17 year old kid surprises judges on Britain’s Got Talent (Video)

Seventeen year old Jonathan Antoine completely wow’d the judges with his amazing voice, and is on the same path as Susan Boyle and Paul Potts. However, Simon doesn’t seem to take too kindly to his sidekick.

  • Jeremy

    Damn. Amazing.

  • CaptainStag

    Why should anybody ever be surprised that attractiveness and musical talent don't necessarily correlate? If you are then you're a moron who's spent too much time buying into manufactured rubbish.

  • cga

    6:14 things that bounce on the right, huh……

  • 123

    charlotte has got some flbp

  • paper_doll

    holly crap i didn't really know what to think, but i did NOT expect that!

  • Dan

    ALL i did was reply 6:15 but great vid

  • C.44

    And that's the time when every other person on the show knows they might as well just go home already.

  • nathan

    She's pissed

  • jacynthe fraser


  • Blah


  • karen

    the two of them were wonderful, but did you have to say fat kid, wtf hes human just like every one else , beautiful voices, hope they win

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