Heroic dog survives bullet wound to the neck while taking down a criminal (17 Photos)

  • etcrr

    Wow, That's one tough dog, Glad to see the dog recover.



      i've been a faithful chiver for about two years. i applaud the heroic action of this dog and am happy he's still with his partner and family. however, how about we draw some attention to the number of family pets that law enforcement has murdered recently. i call your attention to dogmurderers.com. it is sick and disgusting what we are allowing law enforcement to get away with.

      micheal paxton was playing frisbee with his best friend, cisco, a gorgeous blue australian cattle dog. literally 3 seconds later, some chickenshit cop had assassinated his best friend. officer griffin of the austin police department had gone to the wrong address and murdered a mans best friend within 7 seconds of leaving his police cruiser. then he blames the owner, who he had at gunpoint, who had done nothing wrong, who was on his own property, for not controlling his dog. the dog was not out of control, just alerting his owner to an intruders presence. to top it all off, officer griffin then lies to his supervisor about how it all transpired. where is micheal paxton's post? where is JUSTICE FOR CISCO? our gestapo police forces are murdering innocent people's pets, where is the outrage?

      dogmurderers.com and JUSTICE FOR CISCO. this is america, we cannot continue to allow this.

    • Brian King

      Cant see a CAT ever doing that! Get rid of Cat Saturday and put stories like this in its place…

      • http://www.facebook.com/emily.gosling Emily Celeste Gosling

        Seriously, once they're out of the kitten stage, cats seem to realize they're on this planet to make us think we're in hell and have demons watching our every move. Fuck cats.

        • D-Wiz

          yes emily. yes!

    • chandsy

      Good boy bandit! Get them bad guys!!

    • glitched

      as cool as that is my only question if the dog is 4 years old and been together since 2006 wouldn't that make it 6 years?

  • MattKL

    This is just completely awesome.

    #12 "Because fuck bullets!"

    • Brian

      Don't see any cats taking bullets.

      • Shea

        Because cats explode

        • Jjt

          Because fuck cats that's why

    • Walls

      Someone make a Motivational poster out of this pic and slogan !!!

  • NightMiracle

    Dog stories always get to me. Dogs are awesome.

    • Jojj

      My allergy medicine is wearing off again…

  • SorryCats

    This is why dogs will always be a man's best friend.

    • Caleb

      I was just cutting onions….with my labs by my side. It was the onions that did it.

  • CoLNo1

    Great dog – and hard as nails it would appear! Great to see him back

  • sworbie

    OMG! It's BANDIT!! awesome dog! Glad to see he has his own post here. 😀

    • Chiverino

      Why did they call him buster in the above story?
      " However, one day while responding to a reported home invasion buster was shot in the neck by a suspected robber while he was blocking the robber’s escape"

  • Ray

    Who would get a car when you can get one AWESOME dog!

    • Ray


      • Fall

        Cats… Useless shit and scratching machines! Good luck having one taking a bullet for you…

        • Pussy control

          Umm, it is thinking like that that lead to the plague. Oh, and cats don't eat shit and then lick your face. What the dog did was awesome but he didn't knowingly take a bullet.

  • USMC2K3

    It's great to see a post like this. Especially since its from where I live. Thanks to the brave men, women, and animals of the Sacramento area law enforcement. Keep up the good work folks.

  • kacey

    How have the dog and officer been on the force together since 2006 if the dog is only four years old?

    • cogburn

      The dog was probably 4 when it happened… just guessing since the K9 is back in service now???

    • meh.

      While this is an awesome story and the sentiment hit home I noticed that straight off the bat and had a negative reaction. its fairly simple fact checking/proof edit work that turns your ad dollars into a better experience.

    • Deep Thoughts Jack H

      This story is two years old…I'm certain the text was a copy and paste.

      • LucretiusCarus

        Seriously–inundated with ads and they can't bother to do the four keystrokes to change the date.


        • Richard

          Use Adblock Chrome extension, & you won't see ANY ads at all

    • KeepinCalm
    • Duber

      They also call the dog buster once, and his name is Bandit.

    • Bob

      The dog took a bullet keeping people safe and you decide to comment on numbers?
      Shut the fuck up.

    • G'day


  • Chris

    How can they be patrolling since 2006 if he's only 4yo?

    • Ay Ay Caramba

      My thoughts exactly.

