Congratulations, parents….you’re awful (32 Photos)

  • kevin


    • Nny


      • Always Last

        Good to see theChive police are still active.

    • Epitomizer

      Kill yourself… go ahead. We mean it.

    • GuitarSkater

      You must be new here….

  • st33

    Oh. My. God. I have no words for this. Please, Lord, be photoshopped.

    • Mos

      You're upset because the girl likes roosters? Jeez, you're weird….

      • Chive Sweat Shop

        It is shopped – it is "I love Rock"

    • stonewall_79

      I agree what kind of idiot dress his/her girl like this?

      • Smartass

        The worst part is that they'll probably claim SHE wanted to dress like that and they didn't want to get in the way of her creativity so they let her.

        And who the hell makes tanktops with that message IN THAT SIZE?????

      • Ralphie

        She's the idiot, actually. She needs to either spit or swallow. Dumb kid!

    • rAs

      I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

      • Ralphie

        Cool story, bro. I don't want you to live here, either!

    • KeepinCalm

      Must be shopped – i refuse to believe otherwise. If not, it should be shopped to read "My Parents Suck"

    • Break lance

      Next Week on Dance Moms: 6 year old girl addicted to crack and sex – 400lbs mother still bitches about choreography

      • Him

        Break lance just summed up toddlers in tiaras and dance moms in a single sentence ❤

    • XOXO

      She's trying out for Junior Jersey Shore tv show.

    • Aaron

      Yea that's just… over the line.

    • Zghying

      Just Google South Carolina Gamecocks and you will see many such shirts. Go Cocks!

    • @Ukrainische

      hope she's not from English-speaking country

    • aed

      Why do they even MAKE I ❤ Cock T-shirts in that size?

  • hark1985

    #5 you're doing it wrong

    • TequilaTommy

      Seriously, she needs to tilt the glass.

    • hahahfunny

      what's with the rubber gloves? meth lab??

    • mid13

      in-home bartender. I could use one of them.

  • TX Country Boy

    #14 is my fav. Cute.

    • XOXO

      I know, he's so cute.

      • TX Country Boy

        I'd like to think this was me as a child.

    • bzazz

      He looks like Pauly Shore.

    • Jackson919

      Looks like the kid from Indian in the Cupboard.

  • angry

    ^^ Get a life.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      I see what you were trying to do, but you guys who do this are about as bad as the "first" comments.

    • Bryan

      how is this bad..just a cute photo

  • hark1985

    #8 Meanwhile in Alabama

    • RealSausageFest

      come on, that is a bullshit stereotype of the south, man.

      this could just as easily be in mississippi, arkansas, or georgia.

    • RobsterCraws

      Ya 'cause people in the midwest are skinny.

    • Fr33Th1nk3r

      HAHA so true

    • ManZombie

      People of Walmart….enough said.

  • hark1985

    #6 that's fucked up

    • MarthaJeane

      Being forced to listen to Rebecca Black over and over should be a punishable offense.

      • Erich Backhus

        Once you have kids you'll understand.

        • Aaron Ahlquist

          i have kids. Yes they are irritating but I've never considered false imprisonment which is absolutely child abuse.

          • yup

            holy over reaction….. yeah I bet your kids wont have any issues because of your perspective on parenting……

    • Gerri

      i thought it was quite halarious

    • Angela Nelson

      Fucked up but effective

    • JeZki

      Made me laugh

    • tempest

      I'm guessing it was a sibling rather than a parent, but could easily be wrong. Just seems more like a sibling kind of thing to do.

      • Rick Cartman

        I was just gonna say that, going to use this on my sister for playing that awful noise

    • John

      Sorry, tying up your kids is wrong….wasn't someone just in the news for losing custody of their child for posting a similar stunt on their facebook account?

    • Irish

      I was thinking child abuse. But then I saw Rebecca Black on the laptop, now it's a fitting punishment. Just don't tape her to the chair and it's a valuable teaching tool.

    • Matt Curley

      I see a striking resemblense to A Clockwork Orange.

  • Moose

    #26 is called being poor

    • cheers

      if anything, its impressive that she at least has the box on wheels

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Poor?…I'm poor, but we can still find a second hand stroller for $5-$10 at a garage sale or Goodwill store. I've got three kids and we have always been able to keep them safe.

