People you will always meet at the gym (13 Photos)

Every word of this is the truth and you know it….


  • Smack76

    That's a strange place and it has a funny name gym

  • B_T_I

    Nailed it, I see them all, all the time

  • etcrr

    Agreed nailed them all big time

    • Blake


  • Rainmaker2112

    I work in a gym and there are other's you missed:

    * The talker – they engage in conversation at full volume with people even if they have their headphones on or are reading a book or magazine.

    * The beauty queen – they come in full makeup & hair, dressed in neon tights or yoga pants. They walk on the treadmill at 1mph or use the eilliptical and barely move it. They look like they didn't workout when they leave.

    * The Moby Dick – people who are obese who get in the pool and do water aerobics furiously like they are losing inches or weight.

    * Creepy guy – wheres a button down work shirt and denim shorts and watches guys & women while doing the thigh machines.

    * The Sweat Hog – these people sweat by simply standing. They have to spray down the machines they walk by and not just the ones they use.

    * The "Non-Voice" – these are usually middle-aged women who blast their iPods and then sing at the top of their lungs, as if they were on "The Voice". They are so loud that they drown-out the music we pump through out gym's big-a$$ speakers.

    • Wet_tosti

      Aquarobics…..I always feel the urge to throw down a few crops of lettuce between the hippo's.

    • RICCO

      There are others so lazy they just hang around the pool and go in just to take a pee.

    • dfgdf

      i don't know what you'd call them, but also the girls that come to the gym for social hour, half assed work the eliptical or something while talking to ppl or squat on a weight machine while they talk to someone else. block you from getting an actual workout jus so they can keep up on the gym gossip,lol.

    • DDD

      The HAIRY GUY, who walks around NAKED in locker room for an hour….

      • Graves

        The Naked guy in the locker room who wants to engage in conversation for hours.

    • BritBerrier

      i don't think i fit any of these :/ i sure hope i don't!

    • thatguy

      "The Parker" – Variation of the talker who does so while sitting on but not using the equipment and preventing anyone else from actually using it.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      * Testiculus Dangelus – The usually older guy with no shame for his body and no use for a towel.

    • namestim

      * The talker – they engage in conversation at full volume with people even if they have their headphones on or are reading a book or magazine.
      -Hate this guy.

    • "That" guy

      Relevant at colleges:
      * The Asians- Whether Indian, Chinese, or Middle Eastern, they will always be wearing polos and jeans. They can barely lift anything and have absolutely know idea what's going on.

      • Lauren

        Hey now! Not all of us Asians are like that! Can we please be more specific? Like "Douchey Asians"? Or "Massively Confused, and Possibly in the Wrong Place Asians"?

      • @Pro_George

        im middle eastern and im pretty muscley… racist douchebag

      • BigHeadEd

        I know you meant to say no, no?

    • oliverklosov

      Oh and don't forget the dude that walks around the gym talking on his cell for an hour.

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Thought of another…

      * The Seasonal – Gets gym membership for New Years resolution. Quits a month later…. Repeats.

      • Bud

        I fucking hate going to the gym from January until the end of February.

    • Chaos

      Missed two others:

      The Multi guy – works out on 2-3 items at the same time (benching, free weights, machine). Cuts in on your workout and is "annoyed" you interrupted his schedule.

      The Slammer – Dude has to drop the weights on the machine to let everyone know he is "pushing" it hard.

      • socalmarti

        I worked at gym with the weights up stairs and I HATED these guys!!!!!!!

      • Jack_LeMac

        There's a guy like that at my local gym and he'll add a healthy bellow every damn time he does it

    • Le4385

      The Curl Machine: The high school guy that comes in once a week to do bicep curls with horrible form.

      Equipment Man: The guy who brings in a massive armada of workout supplements, towels, straps, gloves, and bands in a huge bag and then looks as if he's never used them.

    • eclipze

      The inverted triangle man: Works out so much on the upper body while neglecting the lower body.

      Those guys look hilarious.

      • SARmedic

        That's the prison physique, all upper body. My sister calls them roosters, lol.

      • socalmarti

        bulging traps tiny calves and ankles!

    • Not a fan

      * The overweight dumbbell curler – the obese person that does useless bicep curls with 5lb dumbbells

    • MylesofStyles

      Wow. I never noticed any of these people…I don't have time to analyze BECAUSE I'M BUSY ACTUALLY WORKING OUT, AND WHEN I'M DONE I LEAVE. If you're not interested in the social aspect, go to the gym early in the morning, or late at night. Otherwise STFU.

