Honey collectors in Nepal risk life and limb to get their treasure (13 Photos)

  • Canuck87

    Man ticket level 99

  • Bal krishna

    Thats not just honey harvesting. Its a way of life for these guys. The new generation dont do it as much but the old timers are not changing their way of doing things. Btw i am from nepal and personally witnessed. There are plenty o nepalese chivers .trust me.

  • dwire

    I guess the price of gold has come down cause these folks sure don't look like they're living like kings??

  • Colin

    and they probably barely get paid anything while the honey sells for an amazingly high price.

  • Seattlebandit

    Savages! At least #7 has a cig

  • Mayhem

    Stfu!!! They are hard working people….
    Btw these photos are old too…

  • dominantone

    #7 some how this dude can aquire a pack of smokes but can't seem to buy some prepackage honey?

  • Sridhar

    Copied without acknowledgement by http://www.interestingengineering.com/2012/04/hon

  • suat06
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