Genius or Stupid (34 photos)

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #10 omg pplease

    • CosmoKramerTheAssMan

      substitute the jack for jim beam, and you got a winner.

      • tapsnapornap

        Could mix the Jack half and half with water for you…

    • Ray

      This would be fantastic to deal with the folks I have to work around.

    • BostonChiver.

      This would make for some awesome water-cooler conversation….new office in May, this is on the list.

      • MarthaJeane

        Can I come work at your office?

        • BostonChiver.

          We will need an admin/office manager….

    • Buckly


    • martian maggot

      totally fucking brilliant

    • That Guy 13

      I'll take it! but with dr. pepper please.

  • BabyFart Magizax

    #25 that's some spandex!!

    • Master_Rahl

      I'm not 100% convinced, let's see what the back looks like

    • Martin_McFly

      Black Milk Clothing out of Australia

      Fucking awesomely tight clothing. Excellent gift ideas for that ass.. i mean.. girlfriend of yours!

    • tylrd67

      All kinds of goddamn angles…

      • Underbaker

        I had way too much fun moving that picture around and poking her with my pointer finger.

    • Molon Labe

      I like her tight pubococcygeus.

    • win

      put olivia wilde in those.

    • MylesofStyles

      I don't get it. How do these spandex pants improve performance in the kitchen?

  • justsaying

    #15 I want!!

    • Phil

      Finally a bed that let's you put things under it!

    • moX

      My parents had a bed like this

      • The Whole Town

        We know.

        • David Taylor

          I have! Ottoman bed it's called….

    • M3 Love

      Can't be comfy without the support of a box spring. Besides how can that support a tempur pedic?

    • mickey

      Travel trailers have had these for years

    • Ass Grease

      Why do they need so many paper towels?

    • Platty420

      Brilliant, simply brilliant. I am going to make one of my own.

  • Blame_anxiety

    #2 I can't count the times that this would have been handy

    • KeepCalmDriveOn

      Until you want to take a drink….then it all goes to shit.

      • Unfkngblvbl

        dude, you just hold the bowl and remove the beer to drink it.

        • MarthaJeane

          Until you're several beers in and forget to remove the plate…

          • Unfkngblvbl

            I doubt you'd be using this contraption at that point.

            • blvmnw

              that's exactly when I'd want that food

        • rAs

          Why not just make it a standard bottle-holder where you place the beer in from the top? That would still only require one hand to hold (two to drink), and you wouldn't be perpetually warming your beer with you hand.

          • mittens

            That would make it top heavy, and you'd be balancing it on your hand. If I'm eating food off a paper plate, I'm probably outside, and I've lost numerous plates of food to the wind. Part of the genius of this is that you basically can't drop the plate.

            • rAs

              As opposed to it being top-heavy from food weight and being balanced on a bottleneck? I'd argue that a moderate updraft could still result in a tipped plate; especially with light-weight foods (which is where the weight of a beer becomes a benefit).

              • thatguy

                why not just make your gf hold your plate?, unless….

              • Kathy


          • Angel


        • r00s7a

          Screw the beer. Stick the plate in your lap and offer the ladies a bite… of your penis. Sorta like the ol hole in the popcorn bag trick. haha

    • b-herb

      Go ahead, take a drink… At the amusement of your friends.

    • MattKL

      It could use a better beer, other than that it's cool.

      • Dyslexia

        The hot food might make your beer warm… Warm beer is no good!

    • Mike O

      what happens when you tilt the beer to drink?

      • thatguy

        you have to move all the heavier food to the back side before you drink

    • diggle

      how could that even work well? (drinks beer,spills everything)

      • Cantaloupe

        You're trolling or an idiot. Either way, don't drink and exacerbate either of those problems.

  • zep

    #25 great tendons

    • Salmonpack

      I'm tendon to agree with you.

  • Brian


    No question here.

    • Garrett


    • Dude

      Looks amazing! Where can I get some?

    • Jeff

      Oh, this is the best pizza in a cup ever. This guy is unbelievable. He ran the old Cup 'o Pizza guy out of business. People come from all over to eat this.

      • Trevor

        Where is this pizza located?!? I want it sooo bad!!!

