• JROC

    simon is a dink

    • r@f

      turns out, the girl was the one who's out of tune.

    • julio


  • Coffee

    Did you seriously have to put "fat kid" in the title? How about talented?

    • M.O.T.

      Law of the internets, people are just more likely to watch a video with a fat kid than a talented anyone.

    • john

      Well, he IS fat. Talented is a lot more subjective.

      • glenn

        fat is just as subjective, compared to some morbid obese we see on tv he's not that bad.

        • Pete

          He's pretty fat

          • glenn

            He's not thin for sure, my point is :go watch that post of last week about the girl who wanted to be the biggest person alive then check him again …

            • Shazam

              They both can be fat.

      • Indiana Chive Fan

        I think he is just vertically challenged.

        • Vlad

          That makes no sense. try: horizontally adept

    • Lucas

      Who are you accusing? Neither the title of this page nor the tab says "fat kid" — that was the creator of the video, not theChive.

      • deartragedy

        The title was changed to 17 year old kid. It was initially fat kid surprises judges. Not accusing anyone here. Just saying that kid is way talented. Someone get him a Chive On shirt pronto.

        • Goldmember

          In a "talented" size…

          • egnaro

            i just lol'd in the library at school at that comment.

      • TheCureForHope

        Check out the URL:

        I guess it's accurate, the guy is big. But it was a much better idea to go with 17 year old since the remarkable thing is how well he sings despite how young he is, not how he sings well despite being fat.

    • Zar

      It's funny how quickly that got fixed.

    • tim

      The kid is fat. Why is everyone so fucking sensitive and worried about hurting other people's feelings? This fucking PC shit needs to stop.

      • Will the asshole

        Its not about being PC. If we were trying to be PC we would call you Tim the Dick. They are simply saying have some more class and don't jump right on the kids negative attributes. You sir could learn some manners.

        Tip of the hat to the Chive for changing it. Thanks guys

        • Phil

          Agreed. No need to call the guy fat. Just enjoy him for who he is, rather than tearing him down to the same level of insecurity that you must dwell at.

    • SheriffPablo

      Pavarotti was a fat kid at one point too. didn't stop him.

  • Boozer

    And by surprise he means eat…

  • guest

    You think those judges would have learned by now. Shouldn't judge too quickly.

    • big al

      Why must judges be so judgmental?

      • FlickMyBic

        BECAUSE THEY'RE JUDGES….. THAT WHAT JUDGES DO!!! i can tell you are not the sharpest tool in the box.

        • andfukyamoms

          wow, ever heard of sarcasm? the obvious play on words should have been your sign. i can tell your not the sharpest tool in the "SHED".

          • Le Troll

            i agree with flick xD

    • Jim

      You would think that by now people would realise that the producers/judges (Simon in any case) have a pretty good idea what people can do before they send them out there on the televised show; whether they know it will be great talent or great comedy because they're really bad. They just play up all the negative stuff, probably using reaction shots from the panel and audience that weren't even from the same act, so that the surprise of the tv audience is bigger. That gets bigger reaction from the viewers, if it's 'against all odds'. Wouldn't be an internet sensation if they weren't being written off beforehand!

      • jkg1856

        Each one of these videos like this (susan boyle and such) were totally staged. Yes, they're talented, but the emotion of it all is set-up from the start.

  • coocoocuchoo

    Hagrid's son.

    • LazerBlazerPhazer

      AHAHAHA you're my hero.

    • Wes

      ahahaha legend

  • Frank

    Never judge a book by it's cover my fellow Chivers.

    • Hi-O!

      Especially a softcover like this kid….

    • Morten

      Or in this case, a library.

    • Statan

      Except tits, ass, gap.. etc..

      • who cares

        Yeah, clearly that's what chive is based on, judging people (particularly women) based on their looks.

  • DjRobb

    Agree with Simon.. As always…

    • Parallendicular

      Yes. Simon typically comes across as a douche, but he is a successful music producer with a ton of experience in the industry. He has common sense about what works, and isn't afraid of telling people that they won't succeed.

  • etcrr

    Wow, What a voice on this guy – mind blown

    • Sluttypanda

      seriously got chills when he said, "you're gonna be a star, Jonathan"

  • Francisco

    I hope he hooks up with that chick.

    • Matt

      i wanted to give this a thumbs up but didnt wanna ruin the 69 likes

    • Ora

      Seems like she friend-zoned him

      • gingergreek

        She's his sister

    • Patrick

      One of the better parts of the video was when she walked down the stairs. The only thing better than that was the singing. Close second though.

