Daily Morning Awesomeness (30 Photos)

  • hater

    #9. Maria is perfect, except for her laugh. (google it)

    • stumeister

      Maria who my man?

      • hater 167p

        Menounos, good sir.

        • stumeister

          Cheers bro ! And go aheand and tick your good deed for the day off

        • F3n1x187

          Have a thumbs up!

    • John

      Yeah, who is this fine thing?

    • The Miracles

      is that Smokey Robinson bombing this pic?

      • http://4chan.org/b gnocco

        lol yes

    • McG

      Just give me #9, #12, and #16 and let me be happy forever…

  • 2Dogs

    forever alone…and starving

    • NME

      Silly Mario. This is not what they mean by feed the kitty.

    • NOOT

      Talk about pussy whipped.

  • alex

    i win

  • etcrr

    #22 is incredibly awesome

    • obv

      and you are the worst

      • stumeister

        Agreed this is too sick…….

        And "obv": Your mom should have swallowed you


        i second that.

    • whosyopapi

      I used to skateboard when I was a kid, and I was psyched when I could do a kickflip. It's crazy when you realize how good these skaters are

  • Mac sucks


    • DrROBOTO

      #18 wiiiiilllsooooonnnn!

  • Matt


    • Matt

      Dafaq, Paula made me do it

  • MattKL

    #16 I find its lack of real beer disturbing.

    • Niiice1

      this is the funniest comment you've ever posted matt!! great!

    • figleaf

      Yup. I SO wanted to like this pic, but alas… not so much.

  • Francisco

    #9 She should have her own post – NOW.

    • Smitty

      NO! We don't need an epidemic of pant wetting!

  • Jebus

    #16 "Luke, this is how I became your father"

    • Dr_StrangePants

      ….no it's not

      • JHL1

        Doesn't matter, had beer.

  • etcrr 128p

    My mom used to say am special ,now the docs at the asylum say the same thing.

    • etcrr 129p

      you dumb shit you arre not me cause the rank behid your name is fake so go play in traffic have a nice day bullshit face

  • kingsfan34

    #12 Behold, The Swanson Sandwich

    • Gotta be fresh.

      Its holding up the iPhone to snap a mirror pic. Brilliant!

    • https://www.facebook.com/jpstrauss Juann Strauss

      Where are the eggs?

      • F3n1x187

        That be the swanson super special.
        Damn economy man

    • bacon

      mother of god

  • etcrr`s goat

    Thank god for thechive coz when he is not on the website he is on me.

  • thetruth

    #26 Your average chiver.

    • Jeremy

      Forever Alone: Level 360

    • MeIrakly

      I disagree

    • Mike D

      Not your average chiver, just you.

    • jeff donuts

      omg. im glad im not a "gamer" like everyone else

    • Vee

      Except mine would be a PS3 not an Xbox..

      • AJ Rantz

        It is consider cheating if he plays someone elses xbox!?

  • http://cinemaplastique.tumblr.com MigraineBoy

    #16 "The beer is cold in this one…"

  • bob charley


  • M.C.

    #12 thats how id choose to go..

  • Rollout25

    #30 Encouragement dog is encouraging

    • stumeister

      Man's best friend, has never been portrayed this well

      • Frank

        Every day when I leave for work my bulldog runs up to me, sits down, and puts her paw up like this and waits for me to take it in my hand and give her a scratch behind her ears. Makes it hard to leave when something loves you that unconditionally.

  • Dave

    Would love a high-res photo of #7 to use as a background.

  • Ch1v3r


    Bitch Please

    • rubengineer

      Go make me a sandwich

    • NME

      While she's not lacking bass in the chestal area, those are the most pathetic DJ speakers I've ever seen anyone use.

    • Si1entStatic

      The Chive DJ responding to paula's request to play hardcore emo rap….. but let's be realistic, Paula couldn't wear anything that low cut for fear of instantaneous sterilization of any man within eye's reach….

  • Patrick

    If I had #12, I would die happy… about 5 seconds after eating it.

  • timmy4383

    #1 dnt touch my set bro!

  • tango


  • http://BeerAndStupidity.blogspot.com/ BeerAndStupidity

    #17 Laughed my ass off…that's the power of ridiculous mustache.

  • Art

    #7 Needs to be a hi def wallpaper!

    • George

      What he said!

    • sjm

      make this happen

  • Chrisc83

    No 28 oh girl in the tha back ground you know what to do chive

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