    • MAX

      they messed up the numbers. who cares. give the dog some props!

    • Frank

      Because they cut and pasted this story… That's from 2010.

  • gilles

    k, #14 got to me… Awesome dog. Awesome owner.

    • http://www.facebook.com/IanMitchell86 Ian Mitchell

      Omg this is amazing look at the expression on his lil face :')

    • skeeter

      yeah that one made me tear up…. SHUT UP!!! lol

  • Muadieb

    I have a White German Shepherd that lost a leg from a car accident. I was pretty much was on the verge of losing it during the entire surgery process. I know how this guy feels. Glad to see Bandit made a full recovery!

    • Fall

      Sorry to hear about you doggie, but I'm glad he's well now! KCCO

      • Muadieb

        Thanks! KCCO

    • grrregg

      I also have a White German Shepherd, she too was hit by a car as a puppy and mangled her rear foot. That was 15 years ago and she's still going strong. Tough dogs and very resiliant. All Shepherds rock.

      • Muadieb

        Agreed! That's awesome to hear your Shepherd is still going strong after one of those types of injuries. Gotta love them!

  • blueknight99

    Great story! I was a K9 handler for 6 years. One of my fellow K9 officers lost his partner "Danny" when he was trying to serve a warrant on a guy and the piece of shit shot and killed him. Danny was protecting his partner like he was trained to do. I was working the other side of the city at the time and it was a VERY intense day. Unfortunately, I lost my own partner "Aron" (he's my avatar) in 2007 to intestinal cancer. So, I can totally empathize with how Gary was feeling. God bless them both!

    • 0331

      The story refers to Officer Dahl as the owner. Is the K-9 owned by the officer, or the department? No, not being a smart ass, just curious. I have read a couple of news blips about K-9's being retired, and the officer petitioning for ownership.

      • https://www.facebook.com/GregPickering Greg Pickering

        Former K-9 handler here myself. Typically if the dog works all his years he can for the department and the dog is to be retired he goes to the K-9 handler that worked with him for all his years. If the K-9 handler gets re-assigned the dog goes to a new handler. There are a few instances when a dog will be retired early, like when my partner was shot and killed in the line of duty his dog was retired early to go home with the widow and his son. So to answer your question, the agency owns the dog up until they decide it is better for the dog to be retired.

        • Dr Fap

          Thanks for the info and for your selfless service. I know it is easy for people to criticize the police because they are not perfect. But you have a very honorable job. God bless the police.

          • Skaman

            So hard to take a comment from "Dr. Fap" seriously (makes me chuckle every time I see the name), but I agree with the good doctor.

            • Dr. Fapenstein

              I am glad you you agree and that I can make you chuckle 🙂

    • guesty

      what about when some piece of shit cop goes to the wrong house in austin and murders a dog playing frisbee with his owner. shit goes both ways. fuck "officer" griffin and JUSTICE FOR CISCO. i LOVE dogs. i hate needledick cops who shoot first and rip families apart. if you don't believe me, go to dogmurderers.com. or look up "justice for cisco"

      • guesty

        whoever gave guesty a thumbs down can fuck right off. unless you support cops murdering family pets…in that case, kill yourself

      • Mrs_Conejo

        that was a shitty situation.
        you should be more angry with the person who called 911 and gave the wrong address than you are at the officer who killed Cisco. The officer was responding to a domestic disturbance where there was a claim of someone being choked. "Justice for Cisco" has been very against people talking shit about the APD. In no way have they advocated ill will towards the city police.

        I too am upset that Cisco died but i am not going to carry beef w/the men and women who are trying to make quick decisions in constant strenuous and complicated situations.

        • guesty

          i'm sorry mrs conejo, but i disagree. these are the people who are trained to deal with constant strenuousand complicated situations. if they fail their training, i have every right to be angry with them. the person who gave the wrong address was trying to help and had no obligation to cisco or mr. paxton. the responding officer did have an obligation, an obligation to serve and protect. which of those did he execute? neither. unfortunately, he executed a mans best friend instead.

          i know none of the participants, therefore i don't speak for them, only myself. i have seen multiple videos of the situation. i have also been to dogmurderers.com and read about other pets being killed in their own yards as the police chased suspects. there are plenty of situations where cops inexplicably shoot innocent pets. that is the point i want raised.

          and, just a guess, they have advocated no ill will bc the are about to sue the shit out of APD, who have handled this like a bunch of assholes. hence the solicitations for JFC's legal fund. i'm glad everything is rose colored glasses in your world, but these murderers need to be held accountable. if you don't like people criticizing your husbands co-workers, move to cuba.