      • Bud

        You don't workout that much if you don't notice any of these people. If you workout all year, even if you have your blinders on you will still notice the seasonal people in January. Or the douche sitting on a bench for 10 minutes not using it.

    • Nefaarious

      Ya… theres alot of people at the gym I go to who sit in the pool taking up lanes, and they will do like one lap every five minutes 😦

    • Xander

      How about the "Bad Etiquette" guy? There are 10 empty treadmills, elliptical or punching bags and they want to work out at the on right next to you. Damn Douche Nozzles, Choad warts!

  • Bobby

    #9 HOLY FUCK PEOPLE. How difficult is it to get an education in America these days? It's PREY!!!!!!!! Stupid ignorant fucks posting bullshit on the internet. smh.

    • TheHypnotizer

      Glad to have you onboard as the spell check police. Nice catch, buddy. It's nice to know you never make mistakes and are willing to correct everyone.

      • Jawbone

        Really? Is it "nice"? Thanks for repeating it. It helps the intelligent contributors spot the morons who think they're clever. And use a fucking comma after "mistakes", idiot.

        • k t c

          You don't use a comma when you use "and"….

          • Mark Almighty

            You do if what follows the "and" can stand alone as its own sentence. In the instance above, "are willing to correct everyone" could not stand alone as its own sentence, so TheHypnotizer was actually correct (perhaps unintentionally) by not placing a comma after "mistakes".

        • Brutal Deluxe

          The jawbone of an ass is still as dangerous a weapon as it was in Sampson's day

          • dirtysteve99

            Samson, Sampson sounds like a Simpson's Biblical special.

            • Brutal Deluxe

              It was, that's where I get all my religious information

        • ancientlegacy
          • Da Bulls

            Let's eat Grandma.

            Let's eat, Grandma.

            Grammar saves lives.

      • that_ALBANIAN_guy

        Mistakes and lack of literacy are two very different things, my friend.

    • Jeremiah

      Chill dude, it's the internet.

    • tapsnapornap

      Also, "She will be in the treadmill" "making all kinds of noices" and they missed a bunch of apostrophes. That's if we're editing and all…

      • Miss Liberty

        yup, agreed! there are enough mistakes to indicate either a) literacy is a problem, or b) English is not their first language.

    • RICCO

      Education? What's that, Bobby Brown?

    • Thibodeau

      Thank you. Why the fuck do you think the Japanese think we're fat and lazy? Well, because we are. Too lazy to learn how to spell and use simple heterographs.

      "If your to lazy two get the spellings write- your to lazy to get my drive-thru order write."

      • PTesla

        I agree, but what has anything got to do with the Japanese? I hate people who use incorrect grammar, just like how Ugandans hate us.

    • truth

      this is for you bobby. I hope their is alwyss somebody around too piss you off with there bad spellling and terible punctation and whorrific run-on sentences.

    • naa

      THIS Bobby FUCKER got +74 for pointing out a SPELLING ERROR ? WTFO

    • SARmedic

      That picture was submitted by some European dude.

      • Bored

        I for one have no fucks to give when it comes to grammar but one thing I've noticed over the past few years is peoples spelling. Even journal columns I read these days have real bad spelling. Has text messaging and the like really fucked people up? It seems like it is becoming an epidemic.

    • Cantaloupe

      I think it just illustrates that the person spent less time making the image than you did complaining about it – and they did it to entertain others, not to denigrate another person.

    • Bud

      All the grammar police on here can feel free to shoot themselves in the face. No one is coming on the chive for an english lesson, just laughs.

    • -_-

      grammar isn't where the money is at; "if you are worth a damn?"

      Bobby is an impressive name for an inglish Mage or

    • Kevin

      I agree!!!…just irks me every time i see postings made by people who can't fucking spell correctly…. LMAO!

    • patov40

      Unless of course, the writer didn't mean to use "prey", he meant to use "play". Either way, it's a silly internet humor site. Does anyone really care that much?

  • Da Sandman

    working at a gym, i can confirm that you find idiots like this EVERY day

    • Jawbone

      Obviously there is no English program at that gym. You paid for the caps button, might as well try and punctuate a little. It's too bad they didn't have an entry for "Loser gym employee who can't find anything better".

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Look, he's got a lot to take care of at the gym. He's got to mop up after the sweating fatties and keep track of whose turn it is to anally fist your mother. Cut him some slack, and go buy your mom some Astroglide.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Oh, and quotation marks go after the period, comma fucker.

      • Da Sandman

        1) you must be one of these idiots who think they're better than all the rest? i get a lot of those guys to.

