Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • Bill

    FIRST! HA!

    • Casey O.

      FUCK YOU BILL!!!!!!!

      • bobby

        Haha! It's still funny how upset some people get when someone says "first". Never gets old.

  • Fly

    That looks like it would be sick to drive 😀

    • 3MC

      car & coffin in one; because if you are in a wreck, they'll just bury you in it.

  • hater

    #21. Bring back the "things that bounce" galleries!

    • Machinist

      … and find her!

    • AmBush_Steve

      I really could have been first but I couldn't pull myself away (pun intended) from that gif. It's mesmerizing.

    • Marc

      Agreed. We haven't had a good .gif galley in awhile now. Things that Bounce was always my favorite

    • flight_crash

      +1 for the bring back things that bounce request.

  • Still_Counts

    #22 Amen brother

    • jjrm

      Louis CK takes over his show

    • Undershooter30

      It depends whether or not she is walking toward or away from you.

  • Breadful jokes...

    #8 Booo..

    • Friday!!!

      must have been mac's idea

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      Yeah, whoever came up with this so-called "meme" should be hunted and killed for sport.

      • mittens

        Maybe it will get funny if they keep reposting it. I doubt it, but I'm trying to be optimistic today.

        • skwee

          I doughnut think it will

  • matt

    love this website

    • matt

      I have no life.

    • Cosby Sweater

      It's not just a website, it's a way of life.

      • Skip

        Totally. Since I really started understanding the meaning of the chive my road rage level (among other things) has actually decreased significantly, even during NYC traffic! Try to be patient with others and give people the benefit of the doubt and just have fun with life… Just try to KC and Chive On!

        • Shut up


    • The Stadium Guy...

      Probably the best site in the world…..

  • Bob Lee Swagger


    R.I.P. Spacebat! We'll never forget you….

    • 0331

      And we know there will never be another one.

      • http://twitter.com/GermanDoerksen @GermanDoerksen

        It already happened once before that… so… it can definitely happen again. Well.. space exploration is dead i guess… hmm… touche. lol.

    • http://www.youtube.com/user/ADHDavenger13?feature=mhsn Firefighter23

      I can't believe I remember that. Spacebat was truly the bravest of all bats.

  • kruwreka

    #21 …and that is how her boyfriend ended up in the emergency room with a broken penis

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Doesn't matter. Had sex.

  • shawthomas

    Again I would pay to do this!

    • Ned_Plimpton

      And if you ever get a hold of $10million you can!!

    • jer

      i dunno about jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft, but, I would pay to go up there and see the view of space and earth, epic and humbling view

  • Chuck Vanderloo


    Just moments before he power-bombed her…

  • Mhm

    #21 Dirty, dirty things I'd do..

  • passwordistaco

    Good God Almighty #21

    • O.O

      Please kneel

    • dam

      anyone know who is she ?

      • mikey

        She kinda looks like Tina from Coronation Street

  • Chuck Vanderloo


    I no longer fear Skynet.

    • stumeister


    • Skip


  • Yep.

    #27 Super Douche Meathead Man.

    • http://thechive.com/ GernBlansten

      I was so hoping to see a wipeout at the end of this GIF.

    • TROY

      Haters gonna hate

  • James Munn

    #1 HOLY SHAQ, BATMAN!! #5 No need for cake. #23 Find her…. 🙂

  • 3MC

    #6 Pretty soon chicks will just be wearing panties with a belt around their waist.

    • Chuck Vanderloo

      I pray that it is so…

    • Me.

      sign me up for the generation after that when panties become too much clothing. 🙂

      • FlutieFlakes

        I concur. Freeze me "Walt Disney"-style until that happens.

    • Synysteerrrrrrrrr

      And i'll be loving every minute of it.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Yes, but be warned that fat chicks will think they look good like that too and will be walking around Wal Mart! 😦

      • Frank

        That already happens at most Wal Marts.

      • etcrr

        That's ok, I don't shop at Walmart

        • etcrr's goat

          no you go to elementary schools to try to find a date…

        • Stan

          you better hurry up and delete this comment old bitch

        • etcrr sucks

          you just deleted that same bullshit comment… do you think it will go better for you on a weekend when you can have time to give yourself thumbs up???? fucking douche

    • bobby

      I think they already do…they're called…"hotpants"!!! Shizaaaaam!