      • Donovan

        1st world problems…

      • Moose

        Yeah, that's clearly a third world location there. You know, the part of the world where a ziplock baggie is a treasured purse for a little girl.

      • Urethra Franklin

        While you're on the internet why don't you use your Iphone to tweet pics of how poor you are?

      • matt

        Seriously? Considering the woman probably lives on less than two dollars a day, and that she probably lacks access to a frickin Goodwill to begin with, would you like to reconsider your post??

    • Unfkngblvbl

      To clarify, I wasn't trying to compare my level of poorness to the photo…obviously being a third world country, although that building doesn't look too bad. Nonetheless, I was stating that being generally (1st world) poor isn't necessarily an excuse to push your child's safety aside, especially with all the programs we have in the U.S. Although, I do appreciate the ingenuity in the photo. KCCO

      *this was NOT posted via an iphone.

      • LukeTheTerrible

        Its too late. You've already been judged. Besides, how do you know this photo was taken in the U.S.? The prevailing belief seems to be that it was not.

        • RobsterCraws

          Clearly Detroit.

      • Chandler C Edwards

        You are a terrible person. That is all.

      • matt

        But that's exactly what you did.

      • ItisUnfkngblvbl

        If you are poor why do you have 3 children?? As someone that has to pay a shit ton of taxes, let me tell you these programs are not put into place for you to continue to have children and live without contributing.

    • GMC

      This is a gypsy woman somewhere in Eastern Europe. Garage sales do not exist, she probably lives in a card board box with 7 other children on $2 a week income and is completely illiterate. Unfortunately she is probably well off compared to her neighbors because she has the metal frame to put the box on.

      • Moose

        IDK about that. This looks like Central America to me. Could be wrong, but that's what the intuition is saying.

      • canguro

        Luxury. We used to have to get out of the lake at six o'clock in the morning, clean the lake, eat a handful of 'ot gravel, work twenty hour day at mill for tuppence a month, come home, and Dad would thrash us to sleep with a broken bottle, if we were lucky! [MPFC]

  • echogeo

    Remove 13 please.

    • TX Country Boy

      Agreed, bro. Shit is uncalled for. This might even be too young for pedobear.

      • jumperforever1

        Pedobear has no child age limit.

        • Yes

          think 10 is his limit..

          • Robb

            maybe 10 at a time…

      • Idius

        Yeah take down #13! While you are at it take down #22 too! Also get rid of every other picture that every fucking person has complained about! Also add more pics of black chicks to shut up that one fucking idiot that was always posting THE CHIVE IS RACIST AND I'M A DUMBASS TROLL!!@#$!

        If you don't like what the Chive is posting STFU and take it with a grain of salt. If you still don't like what they are posting then leave! What the fuck ever happened to believing in capitalism or shit just freedom?

        The only problems with the pics over the past few days have been generated in the minds of you sick fucks! Maybe the shirt is referring to a goddamn rooster! I'm pretty sure kids still like animals right, Old McDonald and that shit?

        I used to like the Chive mostly for the comments, but the complaining over the past few days is just asinine… There is always going to be something that you will find offensive! If they showed a picture of Jesus, Mohammed, or God at least one douche goes and gets all offended, when if they took the stick out of their ass they would notice that it isn't meant to be malicious.

        If you have a kid and you are offended by this, why don't you go back look at the picture and get the real meaning out of it; that being "Wow, I'm glad/hope that I'm not making my kid look like that!"

        If you are still offended go fuck yourself and visit 4chan for a second I'll wait…. Now that is a website that is fucked up and you should be bitching about! You want to know a little secret though? I visited that site once and never went back because it was so offensive to me! I didn't bitch in whatever commentary/forum system they set up there. I just left.

        I feel like that fat guy in the gif that they posted in DAR (I think) the other day, "Fuck this, Fuck that, Fuck at of that!" because there have been so many comments just bitching about stupid stuff…

        You all know that these guys are cool and relatively normal, so get off their case!

        I going to go fuck off now because at this point I am beginning to rant, and that is bullshit too!

        Keep Calm and Chive On!

        *Now where the fuck is the bourbon. I need a goddamn drink!*

        • Joe

          You mad bro?

        • LisaB

          I love you Idius

          • Idius

            I hope you're the girl in the picture.

