An internet marraige is as amusing as advertised (11 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Takes All kinds to make the world go round and they're happy so that's cool

    • etcrr's goat

      that is probably a story of you homo

      • @McBeastie666

        you're coming off worse than him…just so you know.

        • Sleep_Salone

          Did you make it through yesterday without thumbing etcrr down?

      • goatsadouche

        wow you are a douche!

    • DRPOOP


      • brutal

        At least his picture was kind of accurate. Hers isn't even close. How did that cow get off the ranch.

  • Oregon_country

    Good for them. Glad they could find someone to make each other happy.

    • duhhhhh

      just curious, where in OR are you?

      • Oregon_country

        Mt. Angel

        • duhhhhh

          what's the address?

        • mt. angel

          me too!, a/s/address?

          • Oregon_country

            What the fuckery is happening here? I aint giving me address out on the internet, but my my name is Blake and im 21. Thats all yall are getting.

            • Daily Verance

              Ya got a real purty mouth. Now git down on yer knees and squeal like a pig.

              • Oregon_country

                Hey just causei said yall dont mean i get on my knees. I plead the 5th on the squealing part.

                • frankus


    • Katie

      Oh, hi, fellow Oregonian. I'm in Bend. I don't need your address though. Weird. haha

      • Oregon_country

        Oh I have some friends over in Bend and Redmond. Gorgeous country over there.

        • Caspertoo

          Whats your credit card number too….how about your checking account number and routing number……i'm….just curious

          • Oregon_country

            Wouldn't do you much good, broke ass college kid.

          • Smitty

            ô¿ô After the address exchange above, I'm LMAO!

            • Skwee

              Hey, just wondering what your first pet's name was? Oh, and what street you grew up on?

  • Jimbo

    I met my girlfriend online. We've been together 2 years and happy as can be.

    • Dave


      • Mr X

        Met his girlfriend online…. and the response is "faggot". Someone send this quy a dictionary.

      • Slauterhause

        Sometimes its easy to spot the smart ones.

        • Emily Celeste Gosling

          And even easier to spot the dumb ones.

      • DRPOOP


        • 12345


      • Jimbo

        Upset because I'll be with an actual woman tonight while you're stuck with Palmela Handerson? It's ok you're forgiven.

    • Rafael_RS

      same here, but i'm with my gf for 7 years now, and counting

  • TokyoFace

    #10 … the dude kind of looks like ron pearlman

    • Dr Fap

      And here I am thinking that the flexible fatty is the worst post I will see today.

    • Gash Hound

      I think this guy hit a homerun judging by his looks and hobbies


      This dude looks nothing like Revlon Ron.

  • Mr Schneebly

    what a disturbing way to start out the day..

    • Ned_Plimpton

      Thought the same thing, Ned.

      • winfields

        Ned, also thought the same thing…. it's been a weird ass Friday so far….

        Winfield S

        • sfb101

          Totally agree with you all.

  • BigOkie

    There's someone out there for everyone… Best wishes you guys.

    • fed

      hopefully not "out there" as Mulder and Scully intended…

  • kjshcdsh

    Someone out there for everyone lol

  • Dragos

    Nice post Chive!

  • Chester

    Tigard here.

    I also take big dumps.

  • Jonathan

    Kinda rude putting this under wtf and creepy. They are making fun of the two, not saying best wishes. Guess beauty is only found in cali.

    • Guse

      But leave it to the community to take a post making fun of these two and turn it into something more sincere. Congrats, Chivers.

    • Medium00Rare

      But it is outside of the norm. No matter how happy you are for them, you can't deny it.

      • mike

        a little bit out of the norm but it's 2012. what the hell is normal anymore?

        • SilkySapper


          • tehe

            I'm HIV positive you're correct, silky.

            and as far as the folks in this post go, good for them.

    • Meowmix

      I'm not laughing at their appearances or their being overweight…I just find pretending to be someone you're not (no matter who you really are) is pathetic. The fact that they're in love is cool, but if they're still living out fantasies through the internet, that's kind of sad.

      • Vent187

        Beauty is only found in Cali. Sorry..Oh yea, and surprisingly Canada.

        • alskd

          Is it 'fuck a Canadian' week already?

  • BigBK

    In fairness to chive, did you see the photo of how they represented themselves online? They were kind of "creepy" and meeting someone on this website does leave me going "wtf"?….i can one up it though. guy I work with met his wife on WoW. We were gone to sea (go navy) when they set up their first meeting….she flew to his home town a week before we got back and stayed with his parents…technically his parents met his girlfriend before he did….wtf thats creepy…(oh and shes 300 pounds and hes maybe 150)

    • Just sayin'

      As long as they're happy together, who gives a flying sh*t how they met? And how is it your business?

