• AJ

    Fck yeah!

    • Woody

      Fuck no, that thing has major water damage.

      • Bryan

        Not really. Did you notice the modified air intake on the front passenger side of the car?

        No engine flooding!

        • fhuckyeah


          • Padwell

            no. 'Stralia

        • Guest

          Driver side. that is Australia

  • Sean

    There's a flood, in my pants.

  • Nate Woodard

    Land Cruiser is European for "River Bitch"

  • oioioi

    Nailed it.

    • http://www.facebook.com/theloudestchiselbreaking Cameron Ten-toedsloth James

      But really, they did.

  • Gawker

    i need a land rover

    • SOB

      Too bad that's a toyota Land Cruiser

    • Bud

      If you want I can give you my phone number and take the time to explain all the things wrong with that statement.

  • BigMIKe

    Very Inspirational

  • hank


  • http://www.facebook.com/iamboredatwork MasterDrank


    • MonkeyMadness

      Sorry about your small penis.

  • Robtoad

    Ahh you Australians and your snorkels. Good on ya

    • ry_linch

      Us aussies are a pretty intelligent mob… I can picture the thought process now –
      Robbo – Hey Macca reckon I make it across, bet ya a slab I can
      Macca – Dunno Robbo looks pretty fuckin deep
      Robbo – Yer you're probably right
      Macca – Pussy
      Robbo – Ahh fuck it I'll give it a crack

      • Twitch11

        Coming from a proud Aussie, you hit the nail on the head mate! Haha thats how all good bets/videos start!

        • Robbo

          Nah… Normally it's "Hold me beer and watch this for skill"

  • http://www.facebook.com/iamboredatwork MasterDrank

    damn.. so close

  • Kyle

    obviously fake, it says right on it that its a land cruiser, not a water cruiser!

  • techno_viking

    Not sure that deserves the "idiot" tag. That was fucking awesome.

    • Bob

      It's for the water damage repair bill.

  • http://www.facebook.com/mr.tripp Christopher Tripp

    I think swimming may be faster haha

  • BostonChiver.

    This takes a set of iron balls, I was afraid that snorkel was getting to close to submersion and that would be the end of that.

  • Halfrican


  • Red Dit

    theCHIVE…. Reposting shit that’s already been on reddit.com for 3 hours. Losers.

    • Blehblah

      Too cool for school, arentcha?

    • Matt

      First time I've seen it, asshole. Thanks for being a troll.

    • ekgraider

      News flash there are people that do not go to reddit. I might of some day but stupid comments like yours steer me away.

    • MattyP

      Yet you still came here and watched it again??? Did you think it would end differently??

    • Brandon

      Dude you make the rest if us redditors look like dicks. stupid arse

    • Me.

      Reddit is such a shit site… looks like something off windows 98

    • Tyler

      Thank god I have The Chive to root through all the stupid shit on Reddit that I don't want to see

  • BigPup

    Your Prius won't do that shit…

    • naa

      nope it'll float right across though.

      • Schrodinger's cat

        Yup, its extremely heavy batteries float really well.

  • Mr. Tea

    Oh so close to fail and yet made it out alive, although with soiled pants.

  • Logicyup

    Rednecks all around the world, gotta love it.

  • http://twitter.com/sbeetley @sbeetley

    Maybe I'm the boring one, but I don't understand the point reached where you go, "I can't think of anything to do, so I'll try driving underwater."

    • douche

      maybe in between bong hits and coming up with cool rifts in your parents basement, try thinking of the real applications this could do for rescue and aid in times of flood.

    • OBIE WAN

      yep dude.. your the boring one

  • twoedges

    Like a mothereffin boss

  • Confidant

    I knew he was gonna make it… I knew it all along.

  • shitsquid

    No, your Honda douchemobile can't do that…although I'd love to see a bunch of Honda drivers attempt that and meet their obvious fate.

    • MTL Chivin'

      Of course a Civic won't do that, neither will a Toyota Camry, but given a proper modification, I can see a Honda Pilot doing that.

      • http://www.countingposts.com dutch

        any vehicle with front wheel drive (b/c the back end is lighter and more buoyant) and a snorkel can do it.

        if i had a snorkel on my suv, i could do it too*

        *i have a land cruiser

        • Unfkngblvbl

          albeit, the rear IS lighter, but I believe most gas tanks are in the rear as well, and if not full will act as a balloon.

  • Leddy420

    Yay…a snorkel. What a shocking revelation.

    • Blehblah

      Aw, c'mon Leddy, you have to hand it to this guy.

      Tell ya what, snorkel a vehicle that you've paid for, and volunteer to drive it through the same. The snorkel doesn't make this cool; the dude who had the balls to try it does.

      • Leddy420

        You want me to snorkel my FX4 Ford Ranger? Pay for it and I gladly will. If I have to sit here and explain the function of a snorkel in an off-road video…I will. There's a million videos like this on youtube, it's not special – it's a snorkel.

  • Sam

    Like a Boss!

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