• Rye

    Fit……..never mind

  • https://www.facebook.com/bquay BigBen Quay

    Absolutely brilliant

  • TacticalChunder

    how long until the black eyed peas sue for this song being a rip off of i gotta feeling? Awesome video though

  • Rivo

    I feel like I have to explain that Hot Problems is a side project of the lead singer of Ludo. Which is an absolutely AMAZING band. Very different from Hot Problems though. Ludo's genre is like… Rock/Techo/Rock Opera/Western/Pop/Metal/Awesomeness? Pretty much every song is a different genre, but that's why they're awesome. Everyone should check them out. 😀

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000316825962 Les Torrance

    Mother. Fucking. Awesome!!!!

  • Fred Brocaa

    Well played.
    Well played.

    …….Aaaaand, I'm posting this!

  • Some Guy

    This must be the blu-ray edition.

  • danallard

    Finally! A purpose for the Prequels!

  • dagleja3

    Great video, but not needs more Slave Leia!!

  • Brian

    Sue Hot Problems over this George Lucas will.

  • http://torwars.com/2012/04/25/video-party-with-my-friends/ Video: Party with My Friends | TORWars | Star Wars: The Old Republic News, Guides, & Podcast

    […] [Via the Chive] […]

  • Ty4

    Very impressive video, really well done. The song on the other hand is awful. Although if you imagine the song as a parody of pop music (specifically Black Eyed Peas) a la Collegehumor then it's marginally better.

  • Bicard

    First and almost made Star Wars interesting!

  • AmBush_Steve

    Fuck off Bicard, You're an idiot.

    That video was very well done and has forced me to schedule a Star Wars marathon. Despite Jar Jar.

  • WillyPGuts

    The song is so unbearably bad–I mean, it's worse the "Friday" by that teenage girl–that it ruins those star wars clips. I can't even finish it.

  • 1991

    I want to punch whoever made this so badly.

  • http://relocationcheckpoints.wordpress.com/2012/06/14/green-moving-and-you/ movers

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  • spliggs

    At least we got to see the part where Porkins buys it…

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