      Read an estimated 30% of people met their partners online last year, and people still think they have a right to gossip and judge. Just sayin'.


      • BigBK

        A: I clearly stated I have met a girl leading to a long term relationship online so I have zero problems with that
        B: I am no one to judge….i didn't make the post I gave my two cents….didmy condemn their love in the slightest merely commented on the avatars being creepy
        C: I just wanted to segway (sp I know) to my story that was weirder (come on your rents meet your GF for reals before you…thats odd)
        D: just sayin…

        • mcfadinj

          No where in your first post does it say anything about YOU having meet a girl online which led to a relationship and your point A suggests.

          • BigBK

            Oh shit balls….ya that was in a reply to someone elses point…damn 6am fog…my bad…i honestly thought I had included it in my post…face palm….but its true though lol

      • SilkySapper

        people do have the to judge and gossip, I'm personally not so obsessed with myself that I care wtf ppl say about me.

    • MarthaJeane

      Yeah but I'm wondering in these online avatar rooms, is there really a way to represent yourself as overweight and strange looking? Ive never seen them but most sites where you're creating your own don't really provide you the option of being 300 lbs and bucktoothed.

      • SilkySapper

        You miss, are not trying hard enough 😛 The reason there is no option on some things is that most fat people go into games to escape real life. Just like how they don't make cigar flavoured ice cream, there isn't the demand in most games.

      • Chicago Sean

        Is that your real photo?

        • MarthaJeane

          Yes…. why?

          • Chicago Sean

            Because I want to lick your nipples.

            • HatBomb

              Hahaha. That was creepy as fuck, but I'm still laughing.

              • MarthaJeane

                ^ This!

                I really should know better by now than to take bait like that. haha. 🙂

                • HatBomb

                  You really should have seen that one coming, but its Friday, it understandable.

                • stonewall_79

                  Nice answer girl ignore the asshole.

              • Chicago Sean

                That wasnt me. Still funny though.

          • Rick_

            I'm sorry, but you walked right into that one… lol

    • Blahblahblah

      In IMVU those are pretty much the default avatars. There is very little you can do to change the overall appearance beyond what the skin looks like and clothes.

      • BigBK

        Fair enough…i recently lost 50 pounds….when I made my xbox avatar I couldn't get anywhere near reality…my old roomie was very over weight and same thing there….i get your point….it was 6am….i was pooping…just wanted to get my story out lol

      • Canton

        In Second Life, it's easier to customize avatars, but you still see very few overweight people there. The default mesh still makes plus-size avatars tricky, so that's part of it. Still, at least there it's accepted that *nobody* looks like their avatar, so…

  • mattgonzo

    I've actually meet my current gf online and its pure happiness

    • BigBK

      I met a girl online as well and spent 3 good years together, but didnt pretend I was this tattoo'd emo looking 80s metal guy or a disproportionate Barbie doll alien hybrid…what makes it creepy is the avatars they hide behind…you could argue though its no worse then 90% of profile pics on normal dating sites….you know the 8 year old overhead shot….not exactly an honest representation

      • MattyDeuce

        But they exchanged pics of themselves prior to meeting? So just because they have an avatar that represents their personality, not necessarily their physical, doesn't mean that they are "hiding," it's just their way of expressing who they are. Besides, I am highly doubting that there are exact replica avatars for every body type out there to be created. Let them enjoy their happiness, however long it may last…seems real to me.

  • tireddog

    hmmm.. fat + ugly + internet = creepy and wtf

  • snooze

    that's some scary shit right there

  • Philip Alvarez

    not cool at all chive, you people think your shit don't stink. Nearly 12 years ago i met my ex wife on the internet in a chat room. We were married for over 7 years. Yet you make this out as a joke. A site that posts pics of whores looking for attention & a bunch of idiotic morons saying MOAR or FIND HER. This post is a diSgrace for making fun of people who luckily found love in this sometimes cruel world. GO FUCK YOURSELF CHIVE.

    • hokey smoke

      ex-wife, huh – internet worked out pretty good for you,eh – which one if you were out of the other's league – i have a guess

      • Kylee

        Shut the hell up, just because it ended doesnt mean that it wasnt a good marriage while it lasted. He has a good point anyway.

    • Amirite

      Man your really getting bent out of shape over an "EX"!.. For the majority of us that actually like to touch and have sex with our women in real life, we find this creepy.. Hey do you guys consider it cheating if your online character has sex with someone else's character??

    • P-Willy

      The Chive isn't making fun of them, but their images they sent each other. Pull your arrogant head out of your ass and try to keep calm. Oh and congrats on your Internet success!!!

      • Smitty

        > Oh and congrats on your Internet success!!!

    • Dave

      so we can be sure to NOT hear from you again?