    • Stevie Jay

      And that would be a bad thing… because?

    • Scott

      …and of course they'll whine "Why are you looking at me?!" "BECAUSE YOU'RE 99.9% NUDE IN PUBLIC, BITCH!"

    • Dogbert

      bikini bottoms? Don't even need a belt, homie

  • http://thechive.com ontherun1989

    #10 And let it be known, that no fucks were given upon this day.

    • jdfish2279

      It kinda looks like John McCauley from Deer Tick. If it is, you are spot on with your assessment.

  • MattKL

    #22 is talking about #23.

  • Edison

    #4 How might one achieve this? painting with light, you say?

    • Schwartz

      1) Get a DSLR camera, a tripod and a cable release or wireless remote for the camera.
      2) Switch that beast to the "bulb" setting on the shutter speed.
      3) Hit the little button on said release or remote.
      4) Move a light around in front of said camera.
      5) ???
      6) Profit.

      • Edison

        Thanks Schwartz!

    • phydor

      missed a spot. right there. and over there.

  • 3MC

    #22 I'm with COCO

  • etcrr 126p

    I ❤ my goat ,she`s the only one who ever loved me back.

    • passwordistaco

      Hey man, fuck with etcrr all you want, leave the goat outa this.

  • its_forge

    I can suck any chivers off coz i love theChive so much. Oh and all the chivettes are my sisters.

    • etcrr

      wanna join forces?

    • Nick

      I could go for a good suck off

  • tmc102464


    …nnnno….really? That's impossible, right? SPACE?! He'd burn up on reentry, wouldn't he?

    • dashete

      It's only from 13 miles. The Karman line (where reentry become noticeable)is at like 60 miles.

      • Eric

        At terminal velocity of a person (120mph, had to wiki that shit) it would take almost a half hour to reach the ground. What the hell does one do for that long?

        Other than falling of course?

        • Eric

          Crap, erase that, I can't math.

          • The Andychrist

            You do this… by yourself.

          • Andy Valentine

            Is maths a verb now? 😉

            Anyway, on a less pedantic note, this is completely badass. Got to love when someone pushes the boundaries of the human potential. Skydiving from 12,000ft was awesome enough for me, I can't imagine how epic doing it from 13 miles would be.

            • Mrs_Conejo

              'Well Lois since you asked, I find this meatloaf rather shallow and pedantic.'

          • Skip

            I think it would take about 6 and a half minutes. 13 divided by 120 times 60. That's pretty long… when i went skydiving at 13,000 feet I was only in free fall for less than 30 seconds! And yeah, you're right, the shuttle only burns up because it's mass is so large and it's terminal velocity is much greater, so it falls faster causing more friction from the air. That wouldn't happen to a human, and if that bat had an oxygen mask it would probably take it a few days to get down!

      • StaticFX

        13? try 23 Miles…

        current record is 102K ft (19 miles) the new one being attempted is 120K (22+ miles)
        Terminal velocity is WELL exceeded at the height since there is no air and resistance is nill

        the last guy (from the 1960(?)) jump… almost hit mach1 (690 mph) – so they are expecting the new attempt to hit it.


        • SoBe Bound

          He's hoping when he does the 23 mile jump that he exceeds Mach 1 and becomes the first human to break the sound barrier without being in an aircraft.

      • tmc102464

        Thanks, Dashete – didn't know that. I'm just a clay-head professional musician – I know, 'get a real job'

        Thanks, again!

    • Hurricane Harri

      People! it's the internet! When you have question, GOOGLE IT!__RedBull pilot Felix Baumgartner was to attempt to break the speed of sound (720 mph!) jumping from 71,581. The jump took place on March 15, 2012 and he actually reached speeds of only 364 mph._ _http://www.redbullstratos.com/

  • http://twitter.com/jahrodnz @jahrodnz

    #17 IMPOSSIBRU!!!

    • its_forge

      Done it. And yeah, it was a chick and there were clothes missing.

  • http://whatmovieshouldiwatch.wordpress.com/ mhuard5

    #3 "Do you have any 6s?"

    • FarNORTH64n_147w

      ..Go fish

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