        • Jen


        • SocialLubricant

          I don't think this photo is nearly so bad that removing it is warranted. The girl is probably too young to know what it says and definitely too young to know what it means (I hope). I get why the parent probably thought it was funny. In my own watered-down version of this type of thing we used to dress our daughter in a Motley Crue onesie with a big pentagram on it.
          Just like you, Idius, I think these people calling for removal of the picture are a bunch of dipshits. I don't see any apparent harm in the creation or existance of that picture. That said…
          These people calling for the removal of the picture have as much of a right to post what they want as the Chive has the right to post what they want. I don't see the difference between these people calling for removal of exisiting pictures or for the Chive to stop posting such things and you calling for these uptight assholes to stop posting what they post.
          I'm all for disagreeing with them loudly and proudly. I jut did. I'm also all for disagreeing that your call for them to censor themselves on this site is any better than their call for the Chive to censor themselves.

          • facepalm

            Another sexual offender trying to retain the suggestive child post. I hope ya`ll get some mental help soon.

          • Idius

            I'm not asking themselves to censor themselves. It's more like a filter. I used to post under the name "THIS IS MADNESS!!!". I stopped posting comments for a bit because I'd go back and find that when I thought I was being clever and witty, I was actually being a raving jackass. I started posting under the name Idius when I was finally able to feel as if I could control what I post. All that I am asking is that they try to exercise a little self control and not assume that if it has a pulse, looks like a person, and doesn't have a dick, that it is meant to be erotic (fapable to).

            I'm most certainly not perfect, and I know I've posted shit since then that has been stupid, but I Keep Calm and Chive On and try to learn from the dumbass mistake that I made. The only reason that I'm coming back here and commenting on the replies is because I felt pretty strongly that I'd like for this to stop before it gets out of hand. If it keeps going on, then I'll follow my own advice and just stop coming to the Chive.

            That's Life.

            • Mark Roberts

              Well stated. I lost your point in your original rant, but I'm right there with you now.

        • Correct

          Stop stroking out man and chill. This is just a fucking website don't stress out.

        • The Id & The Onion

          You don't have a daughter obviously. Neither do I. However, I thought about that.
          If you did & her pic in this shirt was on the World Wide Web you would most likely rant as you have done here.
          But, for a whole different reason.

          • Idius

            I normally don't respond to responses because normally it would be an emotional response, but I would like to point out the flaw in that logic.

            Do you think that some random person was walking past and took the picture? It was most likely the parent. Have you seen the little kids from that beauty pageant show that look completely ridiculous (there was one of those posted the other day where this same bullshit went on about taking it down just because it was in the Get low gallery)? One's sense of what is inappropriate varies from person to person. When I visited home over break one week my little sister was watching that god awful Jersey Shore show. I asked her if she watched it often, and she said yes. Then i went up to my mother and asked her if she had watched it with my sister and she said yes. I bit my tongue damn near off to keep from saying something, and my point is that I would never let my kid (if I had one; you made a good assumption) watch something so vile.

            I would also like to acknowledge the other side of the argument that, perhaps, some random person (kid or adult) took the pic and posted it. There are either four options here (that I can think of).

            1) The parent dressed that kid in that manner and sent that kid out of the house.
            2) That kid dressed herself without the parent knowing, but the parent still had to purchase the shirt; thereby still making him or her a shitty parent.
            3) The kid was given the money to go and purchase her own clothes; which means the parent don't care and probably should be arrested for letting his or her kid run all over town.
            4) It is really a midget on the lamb cleverly disguised as a kid.

            On either side of the coin it's ultimately the parents fault. It reminds me of that motivational post (or maybe it was a background post) that read something like the following:

            "I would like to say thank you to all the assholes in my life. You have shown me exactly who I don't want to be."

            That's what I saw when I saw the pic. I was like wow I hope that if i ever have kids, I will be strong enough to raise them the correct way rather than giving into whatever fad is popular at the moment, like I nodded at with my Jersey Shore story.

            It was probably some parent's post on facebook, or a similar case to #22, which is why I included that in my original comment.

            I don't want to accidentally slip into something that could be interpreted as an attack on you, so I am going to wrap up my counter-argument

            I just don't want to see a few douches (and probably actually good gentlemen who are just being over sensitive on this topic) ruin theChive. It's like the South Park episode where Cartman wants to get an episode of Family Guy pulled off the air, I think it was Cartoon Wars.

            Keep Calm and Chive On!