    • rnr

      I agree. The MOAR & FIND HER are prime examples of nerd groveling and internet men who don't have the nerve or personality to find a real woman or make their move when they are with one…then the Chive knocks these two? Thumbs down.

      • Chivette Alex

        How dare you call us chivettes, whores. If you don't like it, piss off? Simple. If you can't pull your head out of your ass and realise that this is a site, solely for keep calm chivers/ettes who want to see some good shit in this world and pass a bit of time while the boss ain't lookin'. Don't go calling us chivettes (specifically), or any woman that is posted on this site a whore and needs to find attention.
        You're not a real chiver Mr Philip Alvarez, especially by calling other chivers names, BITCH!
        KCCO to rest of you! 🙂

        • Johnny

          You sound like a whore.

          • Brad

            You sound like an asshole.

        • Sam

          What do you call women that take their clothes off?
          I agree that by taking your clothes off so others can comment does make you an attention seeking whore. Don't worry, there's an industry based on women like yourself and it includes different fetishes, such as fuglies, so you have a good chance of landing a job.

          • Mr Fuglie Sam

            What are you doing on this site dude, KCCO she's making a point. Wtf? Seriously, "fuglie" you still use that word in this day in age? I stop using it in elementary school, grow up.

            • Sam

              I usually don't respond to tweens or idiots, but in your case I'll make an exception since I find that no one IRL has ever bothered to teach you the following:

              What are you doing on this site dude (I am not a guy – don't assume I am, and even if I was don't call me a "dude" that's a stupid word, you think fugly makes someone look childish, well this word makes you look like you have brain damage), KCCO she's making a point (As am I, so why not follow your own advice?). Wtf? Seriously, "fuglie" you still use that word in this day in age (obviously I do or do you struggle with reading)? I stop (stopped) using it in elementary school, (by the looks of it you need to go back and learn some basic things like how to use the past tense) grow up. (says the guy arguing for someone else on the internet, come on, I'm pretty sure if she can post (most likely semi nude) pictures of herself then she can defend herself.)

              And one last thing, you know the saying that goes along the lines of it's better to say nothing and look like a fool, than to open your mouth and confirm it? Follow it. If your only two arguments are contradictory to what you yourself are saying, (saying that someone is simply making a point, but don't like the response to it when that person is simply illustrating their point and in fact, teaching them) and on a word a person used, then you should keep your mouth shut and stay out of it. Don't forget for next time, the chive has this amazing feature that you can simply vote on a person's comment so you don't confirm that you're a _____.


    • vandal

      Ta-ta gaylord!

    • Ken

      I was going to write something nasty to you Philip – as I thought your comment was being all righteous as the rest of them (etcrr, jimbo, oakie, etc.), and would just try to make Chivers sound like Noble Knights in a Cruel Land (good album cover no?) – but then I actually read through your comment and agree 99% (the 1% is not acknowledging that the post was amusing simply because of the comparisons between real life people vs. internet people)

      Also – you got a little angry, and that lost you some possible thumbs-up in my opinion.

    • Don

      Well I can see why this moron has an "EX" wife. CHIVE ON !!!

    • frankus


    • SomeDudeHere

      so don't look at the site if it pisses you off so much

    • MyPalAl

      You need to keep calm brother. Yeah this post is offensive but calling the lovely women who send their pictures into the chive attention seeking whores is just plain disrespectful, and if you don't like it then you can giit out

      • mcfadinj

        It might be disrespectful, but it's 100% true.

    • Jason

      Shes your ex you loser. So it is kinda fair if you were successful you could use the example. The world is only cruel to you because your a social fucktatard and could even make it work with another social misfit from the internet. Go back to licking windows and leave the chiving for the normals.

      • mcfadinj

        Nowadays, a marriage lasting longer than a month should be considered successful.

        • @JONNBOY89

          that is the stupidest thing I have ever had to read. enough said

    • John G

      Hey Phillip, how'd that marriage work out for you with the girl you met in a chat room online?

    • Jammy

      Could it be that your not together because you have anger management issues?

    • stonewall_79

      No man you need to get the fuck out of here now and never come back again and you're refering to chivettes as whores you're a disgrace man you don't have any idea what this site is about now go with this pair of creepy asses and be pathetic with them.

      • djma

        Hm, a sight where women send in pictures of their tits and asses so other men can jerk off to them…is tasteful?

      • Yo man

        Wow man, you're so insightful man. The chivettes are whores man only the stupid ones that do it for free. They're worst than a street hiiker or STI infected strippers that have sores showing since they do it for free or rarely a t shirt.

        • stonewall_79

          So what the fuck are you doing here asshole?!?!?!