          • Mrs_Conejo

            yes they are trained to handle stressful situations. how is the officer going to properly serve and protect on false information? For all he knew he responded to the correct house and he felt that he needed to protect his own life.

            i said that it was a shitty situation.

            As for the dogs getting shot during pursuit, is unfortunate. Understanding dogs are territorial, I can imagine that the dogs were unhappy that their home ground had been trespassed and most likely posed a threat to the officer and the suspect. I know they are innocent, really i do, but i choose human over animal.

            No rose-colored glasses, you have your opinion on the matter as do i.

            I in now way diminished your statement by restricting your right to speak on what you believe and ask you to move else where, or to assume any part of your personal life. Just a simple discussion on a matter that neither of us were a part of.

            • guesty

              i'm sorry, again i beg to differ. you act as if officer griffin, who appears to be 6'+ and over 200 lbs, was ever in life threatening danger. http://www.cnn.com/video/#/video/us/2012/04/17/au
              this is a disgusting use of excessive force by the local gestapo. if no one stands up for them it could you.
              when your done with that, go ahead over to dogmurderers.com. if this were an isolated incident, it would be different. this is appalling and you are justifying it.

              • Mrs_Conejo

                by your own statement you have no idea how this cop measures up, but beyond that you think that because of his size he should allow himself to be attacked?

                • guesty

                  clearly, i have some idea as i speculated. watch the video. the chickenshit wasn't being attacked and it's quite evident to anyone who has ever had a dog that he wasn't going to be attacked. warning barks are quite different than vicious "i'm going to attack" barks. but, whatever. i'll never get through to you. cops can do nothing wrong, just like the gestapo.

                  and remember, now matter if he was attacked or not, it's always ok to lie to law enforcement. i mean, right? griffin lied directly to his supervisor and it's on dash cam. but, that's ok too. citizens have no rights during interactions with the SS

                  • Mrs_Conejo

                    the owner admitted cisco charged the officer.

                    • guesty

                      answer my questions? it's ok to lie to law enforcement?

                    • Dr. Fapenstein

                      People lie to cops all the time. I am sure your hatred of police initiated at an early age due to hearing news reports about one bad cop. Police men are important to this society. They are not the "gestapo" or even similar. They are hard working men and women putting their lives in danger to protect citizens. You really need to grow up and get off your rant about a few animals being accidentally killed. You speak like a 12 year old kid who knows nothing about the world except what they read on the internet.

                    • guesty

                      yeah, nailed it. now go back to jacking off

                    • chive is losing it


                      just another group of "non-gestapo" police doing there job well.
                      and in case you didn't know doc, it is illegal to lie to the police. so next time you do it, hope they don't beat you to death like they did this guy. remember, they are our friends, and never out of line. dipshit.

            • guesty

              and seriously, what kind of pansy cop needs to use "most lethal" force when responding to a "choking" call? i'm sorry, i missed the part about "armed choking"? tasers, mace, heard of those?
              by your logic, i hope people don't stop reporting crimes for fear that the responding officer will murder someone at the wrong address. shouldn't the trained observer be able to decipher what he is observing and then react? should he just go in guns blazing bc an anonymous caller said so? don't blame the trained observer, especially not one who's afraid of a 50 lb dog….. no, blame the dog who was playing with his owner. vile. vile. vile.

              • Mrs_Conejo

                i have not blamed anyone. this will be the third time i've said this.
                this is a shitty situation.

                and you are avoiding my questions?

                Because of his size he should allow himself to be attacked, by your logic.
                And one mistake tarnishes the good rep of the many.
                Got it.
                vile vile vile

                APD's policy regarding discharging a firearm due to an animal is as follows:
                "1. In circumstances where officers encounter any animal which reasonably appears, under the circumstances, to pose and imminent threat to the safety of officers or others, officers are authorized to use deadly force to neutralize such a threat.
                2. In circumstances in which the officers have sufficient advanced notice that a potentially dangerous domestic animal (e.g., dog) may be encountered, such as in the serving of a warrant, officers should develop reasonable contingency plans for dealing with the animal without the use of deadly force (e.g., fire extinguisher, TASER device, oleoresin capsicum (OC) spray, assistance of animal control). Nothing in this policy shall prohibit any officer from resorting to deadly force to control a dangerous animal if circumstances reasonably dictate that a contingency plan has failed or becomes impracticable."