          • Mark Roberts

            As someone with two kids, I can say with confidence that the logistics involved in that shirt ending up on that child is the result of poor parenting one way or another. I would never leave one of my kids in the care of someone who would put a shirt like that on one of them, much less take a picture of it and post it on the Internet.

            So, for me, the result of a picture like that with my kid in it ending up on the web wouldn't be a ranting post. It would be an ass wipping of the person responsible for posting it.

      • RDS


    • Hank

      I think you meant to say "Find Her, Chive!"


      13 is there because a parent let their kid out in public like that. Hence the title of the post.

      • RobsterCraws

        I agree with ^ but at the same time, that kid is probably old enough to read simple, 4-letter words and form sentences. I think even showing that shirt to a child that age is pretty messed up. A lot of the other pictures are funny because a lot of the children are so young they have no concept of what is actually happening. I'm not one of those ultra-protective types but you have to draw the line somewhere.

  • hark1985

    #13 that's Paula's daughter

    • Juggs_Gotcha

      i refuse to believe that anyone has ever had sex with paula.

      • Paula_

        Well, I did!

        – the one you love to hate

  • Cody


  • Paul the Clown

    I see some future chiver and chivettes

  • johnnystyle

    #9 Start them young!

  • jgos929

    Jeez a lot of those are just lame attempts at being funny and they fail horribly. But #6 could really get someone in trouble.

    • trl87

      Making someone listen to Rebecca Black is just cruel.

    • @JorEl10262009

      The parent who shot that picture is probably already in some DEEP Poopicaca with the law, after the posting of #6… They sure deserve to be, anyway…

    • Unfkngblvbl

      I bet she wouldn't stop playing that song and singing it. Remember the episode of King of the Hill when Hank made Bobby smoke a whole carton of cigarettes?…same thing here.

      • Indian0Lore

        Hope to get the kid annoyed with the song so they stop playing it incessantly?

    • :).

      Talk about lame attempt to be funny..

    • Stick

      Nah, agreed. Reminds me of something I'd try to unsee on 4chan,

  • Lil John

    #4 and # 23
    That's some fairly responsible babysitting, really. What else are you supposed to do? Just sit there and stare at the child?

    • Moose

      Perhaps if he had the child in a bassinet sitting on the desk next to him. I guess in this case, perception is everything.

    • Pff

      Seriously. I see nothing wrong with these.

      • Ice

        How about second hand smoke with that ashtray two inches from the infant's head?

        • RealSausageFest

          ease up, it's probably just weed.

    • Kevin

      There is nothing wrong with bonding with your children. At least the kids in eyesight. That better than some parents that have let their kids drown instead of leaving warcraft

      • Swenka

        It's League of Legends, not that it actually matters which game it is. Just noticed Blue side's inner turret xD

        • Indian0Lore

          I think he is playing as Talon

          • Jen


        • Beathos209

          Dudes trollin permaban that n00b, LoL is awesome sauce

  • @antcruz

    #10, #27 seems more like cool parenting.

    • Jesus

      Hell, in the case of #10, I wouldn't mind my son growing up on Playboy. What's so bad about it? With all these Tampon commercials and shit on TV, I bet he'd grow up a lot less confused with a Playboy.

  • snooch

    #29 Didn’t know Peewee had kids.

    • Unfkngblvbl

      kid on the right's gonna be badly burned from that pipe.

    • XOXO

      Haaa!!! It does look like Peewee and his special bike.

    • snooch thumbs this down?! Apparently I didn't get the memo that informed us that a sense of humor and observations of resemblance are no longer welcome on the chive.

      I remember a time when the chive was filled with an awesome, unrivaled community of people. Now it's plagued with a bunch of morons with no sense of humor who only care about tits and trolling. Nothing good ever lasts. If only we could weed out the rubbish and start fresh with all of us original chivers; web life would be a better place. No banner ads, no idiots..just a good time.

      I'm just about done with this site.

      • Furry Snizz

        Fuck you…cunt.

        • snooch

          Case in point

    • Chiverino

      Looks like OBAMA

    • DND

      I saw this all the time in Afghanistan. At least these kids are in a pouch! I've seen 2-3 year olds hanging off a bike while the parent was flying down the road.

  • jumperforever1

    screw you judgmental people. I tazed my kid, the brat wouldnt shut up. Clearly none of you are parents.

