Remember to set those March Madness fantasy teams to win theCHIVE’s $400 freerole pool

  • Bored

    1st 😦

  • LucretiusCarus

    I refreshed all morning to get this? Man, rough day.

  • aroseinfo

    very nice

  • pete

    and again I try to join this free roll and it wont let me. way to piss off a paying member draftstreet.

    Off to, you guys should check it out

  • joe

    Is this exclusive to the chive audience or exclusive to new members only? Get your shit together chive, any time you have ever partnered with anyone its a fucking disaster.

    How many chivers have joined the chive dating site? fucking joke.

  • joebag

    couldnt join because I have already deposited money into draftstreet in the past. Way to hook up your loyal paying members draftstreet.

    Did someone mention I may have to check them out after this disasteer.

  • Adam

    Her this Hooiser queer off of the chive! Got cats! BBN

  • @Wrestling_Stars

    This doesn't sound fun, this doesn't sound fun at all!!

  • Mr Schneebly

    this would be a lot better if it actually allowed people to register

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  • Alisa

    Hi Anh, I can certainly retale to you with on weather! I love the simplicity of the tomato and ricotta combination and I’m with everyone, the heart shape pastry is so cute! Thanks for visiting my blog earlier, I’m glad to find another Melbourne blogger too. =)

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