Venice Italy is sinking! (28 photos)

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  • RandomTask09

    Well, if the real Venice sinks, go to the one in Las Vegas. You know it never rains there.

  • etcrr

    They have known about this for 50 years, Now they are going to do something about it?

    • fuckoffetcrr
      • Force Kin

        well done you…… Is that all you have?

      • vvv

        used more than twice in once day – you fail at originality.

      • etcrr's goat

        still funny every time…. stan sucks!

    • Smitty

      They have actually been working on the flood gate and a barrier island system for over 10 years now. I think some of the engineers that worked on Dubai's islands worked on the Venice islands.

  • noegod

    I've always wanted to visit Venice. Seems I should hurry before it goes the way of Atlantis!

    • Jim

      I've always wanted to visit venice too…coincidentally i've wanted to buy a boat as well…seems I can kill 2 birds with one stone now 🙂

    • moar boar

      You should go, it's pretty cool (if a little expensive)

      • mike

        all you need is one day there to see all you need. and avoid going in the summer……. pee you.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      Kayaking in Venice?…..that's just random enough to be on my Bucket List

  • Logicyup

    Eventually this is what New Orleans will be like, only Venice is actually worth saving.

    • Eric225

      A bit rude to residents of New Orleans, you think? You obviously don't know shit.

      • Logicyup

        Not sure how it is rude, I've spent a lot of time there, never a good sign when you have to look up to see ships passing. There are even songs from way back when about needing to keep an axe in your attic so when you escape the floods by going up, you can hack your way through the roof and get out. Building a city inside a giant bowl was a huge mistake. At 8 feet below sea level, surrounded by water, getting out of there isn't exactly a bad idea before we have another post Katrina like cluster fuck. I don't feel bad for people, who by their own choice live there when for decades well educated professionals and specialists say "yeah, that's a dumb idea." All the money poured into that place to keep it dry could be used for better purposes.

        • guest

          go fuck yourself. only portions of the city are below sea level anyway. it's not like the whole city is on the verge of catastrophic flooding every day. what about san fransico being located on a fault line? or cities in the desert that have no water source? or building any structure near any shoreline or river? what about the thousands of homes flooded throughout the entire mississippi river valley? are they dumb for not anticipating a 100yr flood last year? this year's all-time record snowfall in alaska? how about building a home near an active volcano, i.e. hawaii? aren't all these ideas dumb as well? no matter where you live there is some chance of natural disaster

          • Ned Flanders

            Actually, a lot of them are dumb ideas…

        • Grant Capone

          You sound like an over privileged asshole. New Orleans is a city full of culture and life. I can only imagine "I've spent a lot of time there" equates to you going down on Bourbon St and throwing trash everywhere then puking on the sidewalk and thinking the people who actually live there act the same way. Not everyone can move to another city/state on a whim. It takes a LOT of money and people need to be sure they have job security to do so. Most people live pay check to pay check, and try to save money for emergencies and college tuitions. How exactly do you expect them to move even if they wanted to? I've lived in New Orleans most of my life as well as my family. There are few areas of the city where someone I know doesn't live, yet most had no flooding……

          Go look up the flooding scientists predict will happen to New York City one day. Would you not feel sorry for them? New Orleans is one of the biggest harbors in the country and much of the art and music you see or listen to was inspired by the culture here. If it isn't a city worth saving in our country what is? One that is full of chain restaurants and department stores?

          • T.O.

            except of the nature, there is nothing worth to be saved in your country.

      • DemBone

        I live minutes outside of New Orleans, and I can say I'm not offended by this.
        In fact I agree o.0

    • realzoo

      New Orleans is worth saving as well…..birthplace of Jazz, culture, cuisine, architecture.

      • Logicyup

        Ancient Rome is no more, but we still have concrete, mile markers, cesarean sections etc. Just because the place is no more, doesn't mean their ideas will be lost. And yes I know Rome still actually exists but I think people will get my point.

        • @McBeastie666

          i don't get your point.

    • mises

      You've only described why New Orleans is potentially bad, you haven't given any reasons why it's not worth saving. Or why Venice is instead.

