Celebs are just like you and I, except for the really, really rich and famous thing (30 Photos)

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  • fred

    #20, Bogie knows beauty

  • tommy2X4

    I can't figure who #1 is

  • http://thechive sjchiver

    Chow crossing!

  • Hypno

    #19 This was taken in Edmonton, after an Oilers game. I'm from Edmonton, and I was at the game that Gary Coleman was at where he dropped the puck. I had my picture taken with him that night. He's wearing this exact outfit, so I'm guessing that this is from the same night. So there you go. I'm as awesome as Wayne Gretzky.

  • Dom

    #12 your argument is invalid

  • xxendxx

    no idea who is at half of these pics… some labels would be nice… its not the first time

  • fasdfaa

    #23 shopped

  • Mike

    How High Is This Whole Pic..

  • ghostmonkey

    #24… Hell yeah!! Trent Reznor

  • mshaw166

    #25, Elton wishing he had the camel toe

  • Wally

    #10 – I wonder why Yoko is the only one not smiling?

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