Kitten covers: Don’t adjust your monitors….this is for real (33 Photos)

Via Tumblr

Via Tumblr

  • juju banji

    #26 Rocks!

    • didufart

      #18 dito

  • Cowthang

    No Cat Stevens?

    • RealZoo

      No Ted Nugent……"Cat Scratch Fever"?

      • Oltimey

        The models went on a wildcat strike when that one was suggested.

  • sshhh

    I love photoshop

  • Mr Schneebly

    cuuute.. sooooper cuuuute

  • MattKL

    #15 Drop the right acid and you'd probably see the cover that way anyway.

  • insane2U

    #18 Dirty deeds MEOW MEOW MEOW….

    • NEALZ!

      You sir, have made my day! 😀

    • Firefighter23

      And the pissed off one in the back can be Phil Rudd. He's pissed off because no one remembers he's the drummer.

      • Holmespump

        Nope. The one in the back is Malcolm.

  • Snake

    #28 i hope that's how cat thoughts work

  • James Munn

    #5 They came to MEOW, for their right…. to PARTY!! #18 If they want blood… they got it!!! #26 #27 ROCKS!!!

  • Turrebo

    #27 Metallicat (with James Catfield, by the look of it)

    • Michael Beckley

      I was gonna say exactly the same thing after seeing that one!! Lol

  • Trav1121

    #5 is pretty hilarious but, after seeing this, it is very clear that some people just have TOO much time on their hands. Haha

  • koawm

    I'm happy to see Leonard Cohen and Parliament on the list but sad that there were two David Bowie and a Grace Jones on the list. Grace Jones? Really?

    • stab

      Lol @ music nerding to cat album covers.

  • Darrell

    #24 Nobody thought to change it to "Simon's Cat and Garfield?"

  • TimmiT

    I usually hate cat pictures…. But these were pretty hilarious. I durn near pissed myself at #22 and #30

  • crazydog

    Yeah, surprisingly funny though the creators do have too much time on their hands

  • Insanity536

    #1 Why is that child naked?

  • Jery

    OMFG I hate cats…

  • Dr Doom

    I hate cats. This was stupid.

    • patriots suck

      I hope your dog bites you in the face after taking a shit on your carpet

  • LucretiusCarus

    You guys are serious fuck bags. Like the cats on Saturday isn't enough. Fuck this shit.

    • Scuba Steve

      Again, if you don't like it, than don't click on the post. It really is that simple.

      • garbonzo bean


    • patriots suck

      then get off the page assbag

  • SadeShadz

    #30 Laughed too hard for this shit xD

  • intensedebate

    fuck your annoying!

    • bearjew


      • intensedebate

        no its *your. read deeper

  • echogeo

    I'm just glad Joe Strummer isn't alive to see this.

  • echogeo

    You forgot the cold sore.

    • Intellect1618

      Cut lip.

  • Jason

    Bunch of pussies

  • khyzer

    cats are stupid. they should be let out into the wild, they would see no difference.

    • DCD

      Uhh you could say that about any animal. Ever heard of dingos? They're wild dogs. Your logic is fucked, moron.

    • patriots suck

      Go kiss your dog…right after it eats its own shit

  • jack of all trades

    The only reason why I clicked to see this link is now you guys are secretly letting people know when you are selling certain shirts. This album was dumb.

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