• Peter


    • iheartboobs

      Its obviously fake, why give thumbs down for stating the obvious?

      • morebeer

        Because its obviously fake and he is stating the obvious

        • iheartboobs

          Read on, i think youll find some gullible people!

    • Chris

      What gave it away? The fact that it's a beer commercial?

    • StaticFX

      thank you captain obvious. seriously? its a beer commercial. Maybe if it was Budweiser i might believe it.

    • Mig

      It's not fake. The device is an advanced version of a simple machine known as a Reverse Pendulum

    • i don't understand

      what exactly are you calling fake?
      looks like a device that keeps a beer steady.
      how is that fake?
      i don't understand your logic.
      obviously fake in what way?

    • Cantaloupe

      Much more importantly: Wtf is wrong with the dude on the dance floor? Is he supposed to be dancing?

  • frank

    bad vibes

  • etcrr

    Good Invention, but some wise ass will hit the glass on purpose

    • Brian

      And what are the chances that wise ass will be you?

      Just sayin, not hatin.

    • dearlord

      We ALL hate your faggot ass etcrr. GTFO.

  • therealguy

    screw the beer holder. i want the dance floor

    • FullBlownStoned

      Screw both. I want the beer.

    • Uncle Fisty

      screw bitches. drink beer. burn the floor.

  • Arkriverrat

    or you can drink it.

    • JHL1

      True! The best place to hold a beer is in your stomach!

      • Kyle

        yah, for a while, but there are limits. ex. drinking too many beers and/or riding an amusement ride leading to an upchuck event

        • Arkriverrat

          at least drink it down, who goes on the dance floor with a full beer?

  • macalwaysanintern

    way to encourage drunk driving

    • Chris

      Way to be a humorless twat

  • Anonymous

    so fake lol

  • Yeah Buddy!!!

    I thought it was funny shit.

  • passwordistaco

    Thought he was going to at least knock him down. Shit I can dance with a beer (better than without one anyway!)

  • http://tehgeektive.com/2012/03/13/awseome-spill-proof-beer-device-is-awesome/ Awseome Spill Proof Beer Device Is Awesome | TehGeekTive

    […] at the party. This awesome spill proof beer device is a keeper. Thanks Octizip for sharing. Via [The Chive]. Related Posts:Gyro Pool Table – a keeperHave wine? This guy has the biggest corkscrew […]

  • Da Sandman

    can't wait to read to the comments of people who actually believe this shit 😀

  • Sir Milf

    This is just a tv commercial for a brand of beer. I might have lold. Had it not been just a tv commercial for a brand of beer.

  • RNCoetzee@hotmail.com

    Why punch on his body? Aim for head..

  • Mikerhinos

    I smell viral ad, but anyway it's quite funny 🙂

  • senseless

    New Ringtone baby….

  • LucretiusCarus

    While clearly fake, it's surely inspired by the steadi-cam. Which is quite real.

  • Geribaldy

    Haters gonna hate

  • hessyleavestheus

    pretty great commercial but, for the real deal ya'll should google the gyro snack food container for kids

  • Godwept

    Hard to hear this video with the retarded Lysol dish soap commercial that auto plays. Please Chive… your better than this.

  • OneClownShoe

    Dear guy with the fist stick, you weren't even trying. I know girls who could spill that beer.

  • PedanticEngineer

    Buy yourself a Manfrotto Articulated Camera Arm, add some aluminum foil and some wires and you have yourself exactly what they have here. Sorry, to get all engineering on you.

  • r151

    I just use a table.

  • http://twitter.com/CerealFede @CerealFede

    now develop a Dignity Security System

  • Aaron

    Shut up and take my money

  • Dan


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