        • seriously

          dayton, OHio bitches

    • theend81

      Pizza Cone SUCKS! They tried opening up a few here in NYC. They didn't last a month. The cone is hard bread, so it tastes like those cheap rock-solid pizza dough you buy in costco or one of those places. Plus gravity does a number on the "toppings" making a horrible pool at the bottom of the cone. If you can get a real slice, there's no way you should be bothering with one of these.

  • Brenton

    #32 genius

    • dan

      only problem is I'm always loosing my remote… I would be doubly fucked in this case.

      • Spelling Police


    • derk

      I own this… Really a great remote, use it to control two tvs and an xbox. Takes 2 tries on average to pop a cap tho

    • Mike

      i use my remote to open beer all the time already.

  • Unfkngblvbl

    #7 Ya know you can eat chocolate or burn a candle when chopping onions…fucking works well.

    • Neil

      Or, u can not be a pussy

    • BostonChiver.

      Or you can learn how to chop an onion the right way….

    • @McBeastie666

      sharpening your knives will do wonders.

    • 16inchzipper

      Is that fucking right?

    • tdig

      Hholding beer in your mouth works too…and u get to drink beer while chopping. Win win

    • Per Martin Møller

      Just use ski goggles, they work a treat.

      • tapsnapornap

        You would know

    • BigSoren

      If you put your onion in the freezer for about 15 minutes before you cut it, that won't happen.

  • Meowmix

    I don't get what #9 is. Are the yellow lights supposed to go up your ass when you sit down?

    • Amigo

      glowsticks in the bathtub? i dont know myself, but its genius

    • Berticus

      I believe it's to make it like a pool at night. I'm okay with glowing dildos though.

    • bro

      hot tub u dumbass

    • Dr_StrangePants

      mmm…radioactive bath

  • craig

    All are genius…. The end.

  • realzoo

    #19 Makes plenty of sense.

    • Joe

      makes me want to pee on the glass.. sucks for janitor.

      • Schmiellsssson

        The janitors already clean the urinals already so kinda sucks for them anyway- Genius idea btw

      • Dick Salad

        I was thinking the same think, bank it off the glass like a boss!

        • Dick Salad

          I was thinking the same thing*

    • Amigo

      nothing pisses me off more than a poorly designed urinal that splashes a combo of my piss and everyother persons piss all over my body. They can put a man in space but they cant design a decent urinal. this looks promising.

      • AdamBaldick

        I like peeing outside

      • @jaczor

        That's why, if it's available, I will use the stall. Not because I mind peeing in public or anything like that, but because I don't like the idea of piss splashing on me.

        • etcrr

          your crazy i like piss splashing on me

          • b-herb


    • Sean John

      or you could just aim true

      • Urethra Franklin

        That's way too complicated Puff Daddy. Especially when you're 6 drinks in and the seal broke an hour ago

    • Underbaker

      I still like this one, but it could be improved by adding that one to it. <img src="; width="300">

      • there they're their

        slope the back the other way, away from the pisser.
        splash eliminated.

    • jerry dog

      this should be standard at all public restrooms

  • YOYO

    #2 Genius
    #4 Stupid
    #25 Disturbing

    • Adriana


    • Kevin Portillo

      #1 Not so genius, when you try to drink from the bottle without dropping the food.
      #25 yeaah I rather see the actual skin.

      • Cantaloupe

        Nothing is fool-proof – and only a god damned fool couldn't figure out how to drink without spilling the food.

  • MarthaJeane

    #2 how is this a good idea? Go to take a sip and all your food spills on you! You know you're gonna forget to take the beer out at least once…

    • tim

      Challenge accepted.

    • Neil

      It's a food tray you can rest on your beer. Would you tilt an entire food tray to your face if u wanted a sip of your drink? I would not.

      • MarthaJeane

        How often do you absent-mindedly take a sip of your beer though? C'mon, you know it would happen….

        • Dunny_

          Not to be an ass, but I will be, this post is titled Genius or Stupid. Guess this falls in the Stuipd category.
          Meaning the product is stupid…not the comment.

          • Cantaloupe

            The product assumes you're not a moron. I guess that does make it stupid.