                • guesty

                  what question haven't i answered? and just because something is policy, doesn't make it just.

                  • guesty

                    maybe you misunderstand my statements about griffins size. he is clearly not in danger of being killed by a knee high cattle dog. whatever, keep justifying it. the dash cam's audio is all i need. it's pretty cut and dried.

                  • guesty

                    if you've ever been around a cattle dog, they go everywhere and do everything fast. that alone does not make him a danger. the owner admits he charged the cop? where? i hear him say he wouldn't have bit you… little late for that now.

                    but really, it's ok. asshole griffin got to go home and spend the night with his family. meanwhile, another civilian has been terrorized by the police. it's alllll good, right?

                    • Mrs_Conejo

                      owner says he charged: http://www.kvue.com/home/Public-outrage-building-

                      i have two dogs. one blue healer mix the other pit mix. both would have been shot in this same situation because they would have been protecting me and my family on our property. i would be very upset.

                      SHITTY SITUATION!

                    • guesty

                      so both your dogs would be shot and you are not outraged? huh. obviously there is law enforcement in your family. i hope nothing like this ever affects you. your dog protecting you on your property, yeah cops should always shoot first

                    • Mrs_Conejo

                      What part of very upset are you not understanding?

                    • guesty

                      i guess i don't understand any of it, as i would be devastated. devastated that a man that i pay with my tax dollars, who is sworn to serve and protect me, just murdered my best friend. and then shrugs it off, as if to say "so?" yeah, you could say very upset doesn't compute at all. broad daylight, could see mr. paxton very clearly and knew he was unarmed. great police work. serve and protect. these are trained observers! observe, god dammit

                    • guesty

                      as someone who claims to have a blue heeler, did that sound like a warning bark? or did that sound like an i'm going to attack you bark? you know the answer. the man should never be allowed to carry a gun again.

                    • Mrs_Conejo

                      It doesn't matter what either of us think the bark sounded like. We weren't there.

                    • guesty

                      good answer, counselor. way to divert the question. and it does matter what both of us think, it's a good way to determine what a normal person would perceive. you know the answer is warning bark. i know the answer is warning bark. mr. paxton knows the answer is warning bark. appartently the only person who can't tell is the one who murdered a man's best friend. hmmm….nothing to infer there, is there?

                    • Mrs_Conejo

                      No it really doesn't matter what we think. Neither one of us has any sway in this outcome.
                      What if the officer can not tell the difference? Does that make it better? Worse? Or what if he does and you don't?

                    • guesty

                      well, the humane society has free training for law enforcement. had they taken advantage of that FREE training, this dog would still be alive. does that not infer negligence, counselor? had he gone to this training and learned to recognize the difference, cisco would be here today. correct me if i'm wrong counselor, but in civil court you only have to achieve a 51% level to prove culpability, correct? not going to free training would equal negligence, no? so in theory, if the officer is properly trained, for FREE, he would be able to tell the difference. the audio is readily available for people to make judgements on, that won't come up in court? me thinks it does matter. just not to you

                    • Dr. Fapenstein

                      Gotta love unintelligent trolls. Good investigative work Guesty.

                    • guesty

                      i know, the guy with the doctorate in masturbation undoubtedly has better internet researching skills than i, so imagine what mr paxton's lawyers will be able to drag up. i'm just an unintelligent troll who lives under a bridge. you sir, clearly have reached the top of your educational goals. who trolled who, btw?

            • guesty

              sickening. and the shit cop continues to treat the victim as a perp. absolutely disgusting. just mortifying. i'm glad you can condone this.

              • Mrs_Conejo

                what exactly are you doing to prevent it?

                • guesty

                  arguing with you, and donating to the legal fund to get some justice out of this. instead of a senseless murder. which you condone

                  • Mrs_Conejo

                    you have no idea.

                    • guesty

                      my idea is that either you are married to a cop, or are employed by the people trying to get the cop off. so, yes, i do have some idea.

                    • Mrs_Conejo

                      no really do not.

