They grow up fast, don’t they? (13 Photos)

  • hello please

    The world is full of weird and wonderful people. Good luck to you.

    • theeemightybuck

      so its a dude who wanted to, and did, change his identity to a woman…. ok…. womp womp womp.

    • Jax raging bile duct

      A+ post, friend.

      • Pukes

        If by "A+" you mean "this should have been left in a gutter", then yes.

    • David

      Now that a few of her boyfriends saw the before photo you think this would happen?

      • MylesofStyles

        I wish I had more "thumbs up" to give.

    • Frank

      so we now have males, females, and opt-in freaks!! what a time to be alive!

      • Frank (2)

        Hey Frank, stop giving my name a bad rep…

        • Frank

          What did I say that was incorrect… this person is now a freak by it's own volition.. I think it's great that someone can mutilate themselves as they see fit, that's freedom right there, buddy!

          But to call it a female would be incorrect, and to call it a male wouldn't be right either… thus, we have a freak. But not a freak-of-nature… no, this is a opt-in freak. Sorry if it sounds hateful, but when it made the decision to mutilate itself, it should have known not everyone will support it or be politically correct about it.

          • grow up

            Alternatively, you could've kept your opinion to yourself.

            • Frank

              Yup, just like this person could have kept it's transformation to itself. See, it works both ways.

              • grow up

                No. It's not the same thing. Think about it.

            • kidn

              so if a person's opinion doesn't line up with yours then they should keep it to themselves?

              • grow up

                No. If a person's opinion is hateful and not invited, they should keep it to themselves.

            • Pukes

              This is a forum…a forum is for opinions and comments just like yours. Just because you don't agree with it doesn't mean it should be censored or omitted. Just as I support the right for someone to take hormones and dress like a female if they so choose, I also support the right to vomit when they show themselves – exactly the same way I would vomit should any other old/fat/otherwise disgusting person shows themselves off.

          • Mark Loehrer

            Opinions, opinions…

          • Witchlover

            Bang on Frank, Bang on! If it's true, its a freak, though I'm calling siblings on this one.

          • kevin

            Frank would be an opt-in Douchenozzle

    • Captain Planet

      Fucking hipsters

    • flibble

      Chive on, and stay strong. you're beautiful.

    • James Dobry

      DAFUQ did I just witness?

  • Castro

    I don't want to be first

    • hello please

      Wish granted.

    • DaddyD

      You're still a dick.

    • Slip

      I second that

  • felton

    nope, do not want

  • @bdaley84

    #7 looks like Sarah Silverman

    • Craigery

      They have the same color hair, at least…

    • Robster Craws

      Casey Anthony

      • Frank

        no… even Casey Anthony isn't THAT gross….

        • Gerri

          yes she is…dont fool yourself.

          • Ned_Plimpton

            Casey Anthony is hot. Accept it.

      • Always Last

        Casey Anthony is hot as fuck – if you'd met her somewhere and didn't know what you think you know – you'd definitely hit that. I'm hiring her as my nanny (I don't have kids at home) because I want to hit that soooo hard!!!

    • pyramidclimber

      how dare you

    • barkeep77

      difference being I'd do Sarah Silverman

  • Um, okay.....?

    #1 #12

    Looks happier, for whatever that's worth.

    • MattyDeuce

      Agreed, and that's all that matters!

    • theeemightybuck

      probably because he/she dropped the shark tooth necklace and upgraded to webcam instead of cmaera phone/poptart pose

    • F3n1x187

      Certainly does

    • Unfkngblvbl

      Looks like the chick from Flight of the Concords?

      • Mark Loehrer


  • Kenton(again)

    way to ruin my fap, chive

    • Adam

      SO just to be clear, you are upset that you tried to fap to a gallery titled "They grow up so fast" with a picture of a guy on the front but the fact that he changed into a woman made you unable to fap? I think you should blame Chive for outing you before you were ready. Which now makes me wonder, why were you trying to fap to minors to begin with?

      • Randyb

        Possible he was fapping to the redhead gallery and ran out and wound up clicking this by accident? Seems like a stretch, but possible!

    • forever alone

      lier u squeezed one out

    • black27696
  • ksill

    Chive WTF no…..stop with this shit lol

    • jl1617

      That shit cray.