  • that girl

    haha definitely a talent meant for radio only..

    • Riley Freeman

      Or, you know, headlining opera houses for which you could only hope to blow enough dudes to afford a back row seat.

      • that girl

        omg that was funny

      • Santa

        You sir, made me laugh quite hard

    • CapnMFingPlanet

      kind of like that one unsuccessful fat singer with a super powerful voice. what was his name? eddie? no, thats not it. meatloaf. thats the guy. pity he never sold any records…

      • MonkeyMadness

        Or Pavarotti. That guy never went anywhere.

  • Samantha

    Love it!

  • BostonChiver.

    Kid can flex the golden pipes!!

    • Dan

      but can he lay it?

  • matty022


  • about

    Nice video. It's disappointing that the only time he was noted to be fat or overweight was in Chive's headline.

    Could just as easily said "great singer wows judges."

    • ....

      It's because Mac is a dick…

    • MarthaJeane

      Hah, and like that, the headline changes

    • TheFlintSkinny

      I wouldn't have clicked. I couldn't care less about great singing unless it comes from somewhere I wouldn't expect.

  • Lugh

    That guy's voice is absolutely amazing, though I do think Simon is right. Her voice is certainly good, but Jonathan's is something truly special. At age 17 the kid sounds like Domingo or Pavarotti– it's mind-blowing!

    • Anras

      i wouldn't go so far to say that just yet….but he is definitely on the right track…amazing voice for his age. Bright future ahead of him I would imagine

      • Jim

        Bright future so long as he doesn't destroy his voice, which unfortunately will probably happen with his new found stardom. His voice is still developing and is a bit fragile for prime-time yet.

  • @cooldudestuff

    He's an underdog for… life

  • Jake

    Sounds just like Andrea Bocelli, and only at 17?!? That's is really something because Bocelli is legen…wait for it…dary! I can't wait to see where this kid ends up!

    • rae

      i was so thinking that!

    • thorthechiver

      the ONLY problem is he didn't suit up for his audition.

  • Peter

    I bet they weren't even outside before she was going down on him.

  • @brianlarter

    I sort of hate these moments because you can see the giant dollar signs pop in simons eyes.

    • CapnMFingPlanet

      simon has actually done a lot of good things for people, he just doesn't brag about it. seriously, look into the guy's charitable record. he may be vain, but he's not pure evil. when susan boyle dropped out of the spotlight due to stress, it was at his insistence and later revealed she had been hiding out at one of his houses to avoid the pap (which is 1000x worse in england)

  • bagofrocks

    Friend zone Level 100

    • Drewcifer

      Its over 9000…. just saying.

    • Locker

      That was my first comment.

  • 0-0

    FIND HER!!!!!

    • paleontinjin ross

      in 2 years when she's 18 right?

    • double take

      Did you see her bounce down the stairs at the end?

  • CharlieG_TX

    I think after the comment about staying as a duo her really had it locked down.

    • CapnMFingPlanet

      it could work really well. hell, anything from rufus wainwright's catalog would be golden for the two of them to perform

    • Guest

      Yeah, they cut the part where he said "GET IN MY BELLY"

  • guest

    I love how real this clip is. That kid Jonathan is so talented and completely scared out of his mind at the same time. You can see the microphone shaking in his hand. Way to go Jonathan and Charlotte!

    • CapnMFingPlanet

      yeah, that's what i noticed. Just wait until he gives a performance without being scared out of his mind. he reminds me of meatloaf 😀

    • Joel

      Yeah, and how little of confidence he has in himself that it seems that he is overwhelmed to have the spotlight on him for a change. Great for him, hope he does wonderful.

  • Eastwood

    I think everyone's missing a big component of this video. Why in the HELL is Carmen Electra a judge for a talent show???

    • Sluttypanda

      I was literally just writing the same thing when I saw your comment. Wtf does she bring to the table?

    • P90

      The normal judge (Amanda Holden) went into hospital, Carmen was just a guest.

    • jim

      Because boobs.

    • Joe

      yeah boobs you gotta have that one untalented judge to bring in the popular vote someone who just like them in general not for there voice like the general public

  • hutch

    This couple would be awesome at "beauty and the beast"

    • http://www.thechive.come Drewcifer

      Don't you dare call her a beast!!!! she was cute!

    • Guest

      I've got your BEAST right here.

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