        • Rick_

          Especially if its your 4th+ beer, lol

        • Neil

          Ever spill a plate of food because u tried to balance it on your forearm while trying to open a door, shake someone's hand, throw a ping-pong ball, scratch your nose, etc…? I have. Ever forget you're holding a pie and end up smashing it in your face because you tried to swat a fly? Didn't think so…

    • Oddie Monsta

      Thank you

    • Amigo

      this calls for a giant straw

      • nepster

        Drinking a beer with a straw? Mancard has been confiscated.

        • Parallendicular

          Because part of being a man is drinking beer right from the bottle, even if it means getting buffalo wings and a sandwich all over your clothes.

          • @McBeastie666

            simple answer: yes.

    • ddd

      It's for carrying things from a buffet line, etc. to a table to eat, all with one hand.

      • ddd

        or to, you know, actually pick shit up while holding a beer and plate.

    • Buford_Justice

      once yes, twice, no

    • rAs

      Why not just make it a standard bottle-holder where you place the beer in from the top? That would still only require one hand, and you wouldn't be perpetually warming your beer with you hand.

      • Heather


  • Master_Rahl

    #16 #22 Definite wants. #9 Radioactive bathwater? Do not want.

  • Brian Johnson

    #2 #10 and #34 ill be mailing out blank checks today

  • Guy


    • The_Dood

      I don't know that I'd call 69 genius. I mean it's great and all but I don't think that it took too much brain power for someone to think of.

    • Dude

      Therefore, 69 = Genius.

      Right you are sir.

      • Jason

        Hey Dude, the dood right above you just said that. Just saying.

  • OrgazoidHD

    # 24 WANT !!

    • 'Merican

      #24 Just helping you out…again…cunt.

      • OrgazoidHD

        Thanks a lot man.

        • fuckyoustan

          I think you are on the verge of getting trolled like that faggot Stan aka etcrr…..

          • OrgazoidHD


            • truthserum

              OrgazoidHD – as you know very well these "Chive-heads" take the commenting board very very seriously. God help it if you make a comment that don't include "Moar" or some juvenile comment (or heroic if its a sick kid) – now, if you're some hot slut with low self-esteem and they can see that you're a hot slut (or you hope to be) THEN you can say anything and you will get muchos thumbs-up!

              They love their shitty little point system and think that they have a real community – when in reality its mostly a circle jerk of losers.

              "fuckyoustan" is one of so many shouldabeenabortions.

  • herroprease

    #15 would be great for a dorm

    • dan

      or guns

    • LuckyVu13

      Or my apartment!!! ^_^

    • Terri

      Or those wacky doomsday preppers

    • tapsnapornap

      would be great for an anywhere really

  • Hunter X

    #16 and #34 are the only one's I'd open my wallet for…

  • SquirePete

    Too much of #10 equals #8. #17 Where do I get these? OMG those & some Harp!!

    • Orla

      tesco's caled fresh n easy in the US , try find some 🙂

    • Dddd

      They're british, and really really good.

      • 2Dogs

        "Scotch" eggs…

  • b-herb

    #3 Just put it at the end lol

    I'll save the extra money, thanks. Nevermind that it's probably not rated for shit as an actual surge protector.

  • MrSusan20

    #18 exponential growth.

    • wow

      Coming soon: Shake weight silverware so you can stab yourself for buying these..

    • noname

      I view it as a dietary supplement for the fatties.

      • Dr_StrangePants

        i will bet good money people would just revert back to eating with their hands

  • SquirePete

    #34 Winner. A pizza cone? Give that person a Nobel in Fair Food Innovations.

    • LucretiusCarus

      Oh, this is the best pizza in a cup ever. This guy is unbelievable. He ran the old Cup 'o Pizza guy out of business. People come from all over to eat this.

      • SquirePete

        I would eat the shit outta that. Where do I find this divine treat?

        • LucretiusCarus

          Guess people aren't getting "The Jerk" quote. Please, see this movie.

  • Dale R

    Where do I find #32??

    • peanut3603

      There is this new thing called….. GOOGLE…. try searching for it. You're an example of what's wrong with the world. Please don't have offspring.

    • Probably...

      …under the couch or between the cushions.

    • derk

      Got mine at urban outfitters

  • ElChippy

    I have the weirdest boner right now.

    • Intellect1618

      Luckily they don't have a spandex for that.

    • cheeze

      beautiful, hot woman in spandex is weird for you?

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