    • Carlos

      As a resident of New Orleans: shut the fuck up you ignorant cunt.

      • Ray

        I agree with you, there are people all over the world, and who is someone to say that any place is not worth saving, hell america went over and saved Afghanistan and they were trying to kill our freaking country. so with that said all people need a chance and if someone is ignorant enough to say that then ~you don't need to be saved~

        • T.O.

          dear god thank you for the reason that america saved Afghanistan… what would the world be without the glory american army? – maybe a much better place to live!
          Ray, you make me sick

    • Lev

      "Logicyup does not care about black people."

    • blue_bronco

      Hurricane Katrina was my idea

    • Brian

      Fuck you

    • Carlos

      I'm actually disgusted by the number of people who liked such ignorant statements.

    • Matt


      btw Manitoba is in the middle of Canada. There is no shoreline and no fault lines anywhere near it, yet we still get floods and tornadoes. I think that if your cities were in danger you would want protection. Really what matters is the loss of human life not which city is the best. At least that's what we think in Canada.

      Also, sorry if I seem a bit presumptuous

      • Hault117

        Fuck yeah for canada

  • brettley

    #19 makes me wanna play assassins creed now…

  • Pete

    You know all that water? That mixes with the sewage system. They're walking in a mix of sea water and effluent.

    Awesome city though. Utterly bonkers, but awesome.

    • Chicago Sean

      Yeah. Don't swim in that water. Disgusting.

      • Dirty_Dingus

        Seems like a romantic place to take the wife….but it probably reeks there…all the time. No thanks.

        • waltgator

          it does! been there about 7, 8 yrs ago…that water mixture is stinky…but it is a pretty city once the water levels go down…

    • WWTPgirl

      It's influent not effluent. Just saying.

      • Pete

        Then you're just wrong. It doesn't matter what direction its flowing in, its still a discharge from the sewer.

  • C Angel

    #10 – the sofa on the right appears to be levitating above the water.

  • MattKL

    #20 Because fuck flooding.

    • I_Love_You_

      seems as good as place as any to go for a paddle.

    • Idea

      Perhaps the Chive team should organize some trip to Venice to help save the sinking buildings?

      And they could provide some wacky t-shirts with a slogan like, "Viva Chive!" or "Chive Onay!"

      And if there happens to be some sick kid in Venice as well, than all the better!

  • DMH

    If you're not local, or at least very familiar with the canal layout, the floods can make it very difficult to tell where the edges of the pathways are, which means every now and then someone unexpectedly goes *bloop* into the water.

    • Rick_

      I'm not sure if that was your intent, but I just burst out laughing, hahaha.

      • Brooksbro


  • Force Kin

    Bet it stinks even more now.

  • Tony

    So when do the Obama campaign pictures go up?

  • Kcruz09

    #17 0% fucks given. 100% awesome.

  • etcrr 128p

    I am a professional cock sucker.

  • Dennis

    Luckily, Ezio can swim.

  • spicticus

    #17 at least 2 people are enjoying the rising waters.

  • luckyB

    note to self….visit venice before it turns into waterworld

  • John Q.

    Venice is an amazing place. It's completely unique, a place of original design and beauty.

    It makes me sad that it's going this way, but I really don't think it can be avoided at this stage.

    I'd urge everybody to go see it before it's lost, there is nowhere else like it in the world.

  • AnyoneForCoffee

    "Venice Italy"

    Or, as it's known to everyone outside America: Venice.

    • Dr_StrangePants

      My Uncle in Florida has been lying to me all these years!

    • Mr. Tea

      Not to be confused with Venice, CA – the hometown of one of the creators of this site. trollface*

      • AnyoneForCoffee

        Only a moron of biblical proportions will think of 'Venice Beach' when someone talks about a certain city of canals in Italy.

        Oh, wait.

    • Robtoad

      Thankfully we know the difference between Venice beach and Venice Italy without having to clarify for everyone.

      • !!!

        .. don´t belive that.

  • revanxp

    I live there This year flooding has never been an issue thanks to the project mentioned wich is called "Mose".
    Come visit us. We love tourists and their money 😛

    • Alpha0010

      I thought the flooding has actually been stopped. At least that was what I was told.

