Time to take a trip down memory lane (35 Photos)

  • tapsnapornap

    Should #16 be in here yet? and #26 FTW!!!

    • Cartzilla

      It's very true, but not even close to eighties childhood nostalgia.

    • Timothy

      I thought the same but really…..it was fucking great to relive that again for a minute haha I kinda forgot about GTA3. I played this at 15 and im 25 now. Definite Nostalgia – just not 80's

      • Walker

        No it's Vice City, although released in 2002, it was set in 1985 or so.

    • Guy

      Its down memory lane, not just eighties nostalgia, Vice City came out when I was in high school, ten years ago.

      • ancientlegacy

        oh god, we're getting old!

  • CaNaDaaa

    #13 FTW

    • MattKL

      No sir, I didn't see you playing with your dolls again!

      • CaNaDaaa


    • Rob

      Now Kiss!

    • thebradhatter

      Has anyone seen Rick Moranis around lately? Someone needs to get him back in the biz.

      • Master_Rahl

        I think he sort of retired from acting. I'm with you though, he should make a comeback.

    • Anon

      His "I bet she gives good helmet" line is a classic to me

    • nojoke420

      Oh, oh, no, yes, no, NO, yes, ah, ah, ah ahhhhh… oh, your helmet is so big

  • tapsnapornap

    Dammit I meant #25, magnifying glasses are cool and all but I wasn't that excited about it.

    • Guest

      Too bad she's a lez.

  • Wickedslick

    #35 Best movie ever.

    • http://twitter.com/JHay97 @JHay97

      let's use the Holy Hand Grenade…… lmao

    • mikethemotormouth

      i could watch that gif til the sun burns out…or i die, whichever comes first

  • crazydog

    #35 IT'S GOT FANGS!!!!

  • DCM

    the magnum 'stach

    • DDD

      mustache level = hall of fame

    • Unfkngblvbl

      remember the 1st one, with the shotgun and the kid in the window, which turned out to be nothing but cardboard. It scared the hell out of me nonetheless, every time I saw it.

  • MattKL

    #18 Hey mister, want some candy?

    • LucretiusCarus

      Look there…up in dem trees.

    • Tron

      "Those eyes….they just disappeared."

    • Zan

      "Any time"

    • etcrr'sgoat

      Danny boy….

    • Admiral Ackbar

      If it bleeds, we can kill it

    • patov40

      "I seeeee yooooooouuuuu….." Great effing movie!

  • Mel Gibson

    #7 Would you like to play a game?

    • Brian

      On a side side note, what limp dick only dials and hangs up the phone?

      • DDD

        what dumbass is home alone with a hot girl in his bedroom and is mostly interested in playing a video game and drinking TAB???

        • etcrr'sgoat

          you should talk to etcrr, aka Stan for an answer to that….

  • Pants


    • 18 Years Later

  • Jules

    #35 "Look at the bones!!"

    • justin

      I soiled my armor I was so scared!!

  • https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1448884343 Sean Burford

    #27 is that… Nathan Fillion… SERIOUSLY, if that's Mal Reynolds in rollerblades I need to know right now

    • John

      Oh That's him

    • Calm

      OMG, I couldn't even recognize him. Good catch.

    • that_ALBANIAN_guy

      He aims to misbehave.

    • Lisa

      Holy shit you're right. NATHAN WHAT ARE YOU DOING

      • Lauren

        Being incredibly awesome.

    • erichv96

      Damn, I was thinking the same thing and hoping I was wrong…

    • gmmathias

      I thought I was the only one who thought that was him. Wow Mal, are those your firefly skates?

  • Ashom

    "It's got huge….fangs!"

  • JizzMarkie

    #9 What was this game called??? this is breaking my balls right now!

    • The Bandit


      • JizzMarkie

        hell ya thank you!

    • emu

      descent was the series
      i remember having descent 3.. epic game!

      • that_ALBANIAN_guy

        This is part 2, I think.

      • ancientlegacy

        Descent Freespace was epic.

    • phil

      Descent, i think.

    • StaticFX

      damn that game used to make me sick!!! lol loved it!

    • natedogg

      descent 4… and it looks like he ditched the guide-bot, that evil prick. it chaps my ass halo had to rip that off of this game

    • Havokmon

      I might just go hang out in #descent for old times sake..

    • PBJ

      This was my favorite game. Holy crap good find

  • goodguysfan

    They think he's a righteous dude.

    • Red

      A/K/A Abe Froman, the sausage king of Chicago.

  • GimmieYoCookies

    #25 Al Bundy FTW !!

  • RealZoo

    #12 G.O.A.T

    • MonkeyMadness

      Better than goatse

  • Slade Garrison

    #5 I always wanted an awesome ass room like the ones in this movie. That or the Hey Arnold! room.

    • techno_viking

      Don't lie. You know you really wanted the clown room from Problem Child.

  • Steve

    Fun Fact: #5 was directed by Spock.

    • Benny

      It was directed by Zachary John Quinto?

      • Benny

        Wow. Haters b hatin'.

  • The Bandit

    #9….that game was great!
    #21…still have it somewhere in the basement….

    • Master_Rahl

      #21 used to LOVE the MicroMachines commercials with the fast-talking guy.

  • dashete

    #1 Would love Cat Saturday

    • MonkeyMadness

      "Caturday" as the douchebags would like to call it.

    • LucretiusCarus

      Remember Alf, Bart? Well he's back…in POG form!

    • DDD

      Gordon Chumway, insurance salesman…..

    • burdman10

      Your post should get the most thumbs up in this one if anyone remembers Alf

    • Underbaker

      As long as he could order off it like a menu.

  • Nerds


  • WillB

    Yeah, #27… That isn’t Nathan Fillion…is it?

    • zero00430

      That's what I thought too!!! If so. what the hell was he doing!?!

  • Cecil Fielder

    #8 just woke up from a dream where Vladimir Putin was reffing an ultimate Frisby match I was playing in. Suddenly a giant bad guy appeared and I had to turn into the Red Ranger and hold him off until the other rangers got there. The weird part is that I have never played ultimate frisby in my life.

  • Arizona_Buck

    I had the Tommy the Green Ranger version of #8 which i would take to school in one of these #33

  • Rikki

    #6 Screams epic #11 I still own. My son plays with it and has no idea about the controversy.

    • Teh_Shard

      Seriously, I should hope your son doesn't know anything about PeeWees Big Arrest. Why… would your son know anything about a man jerking off in a porno theater?

      • jer

        what else are you supposed to do when you watch porn? I sure dont ponder the universe's deepest meaning

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