      • Wardog

        I am a K-9 handler too, it sucks that a cop shot someone's dog. It's very easy for the public and the media to rip apart a split second decision a cop had to make. Was it a wrong decision, yes, but that does not mean that this cop deserves all the heartach he is being put through.

        • guesty

          yes, it does. he should be thankful that he didn't shoot a child with his inappropriate use of force. had a civilian shot a k9, what would the charges be? assaulting an officer, attempted murder, i certainly don't know? but this cop doesn't deserve heartache for the devastation he put this man through? i beg to differ. i personally think most of you guys do an outstanding job and deserve all the credit you get. but one rookie cop fucks up and you circle the wagons around him, all the while discrediting all the good you do.

          not only does he deserve all the heartache he is being put through, but he also deserves a desk at best for the rest of his career. to some of us, dogs are family members. not tools to take down a bad guy. i shoot ur dog, you'd shoot me and claim self defense. u shoot my dog, tough shit for me and u don't deserve heartache? fuck you

          • Mrs_Conejo

            so one mistake ruins your opinion of the "outstanding job" of the majority?

            • guesty

              shoot my dog, it's ok. shoot a cops dog, i'm a dead man. how is that right to you? get a grip. if you had comprehended what you had read, i clearly say circling the wagons around a fuck up discredits all the good they do. it's not the mistake that discredits it, it's the god damn lies and cover ups. does mr. paxton not deserve justice for the improper discharge of a firearm that killed his best friend? i'm appalled. in every walk of life, if you fuck up, you pay. not in the police forces. the asshole continues to blame the dog owner and then LIES to his supervisor.
              i am at a loss. you and i will never agree. i seem to feel that someone should be held responsible for murdering a family member. you seem to think that because they carry a badge they deserve carte blanche.
              so, to sum up….i believe in accountability, you believe in an unbridled police force?

              • Mrs_Conejo

                there will be accountability, like you said, they are going to sue APD. and they had every right to rally behind their employee until the investigation was complete.

                i have never said that because he is an officer that he is above the law and what is right.

                your assumptions on my beliefs are false.

                • guesty

                  are assumptions usually denoted by question marks, counselor?

                  • Mrs_Conejo

                    "you seem to think that because they carry a badge they deserve carte blanche. "

                    Don't see a question mark.

                    Name calling isn't necessary. But it helps you prove your point. So continue.

                    • guesty

                      you went to law school to earn the title, live up to it.
                      i believe in accountability, you believe in an unbridled police force? is that not referencing the same statement?

                    • Rusty Shackleford

                      Mrs_Cornejo, I am not sure why you are wasting your time with an obviously biased, uneducated person.

                      guesty – I think I speak for most of the commenters when I say STFU in the nicest way possible.

                    • guesty

                      smells like mrs cornejo's husband? i get it, a cop named rusty shackle-ford. clever. biased, yes. uneducated? kiss my ass. apparently your on board with murdering an innocent mans dog. cisco has over 100k supporters. how many does officer griffin have? apparently you don't speak for most of the commenters. educate urself before you troll on in here. google justice for cisco and tell me u represent the majority again, dickhead

                    • bigdeal

                      guesty has irritated the shit out of me in the past but im agreeing w everything he says in this. sounds good to me. cops do many good deeds.. but you are so correct w the fucking wagons omg.. i think civilians would have more respect for police if they would admit mistakes instead. .. theres always that type of cocksucker cop who wants to show how much of a bad ass they are isnt there? sigh wait let me change that. mistakes like this. mistakes where theyve hired some fucking wanna be bad ass who fucks everything up. THATS the mistake that should be admitted to. the rest of it.. ehh… if its something done to protect innocents, go ahead. break or bend the rules if need be.

                    • guesty

                      i stole the name guesty, bc i didn't feel like making a name up. my name is not the point in this. the only reason i used "piece of shit cop" is bc a cop in the original comment called the perp a "piece of shit" even though he is innocent until PROVEN guilty. to often a cop thinks he is judge, jury, and EXECUTIONER, i,e, officer griffin. but we all know the fraternal order is going to stick together, no matter how ridiculously wrong they are.

      • guesty

        to all you ignorant asses who give thumbs down just because you're cops… http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/09/opinion/navarrette-

        read the comments. you are out of touch with the people of this country. people hate you. to say you aren't like the gestapo is ridiculous. hitlers first order of business was oppression. check, you've got that covered. his second was to weed out the "undesireables", the mentally handicapped, the homosexuals, etc. check, you've got that covered. how are you going to circle the wagons and protect the badge in this one?