    • Gerri

      you TAZED your kid because it wouldnt shut up?! i am a parent and i cant believe you fucking said that. you need your child taken away and you need to go to jail for child abuse you piece of shit!!! people like you dont need kids. you better be happy i dont know where your sorry ass lives :@

      • TheAutomaticMan

        Don't feed the troll

      • Bobby

        I can only think of one thing when I read this… Brian on Family Guy. "Oh my god, oh my god… I don't even want to think about that. Until you have a child… until you have a child of your own, you can't possibly understand." If you're going to be on the internet… learn to take everything with a grain of salt.

    • jack of all trades

      What the fuck?!

    • twoedges

      clearly you are not as clever as you think you are

    • Anon

      Don't feed the troll…

    • tom

      U are just an idiot

      • snooch

        clearly none of you understand the concept of sarcasm. lighten up.

        • Osgood

          Ya, what snooch said, geez people, especially you Gerri.

          • Adriana

            people can only take sarcasm so far- once shit like "tazing a kid" is said, its not funny anymore because there actually are little once suffering through bull shit like that. Think before you post some stupid crap like that.

            • Adriana


              • snooch

                poster children for the pussification of america

    • Odnod McDondo

      kinda looks liike Obamer (2 kids)(apppears skinny)

  • TWON925

    a few of these things are humorous/ harmless and then you see #17 And wanna call C.P.S

    • rich

      "I take care of my kids!"

      • Anomanom

        "You're supposed to, you dumb motherfucker!"

    • Gerri

      ya that kid looks freaked out

    • twoedges

      that's racist… you are only saying this because he is brack

    • mijo

      dont worry little man… dept of children services will be there soon.

      • jroc

        hide yo wife, hide yo kids

    • mickey

      "Gonna show'im ma fave corner to sell shit, next…"

    • teh spraintz

      Is that Trayvon?

    • Cali_Dude

      What gets me about his photo is the little guy looks scared, I wonder what kind of a$$ hat is taking the photo. Poor little dude, My wife and I will take him.

  • Damian

    #13 And people wonder why there is child porn. I mean my god mom probably already has a contract with Vivid for when she turns 18.

    • Kyle

      What company actually makes those shirts? They should be boycotted.

    • LucretiusCarus

      Good lord, please tell me this is fake.

    • jesse

      That kid is fucking hot.

  • tv_paul

    Almost all of these are so wrong, but #23 I can relate to.

    • Miguel

      Yup, been there, done that. Played pretty much all of GTA: San Andreas like that.

    • electric boogalo

      That is impressive. Except for the mac.

    • Slappy_McGee

      Anyone who scoffs at this obviously has no idea how fucking boring it is to feed a baby. A little Gus Johnson and Madden 12 makes the time fly by.

  • trl87

    #19 Well, where else was he going to put him?

    • luckyB

      if you cant hold a baby "normally" and take a simple picture with a point and soot camera then you suck at life. its quite simple. ive done it.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Yeah, I don't really see a problem with it. Nothing about that is necessarily damaging to the kid, and probably even fun.

  • paleontinjin ross

    #31 some crazy drunk woman came over and stole the stroller from the kid

    • rich

      i like her!

    • GernBlansten

      Obviously drinks….check.
      Willing to put nasty shit in her mouth…..check.
      Light enough not to crush that stroller…..check.

      Yep. She's a keeper.

    • haeddre

      the kid is like "da fuck" ha ha

    • Jasmine Lillian Elise Gallegos

      Them lazy kids sit in them strollers all day, I think she just wanted to borrow it for a minute or two, no harm done. . . hopefully.

  • Ned_Plimpton

    #22 "This is what mama do for a livin'"

    • twoedges

      that's racist, you're only saying this because she is brack

      • jig

        I'm certain it's just a random coincidence that they put a baby's leg around a pole, you fucking moron. Probably a pole still all greased up with mommy's government check pussy slime.

    • CSF

      Take your child to work day.

      • snooch


    • mickey

      naw, she's a street whore, too

  • DrMa7moud

    #25. Fine line betwen genius and fail

    • spicticus

      I bet this kid wanted to go for a ride.

      • Skaman

        I like the smear stain on the floor where the kid ran over a squashed grape or something

    • Vinny

      Kid's probably having a blast.

    • LukeTheTerrible

      Yeah, being dragged through the detritus of a grocery store and all the shoe-filth from other customers…. just strengthens his immune system! No doubt it was also fun.

    • bisonbade

      only at walmart

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