        2) why are you referring to an English program? i don't see any grammar mistakes in my post?

        3) apparently it's hard to get a job if you have a masters degree in physical education

        4) i get paid for sitting on my ass and surfing the internet… there's nothing better

        5) working at the gym is 1 of the 2 jobs i'm doigngat the moment. My other job is one that starts making big money after 6 – 12 months, so i'm doing both until this one is getting off the ground

        6) when that happens, i can start paying people like you to clean my toilets

        7) get a fucking life

        • Thebitchslap

          So many mistakes, can't begin to list them all. It shows you make a living sitting on your ass, instead of surfing the net, you might want to learn how to write. The ones who write like Da Sandman call the people who correct them idiots? Now THAT'S irony. Why don't you get a fucking life and get off your ass, stupidity and ignorance are fixable. Get on it.

          • Da Sandman

            Apart from the obvious typo at 4), i don't see any other mistakes (correct me if i'm wrong)

            So you refer to my nickname in a pathetic atempt to make a come back for the sake of that other idiot? Ok let's play it your way: you forgot to put spaces between the 3 words of your nickname.. learn how to write…. (wow that's lame…)

            And another thing: you say the other guy corrected me… in what way did he do that? by complaining that i used caps for 1 word? If he doesn't have anything better to say, then yes, he's an idiot.

            You fail at life, you both do. But i find it somewhat amusing, so do carry on, make an ass out of yourself.

            • Da Sandman

              oh i just found an obvious mistake in my post ^^ (english is not my native language, so you can't expect it to be perfect… oh you can? well, sucks to be you, i guess)

              one of these idiots who think they're –> should be: one of those idiots who thinks he's

  • Dangerfield

    #13 Truth

  • MattKL

    Sometimes #2 and #12 are the same girl.

    • Lev

      And it's upsetting to see her gradually turn into Skeletor.

      • Theresa

        *cough* Angelina Jolie *cough*

  • Winston

    You forgot the douchebags who do the free weights while standing in the mirror just staring into their own douchebag eyes

  • tiernana

    Haha. sad things is, like everything else on the chive, its all true. (but you forgot people like me, the tiny guys who stand out for being so small and is currently up at 5 in the morning to warm up and go to the gym when nobodies there so i don't feel so self-conscious for being the only tiny guy) lol

    • norbs

      Haha, yeah I used to like going 9:30pm and on… but after you get used to having all the machines free, it's really hard to start going at regular hours.

    • bigD

      Sorry, didn't see you down there

    • smallchinaman

      This strikes a nerve with me, being a fellow tiny. You can't go to the gym without the majority judging you for having a body you were given. At the same time, they have no right feeling superior because of their size, as they did nothing other than have a gene that told their cells to keep multiplying. This goes for women too, just because you are pretty doesn't mean you are better than the chick with the hook nose. It's all luck of the draw.

    • dalexmu

      At my gym theres a dude who is in a wheelchair… A really nice person and i dont seenhim complaining

      • tiernana

        I apologize sir. i didn't realize i offended you. we each have our own problems, some physical some others. I was in rotc and have met numerous a wounded veteran who will train under more sever conditions than i (for instance, the army ten miler, i met at least a dozen good men pushing out a sub 65 ten mile with one or neither leg), but does that mean i will go out of my way to comment on someone's post when they make a halfhearted joke about something unrelated? it shouldn't. i wonder what you were thinking when you posted this, or under what context? i assure you, there is none that justifies being such a douchebag good sir

  • Mojopin9

    You left out Poor Grammar Guy.

  • Suits_me

    There are no words..

    • yeah

      I've never understood how guys like this manage to: wipe their ass, get food to their mouths, fuck, use a phone, or do anything else for that matter.

      • Mr.E

        you know that, that pic is totally shopped right no one THAT big. I mean there are some huge bodybuilders, but nothing like this.

        Then again I don't understand why some guys want to be skinny emo bitches, but there are plenty of them and plenty of women think they are hot lol.

        • Suits_me

          if it wasn't shopped I'd be worried!, imagine running into him..scare the bejasus out of ya.

    • The_Dood

      There are plenty of words for that picture. Like MANANA, FIZZBITCH, AND… GUN! Warning: May contain Anna Kournikova.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    Aw, crap. I'm #4, #5 and #6.

    • Mr. Poland

      You're a lazy sweating couple? I find that an impressive thing for one person to accomplish.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Yeah, it's a lot to get to in a day for a lazy person.

  • Royce

    #2 you know what to do…

  • Sea

    Haha great post.