    • Spencer Cale

      Yeah chive seriously. Cut it the fuck out please

    • Mark Loehrer

      They're moving too fast for their 14 year old fanbase.

  • LucretiusCarus

    Ummm…what? This post was so bad it hurt my feelings.

    • Leddy420

      Watch out, the negative mafia is coming for you!

      • LucretiusCarus

        Eh, it happens at least once a day. Instead of pandering to all the frat-boy mentality and just typing "MOAR" and "find her" all the time I type things that make me chuckle.

        Don't get me wrong; I hope this fine young lady is happy in her new life. But this post did suck and was not particularly Chive-a-riffic. I do, however, commend most of the Chivers for taking what I can only assume was meant to be made fun of and putting a positive spin on it. Still sucked, though.

        • Leddy420

          I usually thumbs up everyone except etcrr.

          And yes, I completely agree with your views the "mob mentality" some chivers have.

        • drbman

          I got totatlly reemed out by the chive mob yesterday too, accused of being a racist?! Crazyness, it was a poor attempt at humour but it was a lot more than find her, or more, or firrrsssst!!!

          • LucretiusCarus

            Oh, let's not have ourselves a god-damned pity party, gents. Just let the negative thumbs fall where they may. I don't give a shit: if I did I'd go back and delete them all or something lame like that.

            Oh yeah, and fuck cats.

            • Leddy420

              Yeah, we don't need two etcrr's. BRING ON THE HATRED

            • Uhhmm

              touche sir, that was a well deployed cat fucking right there.

              • LucretiusCarus

                Thanks, sir. I try to slip them in fairly often, as you can easily see by viewing my comment stream. No love lost between me and cats.

  • st33


    • moose

      dude dont be an ass hole let the kid live his life

    • Sarah

      Agreed, what is wrong with everyone on this site accepting this????

      • BMO

        Yup, the wrong thing here is the people who accept somebody that wasn't happy as the person he was so he changed. How dare you!

  • TomatoTipper

    Maybe I slow… but can someone tell me who these people are?

    • TomatoTipper

      Nvm, it clicked. Wtf Bob.

    • Ouch

      No "maybe" about it

  • niudgc

    Still Ugly

  • tv_paul

    From Guido to Gudiette?

  • Tom



      This new Transformers movie is heading in a different direction.

  • flarp

    why is this in wtf? Everyone should be 'themselves' and do what makes them happy ….

    • Man

      You're post should be in WTF.

      • figleaf


    • Phil Meup

      because they're not being themselves, they wanna be somebody else. taking away your willy won't make you happy

      • Mark Loehrer

        Says you.

    • Sploodge

      if kicking a nun in the vag made me happy would that be a good enough reason to do it?

      • mcfadinj

        Worse analogy ever. Good job.

        • Pneumatic

          I disagree. Spot on analogy.

          • therewasshrinkage

            no, it's a terrible analogy. i could just as easily make the argument that if i wanted to help people to make myself, should i? and then you would have to say no because of your agreement to the above analogy. the difference with this shitty analogy and the person above is that the shitty analogy harms another person. who taught you logic?

            • Ron

              Who said the nun didn't want it?

    • Texas

      In Texas being "themselves" is a red flag to get your ass beat. Im glad I live in Texas

      • Grant

        Outside of the armpit of the world that you lovingly refer to as "Texas," the rest of us use proper punctuation.

        • Conchy Joe

          Comma is in the wrong place – just saying

        • Texas

          Armpit of America? Check your facts Grant. Texas has the arguably best two public universities in America, as well as Rice (A very prestigious university). Texas is a major factor in the United States' petroleum, natural gas, beef, and shipping industries. Texas is also the home to many famous athletes and musicians… I don't hate on other states because I love all of 'Merica. I hate on people that do things that are unnatural and draw undeserving attention upon him/herself (Such as sex changes/piercing ones face). I also hate others that irresponsibly draw conclusions from biases upon stereotypes, such as you calling Texas the armpit of America.
          Enough with my civil rant… You probably have never been to Texas. I would advise you not to come to Texas because an "enlightened scholar" like yourself who disrespects southern hospitality would get his ass beat here. I sincerely hope you have and the thing in the above pictures meet and you gobble on his nob.