        First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Socialist.
        Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
        Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out–
        Because I was not a Jew.
        Then they came for me–and there was no one left to speak for me.

        just stand by and watch your civil liberties disappear. the EXTREMELY DISGUSTING AND DISTURBING part of this case is, the city of Fullerton tried to bribe the victims father so he wouldn't press charges. i believe the saying goes…."FUCK YOU"

  • Sam

    Great dog, great post – thank you. GSDs are the best ever…

  • cogburn

    Blessed are the peacekeepers.

    • Brian P.

      And the cheese makers.

      • The_Dood

        I don't think it's meant to be taken literally. I think it refers to any manufacturer of a dairy products.

      • _Moose_

        Better keep listening… might be a bit about "Blessed are the big noses."

  • Dan

    How can that dog be 4 if he's been a police dog since 2006? Because a dog that survives a bullet to the neck can be whatever fucking age he wants!

    • LA girl

      That's what I'm talking about!!!

    • Guest

      The incident happened in 2010 so the ages are a bit off. Not to worry though, Bandit is still hard at work in Sacramento.

  • Brian P.

    It sucks when you know there is a dog with a resumé that puts yours to shame.

  • http://ian-watson.com ely whitley

    I have 3 GSDs. they protect my wife and home when I'm away and they're great company when she's away (except for sex of course). Images of police dogs like Bandit always coincide with a bit of crap getting in my eye- how does that work?

  • Chivin' Dutchman

    A 4-year old dog on the force since 2006?

  • Crc

    I would let bandit piss and shit on his grave for his birthday every year

  • jobvindex

    If you expect this from a cat, you're gonna have a bad time.

    • Cats r kewl

      Word, but if you expect a dog to not eat shit or not smell or be self sufficient or not to shit all over your yard or not bark when your gone or not chew on shit or lay on his back in your living room proudly displaying his slimy red rocket and then jump on your couch and rub his dick slime where your face goes u r wrong good sir!

      • J.N.

        ^ sounds like someone who doesn't have the balls to raise a dog

        • Tim

          Yup! I just bought a gun instead.

          This story teaches me that a gun beats a dog every time.

          • Mr. Eff

            With one difference: The dog is still alive and well and performing a worthwhile service. The douchebag fucktard waste of space that shot him is dead, and good riddance. Dog:1 Gun:0

            • Tim

              Killed by a gun, not the dog.

              Dog:0 Gun:2

            • Tim

              LOL, Care to make any more comments that only serve to prove my point and make you look stupid?

    • meh

      “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.” ― Albert Einstein
      Cats and dogs both have amazing specializations. It's ignorant to compare them.

    • stan darsh

      hahaha the south park reference is appreciated!

      • ManBearPig

        That is not a South Park reference. South Park referenced Einstein when they used that.

  • Lindseyblossom

    #4 cutest ever!

  • matt

    fuckin awesome!!!!

  • Robby

    Amazing dog!!!! Dumb ass pop-ups. It was a good run Chive! But one can only take so much.

    • facePalm

      What year is this that someone doesn't know how to block popups and ads? Learn how to internets already.

  • misslee

    This is why dogs will always be better than cats.

    • Kitty thug life

      Because they can't dodge bullets? You ignorant dog humping scurvy fuck wagon. Why is there always some hillbilly derp that has to make this a platform for a vs debate. Christ on a stick; you rarely hear a cat person bring this shit up. Maybe, just fuckin maybe, cat owners tend to be more confident, more intelligent and more affluent.

      • J.N.

        Or maybe cat owners are just just bigger pricks, and the fact you never hear cat owners say that is because there's never a case to back it up. He may have not "doged a bullet" but he's doing more for this country than you are trolling on post about a hero. Go fap

      • Lev

        0/10 would not read again.

    • Frank

      I agree! Dogs are way more fun to shoot.

      • Tim

        Really, it's true.

        Coyotes and wolfs can easily be called in with a wounded rabbit sound. You just have to pick a good spot, turn on the electronic call, and shoot them all day.

        Wild cats require much more effort. You need to stalk them, chase them and get them to run up a tree before you can shoot them. Not as fun.

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