A few secret passageways that I could use to help hide my pog collection (31 Photos)

Via Hiddenpassageway

  • Frank Dogg

    #23 – Secret broom closet is awesomely unnecessary.

  • dominantone

    I want one in every room when I build my own place. Then invite over friend to spend the night and fuck with them. Come out the wall all temple of doom style.

  • hardtokeepcalm

    wtf chive, why the crazy ads that move as you scroll?

  • Scott

    An underground room would be the best. This would not be noticeable and be a great place to store valuables when you're gone. STOP THE ADS. THEYY ARE SCREWING WITH COMMENT POSTING ON PHONES.

  • Sapper

    Banner ads on mobile is killing my chive experience… Keep calm… Keep calm… Titties… Phew.. Crisis averted.

  • Yessirr

    #13 gun case… epic

  • johnnysixtoes

    Put. The Candle. BACK!

    • ImpressMe

      Seriously hilarious movie…..

  • Z_Bone_Capone

    Question, how do you manage to comment on every single post? Do you spend every waking hour on this website?

    • Z_Bone_Capone

      You have commented on three articles today alone, most of which were posted at 3 or 4 AM? I meant no disrespect just wondering what you do all day?

      • etcrr

        I am retired. This site along with or things are hobbies, I enjoy posting on these threads.I have principals and stand b them, so I have a few enemies who like to ty to belittle me but it never works. so I fight back which of course they don't like. ergo my initial attitude with you, but I will digress

        • tl;dr

          tl;dr -Haters gonna hate

        • etcrr

          hey fucktard, isn't it time for another round of your 'principled' post deletions?

    • StickyWickets

      Are you really questioning how insightful his comment is?

      • R-Dub


      • StickyWickets

        If I were you, I would heed my own advice.

        • Bon_nie

          throw bullshit on his face stan…it turns me on.

        • StickyWickets

          This is a public website, so your business is every ones business. Don't get me wrong every once and a while you say something that doesn't make me completely hate you, but can we agree that a lot of your comments are just dumb. ie "hot girl is hot" or "sad story is sad" or "cool thing is cool." There is a reason these things are on this website and you really don't have to point them out for us on every post.

          • etcrr

            It Is a public website, but just becaus you can interject your dumbass opinions to someone, doesn't mean you should. You are pretty conceded if you think I make comments for you. If you see my post then move on if you dont like what I say. Just as I can make it my bisness to vote yo down on general principal. (I don't) but I could

            • Bon_nie

              way to go stan…he probably won't be back for a whil because it's going to take soooo long to wash the bullshit off his face lol

            • StickyWickets

              You're making this easy.
              "but just becaus you can interject your dumbass opinions to someone, doesn't mean you should." <– exactly how I feel.
              And if your not commenting for me (the everday chiver) who exactly are you commenting for? Oh, I would love to ignore your comments but when there are 2 on the first page of every post its hard to.

              • Wicket Stickey

                Of course I make it easy on you, I have to cause you aren't smart enough for me to make it complicated

            • Ned_Plimpton

              Wow… You're retired and this the spelling & grammar knowledge you've gathered in your life?

              • Idiots abound

                Hey dipshit, you are late in jumping on the bandwagon, but just because you get older doesn't mean you retain or have the ability to retain everything you learned

                • Careful Guys

                  Stan's make-believe friends are starting to show up.

                • Ned_Plimpton

                  Common sense & memory are two very different things… I'm sure plenty of 90 year olds can spell *conceited and *business and have decent sentence structure.

    • MonkeyMadness

      Just ignore them dude, they're just hatin because their penises are so tiny.

      • etcrr

        thank you for your support monkey wanna be friends

  • sam

    theyre all full of porn

  • jeff

    Put the candle back!

  • Skedaddle

    Secret passageways are secret.

  • onenut

    You know you are from the 80's when all you think of is the movie Clue.

    That and where I keep my gimp.

  • fibonacci5150

    i keep my pogs in a floor safe for now. Not many know they're projected value is limitless

  • B.Dick

    This fuckin banner ad at the bottom of my iPhone is annoying the fuck out of me!!!
    Can't keep calm anymore

  • B-to-the-H


  • chucklesclown

    I've never been to #20, but I hear it's at 1313 Mockingbird Lane.

  • Joe Caputo

    #12 I swear this is from a horror movie somewhere. This is the dungeon where the sickos imprison the kidnapped kids

  • Tuco

    all spots looks suspicious

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