  • BostonChiver.

    The #5 at BSC is fucking hilarious. They are always doing intense tabata or cross fit workouts and they look like a modern day Hanz and Franz. They also double as the #7 couple, correcting every girls form.

  • Squirrel

    #8… Obvious pace maker implant is obvious. Don’t stress out too hard on the machines bud, Your viagra won’t work later. Oh, and I’m def. #4

    • Jawbone

      As well as obviously mentally handicapped. Keep trying, squirrel nuts. You'll be funny one day. Off to high school now.

  • Meander

    I'm #6 but I'm trying to be #8

  • crazydog

    I lift things up and put them down

    • Kevin


  • Stacey


    I think is sort of me, since I'm training for a fun run … but I do like to complain about it loudly…


  • KorovaMilkBar

    I fapped to each one of them.

  • dave

    Say what you want, but in a bar fight #1 would kick the shit out of #3. Every time.

    • Woodsy

      Because that's important

      • Brutal Deluxe

        I guess it's relevant if you happen to be in the middle of a bar fight.

    • TDub66

      Except #3 would never be seen in a bar.

      • R-Dub

        Maybe a gay bar.

    • Truth

      I'm going to go out on a limb and say #1 probably picks up #3 in bars every night- not so much fightin', but plenty of wrastlin'

    • Aaron

      and these "fat strong guys" as they put it, arent there for bs reasons, theyre strong men and powerlifters who actually want to bestrong and not just look like it

    • Jack_LeMac

      Yeah speaking of the fat-yet-strong guy, sumo wrestlers are a force of nature

  • Scott

    Don't forget the New Years Resolutionists—

    They're the ones who promise to get in better shape this year and buy a gym membership on Jan 2…

    Then go 3 days a week till the end of Feb or mid March, and then you never see them again….

    • Brutal Deluxe

      We usually give them until Valentine's Day, and then a subset make it back when the weather starts to get better, only to quit once summer actually starts.

    • Mike

      I'm guilty.

  • 0_0

    My favorite is the muscle guys with big upper body, and legs that have been severely neglected.

  • Cob

    Fuckin spell check and grammar Nazi’s. Get the he’ll over it, you obviously understood what they meant. Also everyone makes freaking typos. Just take a damn chill pill and enjoy the humor.

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      Good sir. There's a difference between a typo and lazy 'riting'. A typo is when you are 'goign' fast and mix up a letter or two. Still not a good enough reason to just right-click that bad boy and correct it with 'automagic' computer machines.

      Lazy writing is the misuse and abuse of there, their, they're, its, it's, your, you're, then, than etc. And that's a very small, but most often used set of exemplary "fuck you school". The reason why grammar Nazis and the like point this shit out to you, is because you'll make it a bad habit and keep doing it. Then, one day you'll realize how much of an illiterate idiot you are from neglecting some simple, basic rules that should have been taught to you by grade 4.

      TL;DR: Learn to English.

      One should note though: sometimes, if one trolls, intentional use of these horrible grammatical may be employed, for the simple fact that 90% of you idiots wont realize what happened. Trolling is a art.

      • Not the Police

        You, sir, should probably brush up on your writing skills before criticizing another. Let me point out a few of YOUR mistakes.

        1.) Good sir, if used as a greeting, should be followed by a comma instead of a period.
        2.) "Still not a good enough reason to just right-click that bad boy and correct it with 'automagic' computer machines. " This is an incomplete sentence.
        3.) In the first sentence of the second paragraph, there should be a comma inserted after than and before etc.
        4.) You should never start a sentence with the word and.
        5.) In the sentence in which you refer to the "grammar Nazis," there is an unnecessary comma after the word you.
        6.) The last sentence of your second paragraph is lacking a comma after the word day. All numbers valued at ten or less should be spelled out. You should have written four instead of 4.
        7.) "intentional use of these horrible grammatical may be employed" I believe you are missing a noun in this sentence fragment.
        8.) Trolling is AN art.

        I've said my piece and counted to ten. Good buy.

        • that_ALBANIAN_guy

          Indeed. Trolling is a art.

        • Mrs_Conejo


    • Thebitchslap

      Fuck you, not spell check. Since when did it become taboo to be able to write and speak properly? I hate people who get it wrong, it's not that fucking hard. You can take that chill pill and shove it up your ass.

      • Brutal Deluxe

        Chill suppository?

        • smallchinaman


    • TheJoeGreene

      Or, you could actually learn the basic rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation. The internet is no excuse for getting things wrong.

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