          • therewasshrinkage

            I gladly take your non-invitation to texas if it raises people to believe that a sex change is unnatural while being so good at diverging the hypocrisy within that statement when you allow people to take medicine and create more greenhouse gases than should be created. if you cannot see the connection between my statement, then good sir, you need to be educated before you speak.

            • Logix

              sex changes cause way more greenhouse gases than non-sex changes

            • BHern

              Texas is a great state–I, for one, live there. There are plenty of conservative people here who believe a sex change to be unnatural and wrong; that is an opinion and they have every right to it. I personally find it a bit odd but have no real qualms with it–the confusion for me mostly comes from never having been in that situation myself.
              But I would have to say to everyone out there–don't make assumptions or believe the stereotypes. Texas is a great state with amazing people and the good aren't a minority– the close-minded (as per the usual) are just typically more vocal. I support gay marriage, am against regulating morality, and believe everyone has a right to pursue happiness so long as it doesn't impinge on anyone else. Live and let live.
              Sadly, in calling Texas "the armpit of america" you've only proven yourself to be equally ignorant to the people you're judging. But we're all chivers here so keep on chivin' on. Later y'all.

    • Shane

      Bludgeoning homeless people with bricks, putting live kittens in the blender, and setting houses on fire makes me happy. So, you're saying I should do these things? Jackass.

      • Names

        except that all those things are directly and negatively impacting the well-being of other people, whereas changing your appearance/identity does not have anything to do with anyone other than yourself.

        • Deceiver

          until you meet this man in a low lit bar….

  • The Trickster

    Lucretiuscarus LOL your comment is the best part of this post.

  • Oregon_country

    I dont want to live one this planet any more

    • truant

      then don't. we won't stop you.

      • Oregon_country

        Haha this actually made me laugh for a second. Then i realised it was meant to hurt my feelings.

    • Mark Loehrer

      I'd like to see you be this bigoted in person…I wonder if you've got the balls…or if you're a sissy internet bully.

      Or maybe, in fact you're that big of a jerk…lot of rednecks round' my parts, it's quite possible.

      • Witchlover

        Being a bigot makes me happy. See, I can play by your rules asshole.
        Are YOU happy now?

    • CastofThousands

      you know where to buy rope then.

  • Jerry There

    I don't want to live on this planet anymore…

    • Grant

      We heard you the first time, asshole.

  • Lehlend

    Ugly guy becomes ugly… Whatever. Cool

  • Vance

    He started out looking like Enrique Iglesias, lol
    but hey, whatever makes you happy.

  • Mike D

    Soooo it's a guy right?

    • Jonny

      it was… now it's just a guy with a mutilated penis… and fake boobs… more of a self-made freak really… but to each their own I guess

      • Names

        says the self-made asshole

    • Collin

      Transgendered person. No need to hate.

      I dont know, I think she looks good in some of them.

      Chive on, ma'am.

  • rich

    Well, good for him/her. Point of this post is…?

    • Cecil

      Congratulations Rich, this might actually be manliest thing I have seen written on the chive in about a minute. Manliness + enlightenment + understanding + compassion + decency FTW!

  • ACyo


    • Jim

      This is worse than cat Saturday, wost post by chive ever

    • Chiver

      then you sir/mama are not a true Chiver! Find a different site!

      • Jim

        Next thing you know this thing will be posting on hump days and burn bras, gross!

        And cat saturdays are just plain gay….

        • Mark Loehrer

          Says the 12 year old boy.

    • Cecil

      Disgust emerges when one sees something of themselves reflected in another, and lack the courage to admit that.

      • ACyo

        its you isnt it hebitch

      • weather22

        That is one of the most stupid quotes I have ever heard. Please tell me you got that from someone else and didn't come up with it yourself.

      • Pneumatic

        Nice psychobabble Dewsh Bag. I'm guessing you believe everything you read.

        You're better off sticking to the shallow name calling like normal people.

  • Riley Freeman

    How new are you?

    • phoenixpwns

      Been here about 6 months bro.


    The first one of these you guys did was way crazier. That roided up dude that turned into that tiny little chick. THAT was crazier.

    • Jesus

      Now THAT would be worth seeing. But this one isn't. It's not any different from any other he becoming a she. I've seen better transformations in real life anyway.


        no matter. I'm sure they're all happier now.

  • fotnot

    should have started with the last and work backwards to ruin it for the guys who thought cute….then at end felt kinda gay. haha

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