Germany’s LEGOLAND has one of the more impressive lego models in all the world (35 HQ Photos)


  • Michael Ross

    What is this?! An amusement for ants?!

  • bob_on_a_log

    Pretty sure this place beats Disney World/Disney Land as the happiest place on Earth.

  • kevin

    Until one day a drunk found a gorilla suit and proceeded to king kong the shit out of it.

  • Ryecrash

    Cleaning it is easy, they use a high-pressure water hose and just spray it off. It's like the thing you use at the coin-op car wash. The Lego are glued together so they do not come apart.

  • Kenny

    #1 Awesome place, gotta get there one day!

  • thatguy

    #23 didnt know there was an ikea across the street from the palazzo du cale

  • Scotsman

    #34 Allianz Arena!! FTW!

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