    • Fkn Nick, Duh

      Well guess what, Phil, most of us are much more interested in scantly dressed 8s, 9s, and 10s than wasting hours a day fabrication an false identity and role-playing on-line with a two-ton Tina.

    • Tuco

      I Agree

    • Clutch101

      Everyone has an opinion, naturally. Everyone should be able to express their opinion. The true, and loyal Chive comunity all seem to get, understand, and appreciate what is posted on this site. We all have a good sence of humor, enjoy sarcasm, checking out cool shit, and of course, love and appreciate women. That's goes for both, the Chivers and Chivettes. The Chivettes especially though. Not the supermodel pics put in as filler, but the women like Country Girl. Those who come on this site and don't get it, or are offended, go find somewhere else to post your comments, the Internet is a big place and you'll fit in somewhere.

    • Lukas

      Fully agree with you Philip. The trend here is a little sad. Scores of attention whores posting their bodies online and just as many if not more hormone driven idiots want more, or as chive says moar.

      I come here for the humor. Not softcore porn. God if the world has become what this site represents, then i want off this planet.

  • Spas

    I cannot tell the difference! NOT!

  • mistressofmonsters

    Love is in the eye of the mouse holder

  • ryank

    Phil Alvarez: how dare you come on theChive and tell them what they can and cant post. Why dont you close this browser open up your smut porn folder and fuck YOUR self? No one made you open the chive. Have a sense of humor. 2 weirdo's found love. Or was it two hurt bags found someone as hurting as themselves. I found a gf online. On a dating site with real ("real") pics. Not a fuckin virtual nightclub for fatties and guys with eyebrow rings. Love you chive

    • MattyDeuce

      Why such hostilities? The guy didn't say a word about what they can/can't post.

    • Ryan

      Phil can't tell people what to post but the rest of you self righteous chivers can?

      • Chivers

        We do what we want.

    • mcfadinj

      You obviously didn't even read what he wrote, which really just means you are looking for an internet confrontation. Tough guy over here!

  • countermonkey

    I'm a little disappointed too Chive. Part of what makes this community great is how accepting and uplifting it can be for Chivers who come in all sizes, shapes and even states of health. By putting it in "creepy/wtf" and using the term "love is blind" for these two it feels like you're diminishing what they have and judging them harshly for no reason. The Chive is better than this – leave the mean, "cool guy" tone that was in this post for the FHM's and Maxim's of the world.

    • The Good Doctor

      You sound fat.

      • Chivette Alex

        Was that really necessary?

    • bzazz

      i absolutely agree countermonkey

  • War War

    Love should be shot, disemboweled, ground up, and have its DNA reconstituted into a new clone. Then that clone of love should be shot again for fucking shit up.

  • James Smith

    I wonder if he found her in a virtual kitchen??

    • rene

      From the looks of it, it wasn't virtual.

  • Witchlover

    Everyone lighten the F up, and quite being so damn politically correct! Have some fun. The facts speak for themselves; they are unattractive people who used a fantasy virtual world to pretend to be someone else. That's WTF and wierd, I don't care who you are, it just is. Then there's the fact that they actually turned it into something real. Good for them, I'm happy for them!
    The internetz a big place, and if you have the balls or whatever to expose yourself to it, on it, then you open yourself up to potential praise and ridicule. These folks are throwing their story out there for the world to see, they'll get their praise and their get their share of ridicule. That's fair and normal, only saying nice things isn't.
    I'm calling a spade a spade here, just like the folks at chive. Kudos Chive. KCCO!

    • @McBeastie666

      you're confusing political correctness with not being an asshole. I can lighten up and still say what I feel and what I feel is that this wasn't a very nice post. whatever…moving on.

  • Dave

    Lets see, people portraying themselves as someone else, no not creepy at all.

    • Disappointed

      I would to if I knew the world would judge me immediately based on appearance.

  • rnr

    I hate to say I'm with the negative reviews on this one, it's a rather tasteless jab at internet people who misrepresent themselves…but who doesn't? I'm sure the Chive editors are the not raving studs they show themselves off to be.

    • Lex Williams

      pretty damn sure the chive is just a way to make john well known enough to get him laid 😛

  • ryank

    Danny im sure you are a cold drink of water on a hot day. Im not saying it's wrong. Lol I think it's hilarious. And like the other chap said, good on them. But it's weird to develops relationships outside of the real world. I met girls online. However I didnt date them online. That's what's weird. And this society makes fun of everyone. To exclude people from that would be prejudice. BAM! suck on that. If I was fat I'd ask myself "why doesnt chive make fun of me?…. I wanna be a meme". These ppl made the net on the best website ever. They would be proud. End communication

    • DannyP

      Hahaha! Agreed, its just poking fun at them. I mean, I think its great that they found love but like you said before, if you dont like what Chive posts dont come on it.

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