• Yomomma

    I smell a fake! Next!

  • colt

    Either fake or that totally sane part wasn’t totally true

  • Jeremy Espil

    Wow… She is insanely hot…and insane

  • Dave

    I think 'Fake' posts without so much as an opinion or reason as to why you think it is fake should be treated with as much disdain as 'firsts'

  • Capt. Crunch

    I'm thinking this is real, and that the guy who grabbed the camera at the end, took out the SD card to show it the footage to the world, and for that, we thank him.

  • Dickle

    I'm with most of these sane chivers here….It was so hard to watch. Emmmbarassing.

  • Guillermo

    ^^^ word

  • Always last


  • @JoshDWReeve


  • SGT 4Ts

    Meh, I've seen worse. Let's see MOAR of her!! There is potential!

  • Fetch

    this same thing happens to me twice a year like clockwork! bitches be crazy!

  • WTF Girl!

    Scarier than Blair Witch…

  • guy

    she grabbed a beer can off the counter and tossed it at him. You can see it sitting on the counter at 2:27 while the camera is moving around just before she freaks out, she grabs it at 2:29. no scissors

  • Shocker

    Oh wait…..and HE'LL wind up being call the dick, right?

  • gene

    Chive! FIND HER!!!!

  • loveyoulongtime


  • Splashmaster

    although I think this is England and not Ireland , there is an Irish tradition that if the woman asks her guy to marry her on February 29th ( obviously the leap day), that tradition states he is supposed to say yes.

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