  • Vanbirchwood

    #28 I think I see Ezio Auditore hanging around on that bridge.

  • that_ALBANIAN_guy

    #17 There's always gonna be "that guy" with their RedBull shirt doing EXTREME things. I bet the wake they made ended up in someone's house. So inconsiderate.

    • Daedalus

      There is no boat pulling him and therefore there is no wake that he is following. Look at how shallow the water is. He is using a cable system. The effects of the wake his board is creating is negligible.

  • Jason p

    Really chive? First Obama ads, now climate change? What's next? A 99%er post? Sheesh. Keep politics out of my chive.

    • LucretiusCarus

      Hmmm…didn't realize meteorological phenomena were inherently political. I'm glad you brought this to my attention so I can tell climate change and rising ocean levels that I'm not going to vote for them and they should just leave. That'll fix it!

    • TheJesus

      There is no debate about climate change, except from the people who profit off of fossil fuels. 97% of the experts agree it's happening and is caused by humans. If you went to 100 doctors and 97 of them told you that you had cancer, I bet you'd try treating it.

      • Andy Steenhoek

        Climate change is a natural occurrence. Human beings like to think they are more important and powerful then they really are. Now I'll admit that were not helping to keep the climate the same (which is impossible) but we're not the cause of it.

        • TheJesus

          The same scientists who say we're not the cause of climate change are the ones who said there was no ozone hole and smoking wasn't bad for people. Check out "Merchants of Doubt" — it's a fascinating book that's meticulously researched.

          • TheJesus

            I suggest people learn about the issue it by actually reading research (which isn't even denied by the people they profiled in the book) and it gets negative votes. Hilarious.

        • LucretiusCarus

          Climate change is a natural occurrence, you are correct. But let's see…the global temperature has risen about 4 C since the end of the last ice age, about 20,000 years ago. That in itself is an astonishing number; but let's just pretend it's normal, for the sake of argument. The global temperature has risen almost 1.5 C since then end of the 18th century (corresponding with the dawn of the industrial revolution) just after a mini ice age. Now, the global temperature has risen more than one quarter of its total rise in the past 20,000 years in just the 250 or so years since the dawn of industry. Now THAT is an astonishing number. 25% of all the increase has occurred in only 1.25% of the time. Now that is an amazing correlation. Take from it what you will.

      • Frank

        Yup, funny how the man made climate change proponents love to try and shut out any debate. Probably because most of what they have said can and has been successfully argued.
        Big business this climate change, and lots of money changing hands from it.

        Mean while, these scientists "know" exactly what the temperature was, through millions of years, and where exactly its heading, yet cant accurately tell me if its going to rain next Tuesday.

        • Frank

          Now I understand that the temperature of the earth is changing, It has since it's creation.

          I guess I just fail to see how people profiting off this change helps anything.

    • Tom

      I agree that politics and Chive don't mix, but how is climate change politics? That's like saying evolution is politics!

      • Frank

        Because when the proposed solution is just a bunch of money changing hands, it has less to do with nature. Don't forget, climate change is big business to many.

    • Galm666

      Venice has had floods like this before, but the problem is that this is becoming more common. It used to be a few times every handful of years to flooding more than a few times every year. Some of that is caused by the natural sinking of the city, the rest of it is climate change – some natural, some manmade.

      It's not really politics, it's more like, "good stewardship of the planet." We only get one planet, and while it can take abuse, it's probably not a good idea to see what happens when it can't take more.

      Think of it like this – it's like being given a badass car. You can push that engine and transmission as far as you want, you know it'll take the abuse, right? But you also have to take care of that car because if not, you'll throw a rod, grenade your gearbox, or any number of things.

  • holydude02

    I've been to venice this week and right now they actually have low water… so, not the best of times to post this…

  • chicago

    #25 great idea for opening a site seeing tour company. i'd sign up immediately.

  • Chivette B

    Venice is beautiful (even the tourist-y spots!). While I was there some of the locals told me the other problem is the huge cruise ships and other shipping vessels that come into the area. The increased water traffic has create irreversible damage to the natural marsh around Venice, which serves as a barrier from the tides and rising waters.

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