joe

      No shit…LMFBallsOff!!

    • Bumhugs

      You, sir, have won the Internet today! Congratulations!

  • sampsonsimpson

    you cant make that up..pricehhhhleshhh

    • Captain Obvious

      Actually, yeah, you can. Google Francis Youtube.

      • thedude325

        Or think, Joe Pesci in Casino,when he's playing blackjack. A really fat version of that.

    • Chet_Manly


  • Justin

    “I play my virgin forever card,wait…that was the first card you played.” (caption courtesy of MM)

    • Fart

      Ever wonder How we went from Braveheart, Gladiator, and 300 to this? I mean What the Fuck Happened?

      • KeepCalmDriveOn

        McDonald's happened

      • dirtysteve99

        Who's we?

      • dirtysteve99

        Also, why movies?

  • Brad

    cant wait to see all the people to think he actually acts like this.
    It is a made up character he plays lol

    • dkptig

      sorry bradders, this isnt the type of joke you want to be on the "inside" of.

    • coinbank

      wha? are you telling me he is famous among the virgin club?

      • Brad

        his name isn't even Fransis, these videos are fake, but funny hehe

        • coinbank

          Brad, have you had sex yet?

          • Brad

            No but I hear it is awesome!

            • coinbank

              "it is like warm apple pie"

              • Brad

                Do the apple pies that they sell at McDonalds count? I did stick my penis in one of those once??

                • Brad

                  oh wow, your such a nerd lol, came back to find you are trying to act like me.

                  -5/10, that was terrible humor

                  • Brad

                    I also like how you try to troll someone for just pointing out its fake. Maybe if you try really hard, it will actually hide how pathetic you really are.

                  • coinbank

                    * "you are" or "you're"

                    * quit drinking you are making no sense

                    • Brad

                      you are a nerd for pointing out how uneducated I actually am…. I jerk off to pictures of men….

                    • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

                      I don't even really want to comment on how ridiculous this is. Is it even actually two people, or just one jackass?

                    • Brad

                      I am sorry sugar tits, it is just me being a jackass, this is what I do for fun.

                    • http://dinkus.blog.com Emzilla

                      Well stop that shit and go get a life, buttercock?

                    • Brad

                      buttercock…… lmao….

                    • BRADDD

                      lets see how close we can get to the border……………..

                    • wagonburner

                      I DON'T KNOW WHAT WE ARE YELLING ABOUT!!!!!!!!………………..

                    • jackofseveraltrades

                      So are there other videos of him playing this character?

                    • andfukyamoms

                      i LIKE TURTLES

                    • drunk Rugby Player

                      Brad how do you know this is fake? and how do you know the guys name?

                    • Dogbert

                      If you scroll down this thread, it's like half a pyramid!

                    • jackofseveraltrades

                      Nevermind, found his other videos. Yea he is acting as a nerd character. Here is him being his real self

                    • teehee...

                      I just want to see this getting closer to the edge of the screen….

                    • thevanishingthread

                      Almost there…

                    • ShakeyTheMoyle

                      stay on target….stay on target…

                    • ShakeyTheMoyle

                      will it end with one letter per line…must find out!

                    • 9.8ms2

                      come on people we must work together

                    • 0_0


                    • chito


                    • shorty


                    • Ashley


                    • namehere?

                      still not finished

                    • Slauterhause


                    • Nicnac


                    • chronicLSD


                    • tapsnapornap

                      If you mix butter and sugar…aren't you baking?

                    • Mmmrrrgmrr


                • Red

                  I call bs, you would have unblockable +7 scorched your little talisman off.

    • Swenka

      Yep. Same with all the "Mom cancelled my WoW account" and such 'rage' posts. Funny for those that don't understand.

      Though really, if he has nothing in hand, you have all the info to finish….

    • Choad

      That's what I thought…He is smiling at the end.

    • canemike

      So he isn't a giant fat ass and is just playing the role of one?

    • Kobe

      I know he has a whole youtube channel.. pretty funny shit

  • Avon

    "So I win right?" Hahaha

    • Wow

      best line, made me laugh out loud at my desk!

  • oliverklosov

    Hypertension is a bitch!!!

    • lonin

      It must suck being fat and unfunny. Well, unintentionally funny.

  • fapfriends

    Donald Duck

  • pb&j

    He smiles at the end….then looks at the camera..

    • http://matter.com Fkn Nick, Duh

      i noticed that too, which sucks, cause i was pretty convinced up to that point

  • Rememberthisbannana

    virginity level 94 …. but then again which one is more of a geek the one freaking out or the one winning?

    • leafsfan2005

      Does anyone really win playing MTG?

      • Ckris Phoenix

        If you steal decks, and sell em :L:L

    • CaptainStag

      The guy's clearly trolling him. That's a kind of winning.

    • Tang2


  • gmen

    no idea what is happening here but it is absolutely hysterical and pathetic at the same time

  • oliverklosov

    Geeezzths this game shuckths.

  • Anonymous


  • et cetera

    It's just a p rating bud, KCCO

    • etcrr sucks

      it is not just a p rating to him, he will delete the comment above as soon as it goes negative….

  • Dapper_Dave

    Wow…..The wild snorlox is easily aggravated.

    • OhSomeEvil

      why is snorlax playing, magic the gathering?

  • H. Olivier

    it's like hear daffy duck pissed off

  • Jim


  • Etalicus


  • Diesel57

    Virgin level = Infinite.

  • tippytoe

    this dude has a bunch of yt's up. All deliberate, he's struck gold with the nerds.

  • Dick Salad

    He must have money riding on this of something…

    • Dick Salad

      or* something…

  • Justin

    Virginity level – Pee Wee Herman

  • Smitty

    Fake he smiles and looks at the camera

  • BigRedGoat

    Frannncccchhhhiiiths, relachhs man. You need to chhhake a breacchhh.

  • tbone

    Forever alone………

  • http://www.yougottagged.com Dick

    Ah man, that is funny stuff right there. If this is a bit, he does a helluva job with that accent.

    • jbjb

      fattie laughs at the end i think its staged

      • Seamus

        It is staged… he has a Youtube channel that he does different characters on, funny as hell.

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